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Customer Service Software Featured Articles

Customer Service Winning: Make it Easy for Customers to Do Business with You
When it comes to the customer, it is no longer about them being always right. Today's consumer has a lot of options when it comes to patronizing businesses, so it's really up to the businesses to make it easy for customers to come to them and do business with them. That right there is going to shape how well the customer experience is going to go.

2015: Time to Prioritize Your Mobile Customer Service
According to a 2015 survey completed by Bank of America , the average consumer ranks their smartphone nearly as critical as their toothbrush, deodorant and even their car. 96 percent of the millennial generation considers their mobile phone the most vital necessity in life.

Customer Service is Better with Software, Not Scripts
While scripts are intended to standardize customer service operations, they also run the risk of assuming that customers will have standard problems. A more effective approach to improving customer-agent interaction is by ensuring that agents are not only well equipped to provide support through customer service software, but that they are also capable of speaking informatively and conversationally with customers.

Boost Your Employee Experience with Customer Service Software
Most businesses today are learning how to better embody the mantra "Customer is King" by shifting the needs of the customer very high up on their list of priorities. But there is a danger in focusing too much on the customer side of customer experience, because it is not a one-sided endeavor.

B2B Companies Must Pay Attention to Customer Service Too
While to B2B providers, it might not seem like customer service is really necessary, a new report from the Temkin Group found that the buying experience must be consistent across all channels, whether B2B or B2C.

TeamSupport Leader Offers His Perspective on the Customer Experience
The November issue of CUSTOMER magazine explained how TeamSupport is about getting the focus back to the customer, and not just closing tickets. In this issue, we'll get to know Robert C. Johnson, TeamSupport's CEO, and learn more about what makes him - and his company - tick.

Featured Partner

Learn More About Jira
Customers using TeamSupport’s help desk software and Jira’s software development and bug-tracking software can now connect these functions to improve communication and collaboration among teams. Customer service departments are able to deliver faster resolution times. Learn more here.

Featured Case Studies

Suntell Case Study

Suntell Case Study
To Suntell, the creator of a loan management software used by community banks and credit unions, customer service is everything...

Assured Software Case Study

Assured Software Case Study
The team at Assured Software knows a good idea when they see it. That’s why theirs was the first software developed specifically for fire and flood restoration contractors...

ACT Lighting Case Study

ACT Lighting Case Study
For A.C.T Lighting, an importer and provider of high-quality entertainment lighting products, the show must always go on...

Featured Whitepaper

Leverage Your Team's Collective Knowledge For Better Customer Support

Leverage Your Team's Collective Knowledge For Better Customer Support
Industry experts have aptly described this era as the age of the customer. Customers run the show today because in our lightning fast, digitally connected world they have so many choices. If your support team doesn’t deliver a great customer experience, another supplier is just a few clicks away.