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Inside Sales Lead Management Featured Articles

Brush Up Sales Skills by Analyzing Existing Sales Methods
Most salespeople - no matter how experienced they are - will admit that their sales skills aren't always what they could be. While training can help, most salespeople simply don't have the time to perfect their craft in a formal way.

To Drive the Best Results in Inside Sales Lead Management, You Need to Understand Marketing ROI
In any industry, it's critical that you're able to tie produced metrics such as calls and visits to deeper information - such as turning contacts into customers.

Sales Group Nabs Major Sponsorship, Makes Training for Inside Sales Possible
The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) just received a big boost from inside sales software company Conversica by way of a sponsorship deal.

Inside Sales, 'Do Not Call' and the TCPA: Tread Carefully
Calling people to sell them products and services can lead to new sales and commissions for organizations and inside sales staffers, but it can also result in legal challenges and fines.

Not All Sales are Alike - and the Difference is Key
Part of running a successful inside sales operation is understanding that not all sales functions are alike, and not all sales employees are the same. This can make a huge difference in performance.

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Featured Whitepapers

9 Essential Productivity Tools for Inside Sales Teams

9 Essential Productivity Tools for Inside Sales Teams
In 2011, inside sales eclipsed outside sales by an astounding 300 percent (source: InsightSquared.com), and became the dominant means of business development.

4 Ways Queue-Based Lead Management Is Shaping The Inside Sales Industry

4 Ways Queue-Based Lead Management Is Shaping The Inside Sales Industry
What is inside sales? It's sometimes defined as "remote selling," "virtual sales," and even "sales in the cloud."

Want to Make More Sales? Make More Sales Calls.

Want to Make More Sales? Make More Sales Calls.
It sounds simple. Hire some salespeople, give them each a telephone and the revenue will magically appear, right?
At least that’s what a lot of companies think.

Featured Case Studies

Lead Generation Case Study

Lead Generation Case Study
An outsourced business development firm needed a cloud-based prospecting software and appointment setting to increase the functionality and flexibility of its agents.

Call Center Case Study

Call Center Case Study
A Call Center and Appointment Setting Company in Seattle was experiencing technical glitches and poor customer service from their existing call center software provider.

Telemarketing Services Company Case Study

Telemarketing Services Company Case Study
A Canadian business development firm was using a homegrown solution and needed a cloud-based telemarketing software to manage lead generation and appointment setting.