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Exony Makes the Customer Experience Smarter

April 22, 2014

Moving on is hard – everyone knows that. And for companies that still use legacy ACD infrastructures, it can be especially difficult. True, those old switches served their purpose at one time, but by now they may have exhausted their limits of expansion, and cannot take on any more new features. The contact center is a rapidly changing environment and, as means of communication become more diversified, branching out with antiquated and complex systems will make a business’s job much harder than it needs to be.

There is a solution out there for companies with legacy infrastructures, and that solution is contact center consolidation and centralization, which software provider Exony can offer. The customer experience is vitally important in the business world, and having a streamlined system can vastly improve that quality. Exony (News - Alert) calls this ‘getting the right information with the right control to the right people,’ providing businesses with the open platform necessary to implement enterprise-wide customer service infrastructures. By updating and consolidating infrastructure, companies can more effectively adapt to new trends and ensure that their customers’ needs are being met.

Exony, which was founded in 2000, has seen immense success, and its strong belief in the virtualized contact center has played a major role. Exony keeps its focus on the customer experience, and is constantly striving to find better solutions that will make improving the customer experience easy for contact centers. With offices across four continents, Exony works with such big names as Accenture, Sprint (News - Alert), Thomson Reuters, Vodafone and more, facilitating “long-term customer and partner relationships based on integrity, deep expertise, and an absolute commitment to our customer’s success,” the company says.

Exony is home of the system known as VIM X, which manages customer contact and helps businesses move from legacy to consolidated cloud environments. Exony works with some of the world’s largest organizations in over 34 countries to help them manage extremely complex and far-reaching customer contact systems. As Exony puts it, using VIM to centralize services in a cloud-based environment gives enterprises the freedom and flexibility to devote their attention to the things that matter—providing better customer experience and growing business revenue.

Exony VIM X uses advanced metrics to give businesses the analytical data they need to improve their operations and get constant feedback on how systems are running. It also gives customer operational leaders a balanced level of control to deliver changes and significantly increase the efficiency and customer experience of their contact center. Enterprise IT departments using Exony VIM enjoy agility and scalability that puts the controls in the right hands and at the right time.

The cloud offers clear advantages in the contact center space. Cloud contact centers using VIM are able to scale their customer contact as a service (CCaaS) solutions to the appropriate size, and can change to meet new demands as they arise—all from a single, common platform. In essence, Exony makes high quality customer experience a possibility for companies of all makes and models.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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