New Methods for Matching Customers and Agents Help Improve the Service Experience


New Methods for Matching Customers and Agents Help Improve the Service Experience

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  December 11, 2014

The Internet and mobile devices – and the quick and easy access to communications and information they enable – have led to the rise of the empowered and always-on consumer. That has changed the game for organizations that want to sell to these individuals, and it’s prompted smart companies to rethink how they do business.

Responses to this “new normal” run the gamut, but commonly include the introduction of mobile apps for self-service. However, the always-on consumer is also looking for more personalized service, especially the new generation of Millennials.

So really smart companies are also amping up their contact centers with new technologies that further tailor the customer experience.

Interactive Intelligence (News - Alert) is one vendor catering to these companies with several new applications. “We’ve designed these new applications to better match customers with agents so contact centers can move from the world of next to best,” says Jason Alley, senior solutions marketing manager for Interactive Intelligence.

The first application, called PureMatch, leverages agent attributes from personality profiles and collected caller criteria to dynamically match a customer with the best agent.

This is done without the caller playing an active role in the matching process.

The second application puts the power of selection in the callers’ hands by presenting them with information about agents such as personal characteristics and interests, service ratings, and wait time. It then enables callers to pick the agent they think is best.

“Our customer selection application lets callers shop for a service experience just like they would shop for a product online,” says Alley. “The caller in this case can decide what’s most important to them.”

Both applications are part of Interactive’s latest cloud services for communications, collaboration and customer engagement delivered from its next-generation PureCloud platform.

Here’s an example of how Interactive’s customer selection application could be used in real life.

Imagine you purchased a telephoto lens for your high-end camera. But there’s a problem with the lens, and you are just getting ready to leave for a trip to an exotic destination where you plan to take pictures.

So you go to the retailer’s website and input information about the product and problem, and your language of choice. A dynamic page pops up that displays information about an array of agents with the appropriate background and language to solve your problem. You can then review the social profiles of those agents to find the one you think is best.

Perhaps, for example, one of the agents is also an international traveler and photographer, so you select that person to help you. The goal, Alley notes, is to create a more personal connection.

This is the kind of thing that can enable an organization to deliver a truly differentiated customer experience, and that can be key in building customer loyalty, enabling upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and shaping an organization’s brand into one that is truly unique.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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