Brokerage Firm to Sell Portfolio of Seven Workforce Management Patents

By: Casey Houser    9/22/2014

The company will be approaching potential buyers to explain the benefits the portfolio can provide for their individual companies. Following bids rece…

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Report Shows the Growing Need for Customer Relationship Management

By: Casey Houser    9/19/2014

Many readers of business news have certainly witnessed the growing trend of enterprises focusing more on their relationships with customers. Gone are …

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UK Medical Equipment Company Opens Customer Experience Center

By: Casey Houser    9/19/2014

While many enterprises in the U.S. are opening new customer service centers that house all manner of brand representatives, one company across the Atl…

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Effective Quality Monitoring Depends on Training and Employee Expectations

By: Casey Houser    9/17/2014

Call center management, among its many other responsibilities, is tasked with monitoring operations and employees. This can manifest in activities suc…

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Workforce Management Solutions Can Lighten the Load for Call Center Managers

By: Laura Stotler    9/17/2014

Many of today's WFM solutions offer mobile apps, enabling managers to step away from the office and still be apprised of activity. Sometimes a few min…

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RADCOM Works with Intel to Improve Customer Experience Management

By: Nathesh    9/12/2014

RADCOM, a customer experience management provider, stated that its MaveriQ is now furnished with the capability to make use of Intel's Ethernet XL710 …

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Abu Dhabi Education Council's Finds Order with New Customer Management System

By: Madhubanti Rudra    9/12/2014

Does the idea of visiting of a government office make you nervous because of the long waiting time to reach the right person? The picture is more or l…

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Invest in the Customer Experience, Not Advertising

By: Laura Stotler    9/11/2014

Advertising is an established and proven way to send a targeted message to your customers. It offers a measurable return and campaigns may be carefull…

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Why Workforce Management is Good for the Back Office

By: Susan J. Campbell    9/9/2014

At the same time, if they have to wait in the queue too long to talk to a live agent, they may hang up and call the competition. Without a robust work…

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Superior Call Center Management Means Being Both Proactive and Reactive

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/9/2014

This is also a person who uses a meeting planner schedule to set meetings for times when he or she is confident that call center coverage is acceptabl…

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Customer Experience is Key to Staying Ahead of the Competition

By: Lavanya Rathnam    9/5/2014

Globalization has brought the world together in many ways, and from a business perspective, it has created a global village for both consumers and pro…

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Consider Extending Workforce Management to Back-Office Functions for Improved Efficiency

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/4/2014

By using a cloud-based solution, companies can keep upfront costs down and configure the solution to the precise parameters they require. Organization…

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Oman Telecom to Implement 'Voice of the Customer' Surveys

By: Casey Houser    9/4/2014

A telecommunications service provider based in Oman was reported this week as the first in the Middle East to use a "voice of the customer" customer e…

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Why the Helpdesk Needs Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    9/3/2014

At the end of the day, all the customer cares about is quick resolution to the issue that spurred the call in the first place. If a workforce manageme…

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Improving the Customer Experience Key to Successful Onboarding

By: Alisen Downey    8/29/2014

But while it appears banks are struggling to get the customer experience right, there are plenty of tools out there to help get them on the right trac…

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Australia Businesses Becoming Omnichannel

By: Casey Houser    8/28/2014

A recent report concerning the state of the Australian economy suggests that it was largely shielded from the financial crisis of the late 2000s. As a…

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Using Real-time Management for Call Center Insight

By: Michelle Amodio    8/28/2014

Excellent customer service, employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and office organization are all desirable characteristics of a company. To achieve the a…

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Intra-day WFM Enables Real-time Decision Making

By: Michelle Amodio    8/28/2014

Irrespective of the size of the contact center, workforce management is a challenge. In addition to making the right technology decision to help manag…

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Want Customers to Come Back? Make Sure They Trust You

By: Steve Anderson    8/20/2014

Repeat business is a major part of most any operation, from retail to restaurants to major corporate efforts. The idea that people will buy something,…

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Customer Centricity is Key in Today's Business World

By: Oliver VanDervoort    8/19/2014

Few companies will argue against the idea that the customer experience is paramount in this day and age. What companies will argue about is just how t…

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Top 8 Things to Consider When Evaluating a Cloud Contact Center Provider

By: Susan J. Campbell    8/19/2014

With all the buzz surrounding the cloud contact center, chances are you've considered the possibilities for your own environment. Like with any change…

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Hosted vs. Cloud: Evaluating Contact Center Solution Delivery

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/18/2014

Experts advise that companies understand their needs and wants before they go shopping so they can determine what works best for them. There are those…

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Comprehensive Report Shows Positive Trends in Employee Engagement

By: Christopher Mohr    8/13/2014

Quantum Workplace recently released a report on employee engagement that shows improvement in employee engagement across the U.S. The detailed report …

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The Importance of Tech Support Services for the Customer Experience

By: Lavanya Rathnam    8/13/2014

Tech gadgets abound in today's market. In a sense, these smartphones and tablets have changed the way we live and communicate as a society. The downsi…

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Study: CEM Market to Grow to $8.39B by 2019, Market Splinters into Subgroups

By: Casey Houser    8/12/2014

A recent market forecast predicts that the customer experience management market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.3 percen…

