What is Customer Experience?

  • Whether it happens in a brick-and-mortar store, online, on the phone with a call center agent, or through SMS, the customer experience has become a multichannel, multifaceted force. Companies big and small have long since realized that a happy customer makes for a happy business, but in today's changing technological climate, keeping the customer happy is becoming an increasingly complex task... Read more

Customer Experience Featured Articles

  • Westpac Out for the Best in Customer Experience
    It's the goal of nearly every organization around to deliver a top-notch customer experience. Really, just ask any set of decision makers around and it will likely come up somewhere near the top of the list. But sometimes the plan to actually deliver this top-notch customer experience isn't quite so fully fleshed out. Westpac-one of the four biggest banks in Australia-doesn't suffer such a malady, and instead has quite a plan ready to bring that customer experience that will help drive its very future...
  • Improving Wi-Fi Networks with AxonPulse
    Wireless connectivity is offered by many businesses today as a way to build good relationships with customers. Today, users can access Wi-Fi in retail stores, malls, hotels and offices using their smartphones or other mobile devices. However, the quality of Wi-Fi may vary depending on connectivity and network factors, and this poor quality can have a negative impact on the trust and reliability that users have on the business...
  • Wendy's Franchisee LDF Pairs with Earthlink to Improve Customer Experience
    Many readers of this article have likely been to, or have at least heard of, the Wendy's fast food chain. One franchisee operator, LDF Food Group, will soon partner with Earthlink Holdings Corp. to create a new private network that will help Wendy's employees complete customer transactions more quickly and will improve the overall customer experience that some readers may get to enjoy...
  • Second Annual Customer Experience Day Set for October 7
    Providing a great customer experience is often the game-changer for businesses that might otherwise be lost in the sea of competition. But the concept, while not new, is taking on new life in markets across the board. In order to increase awareness and more companies learn how they can achieve the best service possible, the second annual Customer Experience (CX) Day will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 7 at local gatherings and online events around the world...
  • InfoTrends Adds Customer Communications Management Guide
    InfoTrends has expanded its Ultimate Guide Online Program, adding a Customer Communications Management (CCM) guide that it says better reflects growing trends within the market...
  • J.D. Power Releases Results of Service Provider Satisfaction Studies
    A recent report from J.D. Power indicates that the television, Internet, and telephone service provider industries are seeing small customer experience improvements, based on their customer satisfaction ratings...
  • Good Customer Experience Starts with the Employee
    The job of a ship's captain is a big one, as this person maintains the logs, details the ship's course and speed, and keeps an eye on the weather for smooth sailing. But the captain is just one job, and without an able crew for support, it's not a ship that is tightly run. Consider this metaphor for most businesses; while the captain (CEO) is at the helm, those on duty (the employees) know what's going on below deck...
  • Study: Consumer Confidence Needs More in Banking Sector
    According to the most recent U.K. Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) scores, banking customer service has been on a steady decline...

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Deliver a contact center platform as a ‘private cloud’ service to make your business more agile

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Featured Datasheets

Datasheet: VIM - Academy

This datasheets is an introduction to the Exony Academy. It describes our course portfolio the range of different training delivery methods. In our standard training courseware the delivery methods are chosen to best suit the type and complexity of the subject.

Datasheet: VIM X - Family

This datasheet is a brief overview of the VIM X family. VIM X has been designed to allow organizations to get the most out of their investments in Cisco UCCE, CUCM and CVP including unique integration with Cisco HCS for Service Provider deployment.

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Case Study: CCI

This case study describes how employees from Corinthian Colleges use Exony VIM to deliver centralized management with local autonomy, making significant gains in efficiency and staff effectiveness by implementing sophisticated contact center data tools across its contact centers to help transform service delivery to students.

Case Study: VSP

This case study describes how eyecare group VSP Global uses Exony VIM to enhance operational visibility within its contact centers, making it easier for managers and supervisors to access the essential information needed to improve customer service.

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