What is Customer Experience?

  • Whether it happens in a brick-and-mortar store, online, on the phone with a call center agent, or through SMS, the customer experience has become a multichannel, multifaceted force. Companies big and small have long since realized that a happy customer makes for a happy business, but in today's changing technological climate, keeping the customer happy is becoming an increasingly complex task... Read more

Customer Experience Featured Articles

  • IDC Futurescape Report Predicts Fate of Customer Service
    International Data Corporation, a research and advisory firm, recently released its IDC Futurescape report that makes predictions about the state of global customer service. The report includes a list of ten predictions that Kathleen Schaub, the vice president of IDC's CMO Advisory Service, said targets the trends that will cause the most market disruption and those that will show CMOs the way to improved leadership...
  • UK Customers Embracing the Mobile Experience, According to Recent Survey
    A recent study by Oxygen8, a global provider of integrated mobile products, found that 47 percent of mobile users in the U.K. would like more opportunities to use their mobile phone to pay for physical or quasi-physical goods. Based on a poll of 1,000 U.K. adults with mobile devices, the research concluded that as many as 23 million people are familiar with mobile transactions and overall demand is rising for more widespread adoption of the technology to improve the customer experience...
  • NCR Applies Predictive Services to Enhance Akbank Customer Experience
    NCR, a manufacturer of hardware and software for consumer monetary transactions, recently announced the continuation an ongoing partnership. It will provide Akbank, a prominent bank in Turkey, with the NCR Predictive Services technology to enhance Akbank's network of automated teller machines and continue to improve the uptime of its ATM services...
  • A Great Experience Makes Customers for Life
    Customers can be tough to get, but with the proper mix of good advertising, powerful marketing, and even the right promotion at the right time, customers can be had. But the problem many businesses face-and it's a problem that many businesses don't focus enough on-is how to keep the current crop of customers from jumping ship. The Internet has provided customers more tools than ever to find the competition, but as Econsultancy recently noted in a new report, the key to preventing that is to make sure the customer doesn't want to leave, and that's accomplished by focusing on the customer experience...
  • OneView Mobilizes Service Reps for 'Customer for Life' Experience
    Delivering a personalized customer experience is vital in business today, as it shows customers that-rather than only seeing dollar signs when they look at customers-companies see real people. The global business landscape is changing, and these days customers expect to be treated as valued individuals, or they will take their patronage elsewhere. But how do companies ensure that their customers feel their voices are being heard, and that they are valued?..
  • Want Great E-commerce Results? Focus on Customer Experience
    It's not exactly a hidden point these days that customers are price-conscious. People are watching wallets very closely thanks to instability in the job front and increasing prices at the grocery store and the like. But despite this, there's one key point that businesses-particularly e-commerce startups-tend to forget: customer service will in many cases trump discounts, and those businesses that don't have a customer service focus may well lose out even if the prices offered therein are the best around...
  • All You Want for Christmas is Satisfied Customers
    Once again, Black Friday comes late in the year, and though stores have been pushing back the holidays for some time now-let's face it, who didn't see someone's Christmas decorations up before Halloween somewhere-the official start to the holiday shopping season has gotten off to a late start. While there have been, however, some who have jumped the gun and started Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa shopping early, the time this year is shorter than normal, and that's got some businesses wondering how to get the most out of the shortened season. The answer would seem to be one of customer satisfaction, the gift to retailers that keeps on giving the whole year through...
  • Putting Good Customer Experience into Practice
    There's a lot of talk about how businesses can no longer sit on their laurels when it comes to pleasing the customer; one of the hottest business buzz words these days is the "customer experience," which just means that businesses need to ensure that the process of buying and using a company's products and services be as pleasing as the actual products and services themselves...

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Datasheet: VIM - Academy

This datasheets is an introduction to the Exony Academy. It describes our course portfolio the range of different training delivery methods. In our standard training courseware the delivery methods are chosen to best suit the type and complexity of the subject.

Datasheet: VIM X - Family

This datasheet is a brief overview of the VIM X family. VIM X has been designed to allow organizations to get the most out of their investments in Cisco UCCE, CUCM and CVP including unique integration with Cisco HCS for Service Provider deployment.

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Case Study: CCI

This case study describes how employees from Corinthian Colleges use Exony VIM to deliver centralized management with local autonomy, making significant gains in efficiency and staff effectiveness by implementing sophisticated contact center data tools across its contact centers to help transform service delivery to students.

Case Study: VSP

This case study describes how eyecare group VSP Global uses Exony VIM to enhance operational visibility within its contact centers, making it easier for managers and supervisors to access the essential information needed to improve customer service.

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