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IVR Software from Heaven

April 09, 2012

One of the major trends in business optimization is the analysis of IVR technologies, or Interactive Voice Response systems.

While IVR is not new, IVR diagnostics and analytics have reached new levels of efficiency and they have developed many new features that help pinpoint weaknesses in a call center system, so discusses a recent white paper from Angel.

In the past, call volume and call length were the only metrics that one could rely on, and even then conclusions were often dubious. Now, the entire experience that a customer has can be tracked; how long they spent on a menu, how frequently they hung up at a certain stage, and how unclear some stages or scripts within menus that might be difficult to navigate. This kind of information is invaluable in tweaking IVR systems so that callers are less frustrated and are satisfied in a timely manner, both ensuring brand loyalty as well as freeing up resources more quickly to answer new calls.

 What’s more impressive is that cutting-edge providers of IVR analytics such as Angel have created web-based programs that can analyze a customer’s IVR as a cloud-based service; this means no costly investment in software, no special training or employees to hire and basically no up-front investment.

Several case studies show that this can save a business more than $1 million/year in lost revenue and increase the position of the brand in the marketplace as well.

Additional benefits observed by companies that invested in Angel’s IVR analytic services are things like average call times being reduced by almost 1 minute and 10 percent less hang-ups by frustrated customers.

 It is assumed that the savings mentioned above are strictly overhead savings and that the improved reputation and happier customer base are yet unmeasured but can only contribute to even more ROI on such optimization services.


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