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Customer Service Software Featured Articles

The Best in Customer Service Software May be a Smartphone Away
For retailers, this is a time of year filled with equal parts dread and anticipation. Yes, we're already entering into the holiday shopping season, which can mean the difference between a good year and a disastrous one for retailers. And with competition likely to prove heavy once again, retailers are already considering how to get the edge on their competitors and walk away with the best results. Fresh advice on how to do that recently landed with a look at the broader market from Bright Pattern.

Boost the Bottom Line with Customer Service Software
Do you define quality customer service by the way your employees answer the phone? This is a great place to start, but it doesn't begin to cover the areas that need to be examined when it comes to customer interactions. Even if you also pay attention to the way face-to-face conversations are conducted or creating the personalized experience - you may still be missing the mark for some customers.

Regal Cinemas Selects Usher Point to Improve Customer Service
As more competition is introduced, traditional movie theater operators are also adopting new technologies not only to enhance the viewing experience, but to also deliver superior customer service for the movie going audience. Regal Cinemas, which operates 7,347 screens in 573 theaters, has announced it has selected a mobile application platform called UsherPoint to provide its ushers with detailed information about events that take place within the theater.

Enhancing Customer Service the Digital Way
Customer service is evolving as technology impacts the way businesses interact with customers. Today, there are many online retailers that extensively use the Internet and social media to reach out to customers. The good news for these online retailers is that technological advancements have enhanced customer service in a big way by giving customers a personalized experience every time.

Busan Bank, IBM Developing Mobile Apps for Better Customer Service
The development of smartphone usage is reason enough for Busan Bank, a regional South Korean bank, to consider using an established mobile development platform on which to develop the mobile apps that can empower both its employees and its customers by enhancing the services provided to them. It has reportedly chosen the IBM MobileFirst platform to achieve that goal, and now it has new apps that can streamline various processes of interaction in which its customers engage.

For Better Customer Service, Businesses Can Hit the Books
This time of smartphones, tablets, instant accessibility, video chat, texting, email, and other mobile devices and methods of communications has left consumers with a wealth of choices about how they can interact with their chosen brands and on which devices they choose to reach them. It has also given them more impetus for switching brands when they do not get what they want, and more often than not, consumers want multichannel experiences.

Featured Partner

Learn More About Jira
Customers using TeamSupport’s help desk software and Jira’s software development and bug-tracking software can now connect these functions to improve communication and collaboration among teams. Customer service departments are able to deliver faster resolution times. Learn more here.

Featured Case Studies

Suntell Case Study

Suntell Case Study
To Suntell, the creator of a loan management software used by community banks and credit unions, customer service is everything...

Assured Software Case Study

Assured Software Case Study
The team at Assured Software knows a good idea when they see it. That’s why theirs was the first software developed specifically for fire and flood restoration contractors...

ACT Lighting Case Study

ACT Lighting Case Study
For A.C.T Lighting, an importer and provider of high-quality entertainment lighting products, the show must always go on...

Featured Whitepaper

Leverage Your Team's Collective Knowledge For Better Customer Support

Leverage Your Team's Collective Knowledge For Better Customer Support
Industry experts have aptly described this era as the age of the customer. Customers run the show today because in our lightning fast, digitally connected world they have so many choices. If your support team doesn’t deliver a great customer experience, another supplier is just a few clicks away.