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Customer Service Software Featured Articles

Critical Factors to Consider When Weighing a New Software Purchase
It's a fact of life that companies wind up getting stuck - at least once - with a business solution that doesn't work for them. Whether it's customer relationship management that's too unwieldy or inconvenient for employees to use, or customer support software that doesn't include all the necessary channels - every company has a horror story to tell about a solution purchase that was a mistake. Unfortunately, these type of mistakes tend to be expensive, and rather than admit defeat, many organizations double-down on the mistake, determined to salvage something of the situation. It usually doesn't work.

House Doctors Gains New Tools Through Partnership with mHelpDesk
House Doctors, a property repair and maintenance company in North America, is adding a few more valuable tools to its belt. The company announced this morning a partner with mHelpDesk, a software company that is aimed at providing improved office management to small and medium sized businesses. Among the services offered by mHelpDesk are things like online invoicing, scheduling, and payment processing.

Put the Customer First with Customer Service Software
A term buzzing around customer service circles is self-service, as research is proving that customers want to serve themselves. While many companies are coming around to this notion, too many attempts are falling short-the biggest reason being that development is not developing with the customer front of mind, so instead of being a windfall, this can turn operations into a customer service crapshoot.

For Many Companies, the New Priority is Customer Experience
Customer experience, that greater whole of a customer's encounter with a business from the advertising to the post-sales service and everything in between, is starting to take a new place of prominence for companies out there looking to preserve market share and take new ground in an increasingly tight economy. That's making for quite a few changes, and a new report from InfoTrends is illustrating some of these firsthand.

Recursive Labs Launches Collaborative Customer Service Platform & Related Product Suite
Click With Me Now, developer of a consumer-grade web sharing and collaboration software product, has rebranded itself as Recursive Labs and launched a new series of offerings. Most notable is its newfound focus on businesses with a customer service platform that takes an innovative, collaborative approach to how companies interact with their customers.

Why VoC Must be Embraced by All Parts of a Business
You may have heard that knowing the customer is more important than ever, and central to that process is voice-of-the-customer. A recent case study shows why.

Featured Partner

Learn More About Jira
Customers using TeamSupport’s help desk software and Jira’s software development and bug-tracking software can now connect these functions to improve communication and collaboration among teams. Customer service departments are able to deliver faster resolution times. Learn more here.

Featured Case Studies

Suntell Case Study

Suntell Case Study
To Suntell, the creator of a loan management software used by community banks and credit unions, customer service is everything...

Assured Software Case Study

Assured Software Case Study
The team at Assured Software knows a good idea when they see it. That’s why theirs was the first software developed specifically for fire and flood restoration contractors...

ACT Lighting Case Study

ACT Lighting Case Study
For A.C.T Lighting, an importer and provider of high-quality entertainment lighting products, the show must always go on...

Featured Whitepaper

Leverage Your Team's Collective Knowledge For Better Customer Support

Leverage Your Team's Collective Knowledge For Better Customer Support
Industry experts have aptly described this era as the age of the customer. Customers run the show today because in our lightning fast, digitally connected world they have so many choices. If your support team doesn’t deliver a great customer experience, another supplier is just a few clicks away.