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How the Employee Handbook Can Improve Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    8/12/2014

While the employee handbook won't prevent all issues that could occur with employees, it does help set the expectations you have for tone, attitude an…

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Employee Engagement Begins and Ends with Call Center Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/11/2014

In the end, employees who feel that they have more control over their jobs and a bigger stake in personally contributing to the company's success, wil…

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The Customer Experience Must Actually Focus on the Customer

By: Susan J. Campbell    8/7/2014

What does it mean to your team when you talk about the customer experience? Do you define it as seen through the eyes of your staff or are you actuall…

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Wheelings & Dealings: eGain Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Exony

By: Anil Sharma    8/6/2014

eGain, a provider of customer engagement solutions, is soon to acquire Exony Limited. Exony is a major player in helping enterprises use their custome…

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Workforce Management Solutions Provider Hosts Events to Address WFM Trends and Challenges

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/5/2014

While the essential function of workforce management in the contact center hasn't changed much in recent decades - the goal is still to make the most …

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Why Workforce Management Should Focus on Happy Agents

By: Susan J. Campbell    8/4/2014

What does it take to create happy agents in the call center environment? Is it more money, better hours or the promise that they never have to deal wi…

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Process Improvements in the Contact Center Require Embracing Innovation

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/31/2014

Most organizations seem to know instinctively that innovation is the lifeblood of a successful business. Various studies have found that as many as 90…

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Sonic is Optimistic and 'Delighted' with New Retail Plan

By: Jonathan Keane    7/31/2014

Sonic Automotive says its new retail plan and customer experience initiative is running well, less than a month after it was initiated.

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Tips to Improve Customer Service

By: Lavanya Rathnam    7/30/2014

Customers are effectively the kings and queens of every business, and the operations of most companies are centered around their needs and expectation…

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Worldwide Utilities Mobile Field Force Management Software, 2014 Vendor Assessment: Latest from IDC

By: Meenakshi Shankar    7/29/2014

IDC Energy Insights, the research wing of International Data Corporation (IDC), a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and event…

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Sri Lanka Travel Company Engages Customers with Updated CRM System

By: Michelle Nicolson    7/23/2014

The embattled travel industry is showing signs of growth, and travel companies are investing in technology to build and support their relationships wi…

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Ways to Improve Customer Experience

By: Lavanya Rathnam    7/22/2014

Customers are the key to success of any business-today more so than ever before, thanks to globalization intensifying competition. This means customer…

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Monet's Ciarlo Offers Advice on How to Recognize the True Cloud

By: Paula Bernier    7/22/2014

That's frustrating to both Monet, which Ciarlo says has dedicated a lot of time, effort, and expense to provide a true cloud solution, and to organiza…

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The Importance of Scheduling Employee Collaboration in the Contact Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/21/2014

Breaks are critical not only to take the pressure off employees, but also to allow them to communicate with coworkers, sharing knowledge and experienc…

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Insurance Industry Innovating to Better Serve Millennial Customer Base

By: Christopher Mohr    7/16/2014

At first glance, insurance is not the type of product that seems to lend itself well to modernization. To many, its business model consists of little …

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Mobile Solutions Complete the Customer Experience

By: Steve Anderson    7/16/2014

Ever since about 2007 or so, the technology landscape has fundamentally changed to include a new breed of mobile device-as exemplified by the iPhone a…

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Checking the Health of Your Workforce Management System

By: Mae Kowalke    7/15/2014

Workforce management solutions are used to track and influence all activities of productive employees. This type of system focuses on optimizing every…

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Consider Deemphasizing Average Handle Time in Favor of First-Call Resolution

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/15/2014

While nearly all contact centers chase some kind of metrics - average handle time (AHT) being the most popular - as customers have become more demandi…

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Robust CRM Allows Companies to Ride the Wave of Big Data, Mobile and Social Media

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/10/2014

In the earliest days of customer relationship management, the goal of any worthwhile CRM solution was to collect data. It acted as an information repo…

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Employee Satisfaction Improvements Lead to Double Customer Satisfaction Improvements

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/9/2014

There is a trend in workplaces today that most Americans can relate to. Companies, faced with shrinking profit margins, are continuing a push on their…

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Touch Point Maps Can Improve Customer Service

By: Casey Houser    7/9/2014

As a customer, it is almost a universal experience to go through the process of purchasing a product, only to be disappointed with the end result. The…

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Skills Gap in Dubai Leads to New Tips for Recruiters in Workforce Management

By: Steve Anderson    7/8/2014

The more the business can cement the philosophy that "we're all in this together," so to speak, the more likely that said business will find the peopl…

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How to Make Sure Your Customers Has a Voice

By: Special Guest    7/3/2014

No company can survive without a solid customer foundation, but so many businesses and companies have forgotten this very simple fact. They assume tha…

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Making the Most of Mobile Workforce Management

By: Special Guest    7/2/2014

More and more in today's work environment, employees do not need to stay at their desk to be effective at their job. The ability for individuals to wo…

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Want Better Customer Relations? Put More Data in Your Marketing

By: Steve Anderson    7/1/2014

Know your customer. This simple, three-word maxim carries a freight of truth along with it, and with good reason. Nearly every potential customer out …

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