What is Customer Experience?

  • Whether it happens in a brick-and-mortar store, online, on the phone with a call center agent, or through SMS, the customer experience has become a multichannel, multifaceted force. Companies big and small have long since realized that a happy customer makes for a happy business, but in today's changing technological climate, keeping the customer happy is becoming an increasingly complex task... Read more

Customer Experience Featured Articles

  • RADCOM Works with Intel to Improve Customer Experience Management
    RADCOM, a customer experience management provider, stated that its MaveriQ is now furnished with the capability to make use of Intel's Ethernet XL710 controller to maximize the performance for customer experience management...
  • Abu Dhabi Education Council's Finds Order with New Customer Management System
    Does the idea of visiting of a government office make you nervous because of the long waiting time to reach the right person? The picture is more or less same around the world because of the high importance and demand of these places. It seems Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE, is all set to grow beyond the stereotype. In an effort to offer a hassle-free customer experience to the visitors at its ADEC office, the authorities have implemented a sophisticated Queue Management System in the office customer service area...
  • Invest in the Customer Experience, Not Advertising
    Advertising is an established and proven way to send a targeted message to your customers. It offers a measurable return and campaigns may be carefully scaled and controlled to achieve the desired results. Many companies shell out millions of dollars per year on advertising and yet those same organizations are missing out on another prime opportunity to increase sales and boost their retention rates...
  • Customer Experience is Key to Staying Ahead of the Competition
    Globalization has brought the world together in many ways, and from a business perspective, it has created a global village for both consumers and producers. Companies from all parts of the world compete with each other to get the attention of consumers, making competition intense among corporations today...
  • Oman Telecom to Implement 'Voice of the Customer' Surveys
    A telecommunications service provider based in Oman was reported this week as the first in the Middle East to use a "voice of the customer" customer experience management technology that will help focus its business more on the people who support it and use its services every day...
  • Improving the Customer Experience Key to Successful Onboarding
    But while it appears banks are struggling to get the customer experience right, there are plenty of tools out there to help get them on the right track. Of the means available for measuring onboarding success, customer experience metrics ranked highest at 35 percent among banks, followed by quality/error measures (28 percent) and identifying cross-selling opportunities (25 percent)...
  • Australia Businesses Becoming Omnichannel
    A recent report concerning the state of the Australian economy suggests that it was largely shielded from the financial crisis of the late 2000s. As a result, there was not a lot of growth in digital, online sales because the economy was functioning just fine without it. In the past couple years, however, there has been a surge in the amount of online marketing and sales that companies are completing, and although digital sales are not yet making up the majority of overall sales for many retailers, digital is still proving to be a necessary part of their economic growth...
  • Want Customers to Come Back? Make Sure They Trust You
    Repeat business is a major part of most any operation, from retail to restaurants to major corporate efforts. The idea that people will buy something, and then come back later to buy something else or something again, is the kind of thing that means cash flow, and stable, reliable operations. But in order to build repeat business-according to a report from Business2Community-there's a critical component required: trust...

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Take control to drive efficiency and unlock a better customer experience

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Deliver a contact center platform as a ‘private cloud’ service to make your business more agile

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Scale intelligently for a market leading ‘cloud contact center’ proposition

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Get insight into how your contact strategies impact your customers

Featured Datasheets

Datasheet: VIM - Academy

This datasheets is an introduction to the Exony Academy. It describes our course portfolio the range of different training delivery methods. In our standard training courseware the delivery methods are chosen to best suit the type and complexity of the subject.

Datasheet: VIM X - Family

This datasheet is a brief overview of the VIM X family. VIM X has been designed to allow organizations to get the most out of their investments in Cisco UCCE, CUCM and CVP including unique integration with Cisco HCS for Service Provider deployment.

Featured Case Studies

Case Study: CCI

This case study describes how employees from Corinthian Colleges use Exony VIM to deliver centralized management with local autonomy, making significant gains in efficiency and staff effectiveness by implementing sophisticated contact center data tools across its contact centers to help transform service delivery to students.

Case Study: VSP

This case study describes how eyecare group VSP Global uses Exony VIM to enhance operational visibility within its contact centers, making it easier for managers and supervisors to access the essential information needed to improve customer service.

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