What is Customer Experience?

  • Whether it happens in a brick-and-mortar store, online, on the phone with a call center agent, or through SMS, the customer experience has become a multichannel, multifaceted force. Companies big and small have long since realized that a happy customer makes for a happy business, but in today's changing technological climate, keeping the customer happy is becoming an increasingly complex task... Read more

Customer Experience Featured Articles

  • Philippines Airlines Rated Among the Best in Customer Service
    Making sure customers are happy and well engaged is the goal of most businesses, whether talking about the call center, retail or service industry. Philippines Airlines seems to understand this in a way that other airlines haven't quite figured out. The company has gone out of its way to make sure that when someone flies on one of their airplanes, the customer experience is one they will be talking about as one of the best...
  • Startup 'Thanx' You for Shopping: Revolutionizing the Loyalty Card
    Loyalty cards are generally a welcome part of the shopping customer experience. From the lowliest punch card for a free latte to the most high-tech app-driven experience geared toward keeping all a user's purchases handy to refer to, most shoppers like to know that business is appreciated, particularly if that appreciation comes with discounts or freebies later. Thanx-a recent startup in the field-is eager to change the way we think of loyalty cards by consolidating the process down into our often-present smartphones...
  • When the Customer Experience is Overwhelming
    Regardless of the size of your business, it's good practice to have a follow up process in place after you've dealt with a customer. If you offer some sort of service, it's especially helpful to not only understand how you're doing from the customer's vantage point, but asking the customer about their opinions shows that you care about them on a human level, and not because they're just another person to walk through your doors. Too much of a good thing can be pretty bad, however...
  • The Redefining of GNC Customer Service
    A recent news report reveals that the health supplement store GNC has taken a hit this year on Wall Street, having failed to reach the same success as its best year ever, 2011. As such, it the company is reportedly undergoing a brand transformation to create clearer skies ahead-and improve the customer experience in the process...
  • Nigeria Hopes to Clean Up Banking Image with Better Customer Support
    It's no secret to anyone who has received a scam message from Nigeria asking for their bank details that financial fraud is rife in that African nation. Today, the nation's banks are tasked with cleaning up an industry - and improving customer experience standards - in an environment that has been damaged by the explosion of financial scams...
  • Majestic Wine Grows SDL Partnership to Improve Customer Experience
    Majestic Wine is working to deliver a more personalized customer experience by expanding its partnership with SDL and adding more solutions under SDL's Customer Experience Cloud...
  • How Can Big Data Enhance Customer Experience?
    Big data analytics technology collects information from different sources and helps analysts to create meaningful patterns from it. Its usefulness cuts across all functions of an organization, and customer experience is no exception...
  • Travel Shoppers Increasingly Concerned About Overall Device Experience
    It's one thing-indeed, a very important one thing-to have a handle on the mobile experience, but that by itself is proving to be not enough for shoppers these days. Though the summer travel season is all but finished in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere's is about to start, and a new study has emerged to suggest that it's not so much the mobile experience, but instead a consistent experience across all devices, that's really important...

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Featured Datasheets

Datasheet: VIM - Academy

This datasheets is an introduction to the Exony Academy. It describes our course portfolio the range of different training delivery methods. In our standard training courseware the delivery methods are chosen to best suit the type and complexity of the subject.

Datasheet: VIM X - Family

This datasheet is a brief overview of the VIM X family. VIM X has been designed to allow organizations to get the most out of their investments in Cisco UCCE, CUCM and CVP including unique integration with Cisco HCS for Service Provider deployment.

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Case Study: CCI

This case study describes how employees from Corinthian Colleges use Exony VIM to deliver centralized management with local autonomy, making significant gains in efficiency and staff effectiveness by implementing sophisticated contact center data tools across its contact centers to help transform service delivery to students.

Case Study: VSP

This case study describes how eyecare group VSP Global uses Exony VIM to enhance operational visibility within its contact centers, making it easier for managers and supervisors to access the essential information needed to improve customer service.

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