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Customer Service Software Featured Articles

Contact Centers Need Better Email Habits
Helping customers with their problems is vital. Customers who have their issues resolved by a business will do business with a company again 70 percent of the time, according to research by Digital Third Coast Internet Marketing and West Interactive.

Help Desks Get Customer-Centric
Help desks: who among us, in this digital age, has never had to use one? These software-specific IT-world customer service entities have come a long way from the days of clicking to send an email into what often felt like a black hole of "help me!" desperation. Now, a more user-friendly trend has taken over, and companies would do well to get into the flow.

Why SaaS Matters
Software-as-a-service (SaaS), which enables businesses to buy software hosted in the cloud instead of installing it on-premises, offers a number of benefits no matter the industry in which it is used. Customer care is no different in being able to take advantage of these benefits.

Do Your Plans for Customer Service Software Include the Cloud?
While the cloud is certainly gaining attention and ground in the market at large, it appears to have a smaller presence in the help desk industry. As companies throughout the world are investing in customer service software to try and set themselves apart from the competition, still others are perfectly happy with their on-premises systems.

Verint Enterprise Feedback Management Receives Upgrade
Verint Systems, a provider of customer engagement software, recently announced an update to its Verint Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) which can help businesses improve their employees' interactions with clients by providing materials for surveys, presentations, reports, and tools for SMS marketing.

Trase Miller Taps Aspect Software Solutions for Cloud Customer Service
Aspect Software announced this week that its customer Trase Miller has moved to the cloud for customer support, relying on its solutions Zipwire, Aspect Workforce Management Cloud, Aspect Performance Management and Aspect Active Assignment.

Featured Partner

Learn More About Jira
Customers using TeamSupport’s help desk software and Jira’s software development and bug-tracking software can now connect these functions to improve communication and collaboration among teams. Customer service departments are able to deliver faster resolution times. Learn more here.

Featured Case Studies

Suntell Case Study

Suntell Case Study
To Suntell, the creator of a loan management software used by community banks and credit unions, customer service is everything...

Assured Software Case Study

Assured Software Case Study
The team at Assured Software knows a good idea when they see it. That’s why theirs was the first software developed specifically for fire and flood restoration contractors...

ACT Lighting Case Study

ACT Lighting Case Study
For A.C.T Lighting, an importer and provider of high-quality entertainment lighting products, the show must always go on...

Featured Whitepaper

Leverage Your Team's Collective Knowledge For Better Customer Support

Leverage Your Team's Collective Knowledge For Better Customer Support
Industry experts have aptly described this era as the age of the customer. Customers run the show today because in our lightning fast, digitally connected world they have so many choices. If your support team doesn’t deliver a great customer experience, another supplier is just a few clicks away.