Why Efficiency Matters in Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    9/10/2013

Today's call center agents are doing everything through the desktop. They are accepting calls, verifying data, inputting information into the CRM solu…

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Why Quality Assurance and Training Teams Must Work Together in the Contact Center

By: Susan J. Campbell    9/9/2013

A robust workforce management strategy includes call center training and quality assurance, according to a Monet Software blog. The company highlighte…

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Verint Partners with Badgeville to Gamify WFM Solution

By: Paula Bernier    9/5/2013

Gartner forecasts that by 2014, more than 70 percent of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application.

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Do You Design Your Workforce Management with the Customer in Mind?

By: Susan J. Campbell    9/4/2013

The talk surrounding the typical contact center is generally focused on agent activities, customer satisfaction, the consistent reduction in overall c…

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Etech Technology Division Introduces First Remote Worker Management Solution

By: Deepika Mala    9/3/2013

Many companies today are interested in enabling contact center agents to work from home. Working from home helps companies to make huge cost savings a…

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Workforce Management at its Best: Knowledge Services to Create Tons of Jobs in Indiana by 2018

By: Madhubanti Rudra    8/28/2013

In 2011, the company, which is Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) certified, announced its plan of creating 200 jobs by 2015. Having already exceeded t…

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Workforce Management Solutions Work For, Not Against, Call Center Agents

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/28/2013

Since workforce management keeps track of agent schedules and often monitors adherence, many agents feel that the technology is a bit "big brotherish,…

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A Better Workforce Needs a Break

By: Mae Kowalke    8/23/2013

Unlike our European counterparts, we do not know how to take vacation. Last year 70 percent of U.S. workers did not use all of their vacation days, ac…

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How Workforce Management Helps Embrace New Opportunities

By: Susan J. Campbell    8/21/2013

The typical work environment is no longer 'typical.' Professionals work in different ways, different capacities, and with different expectations. Tech…

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Why a Happy Workforce Means a Happy Customer Base

By: Susan J. Campbell    8/13/2013

In conversations surrounding customer satisfaction, there is a lot of focus on what the customer needs to be happy. It's an important focus, but it's …

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Does Your IVR Help or Hinder Your Business?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/13/2013

The IVR is simply a tool, and like any tool, it can be used for good or for ill. Few people would argue that it has the potential to make callers' liv…

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Support the Empowered Call Center Workforce with Empowered Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/8/2013

The call center today is a different beast than it once was. For starters, it's a more complex organization. It handles multiple channels and communic…

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Why Live Agents Matter to the Bottom Line

By: Susan J. Campbell    8/7/2013

Agents are in place to help build customer relationships. If they are simply viewed as individuals completing transactions, the organization will spen…

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JFS Specialty Services Improves Workforce Management with NOVAtime

By: Raju Shanbhag    7/30/2013

Businesses today must focus their efforts on better management of their workforce if they want to increase productivity and profitability. Many of the…

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How Trends Affect Workforce Management and the Contact Center

By: Susan J. Campbell    7/30/2013

As such, it's critical for contact center leadership to stay on top of the latest customer service initiatives and technologies that can improve the e…

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Workforce Management for the Exiting Baby Boomer

By: Susan J. Campbell    7/24/2013

Have you stopped for a moment to think about what the market will resemble when Baby Boomers leave the workforce? It's set to happen in droves as many…

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Employee Engagement Drives Business Outcomes

By: Susan J. Campbell    7/23/2013

MLive recently focused on a study conducted by Stryker Corp. The company likes to measure the engagement of its employees. This is an important and on…

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Celadon Group to Deploy Kronos in the Cloud

By: Rahul Arora    7/16/2013

Kronos Incorporated, a company that offers workforce management solutions in the cloud, recently announced that its Kronos Cloud has been selected by …

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How Workforce Management Can Foster Innovative Thinking

By: Susan J. Campbell    7/16/2013

The optimal working environment demands more than just the presence of skilled employees. For a business to truly succeed, employees should be encoura…

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Talygen Enhances Workforce Management Solution to Address Diverse Workforce Needs

By: Rajani Baburajan    7/16/2013

With mobility being a necessity for any workforce today, companies are looking at ways to enhance its efficiency. Workforce management is especially c…

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Reviewing Call History Means Better Forecasting

By: Ashley Caputo    7/2/2013

In the call center industry, the number one reason for dropped calls is extended call wait time, which for most organizations means that there was som…

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Better Management of the Mobile Workforce

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/2/2013

While the goals of the mobile workforce and bring your own device (BYOD) are lofty and rewarding - after all, they allow your employees unprecedented …

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Kronos Incorporated and Monet Software Agree on the Importance of Scheduling

By: Ashley Caputo    6/26/2013

Choosing a workforce management solution can be a difficult one to make, as there are so many WFM packages on the market, which is why Monet Software,…

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Top 5 Reasons Call Centers Need a Workforce Management Solution

By: Ashley Caputo    6/24/2013

The number one reason for abandoned calls in the call center is either being kept on hold too long or suddenly being disconnected, which results in an…

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TOA Helps Cable Companies and More Efficiently Manage Their Workforces

By: Rich Steeves    6/20/2013

You know that an idea has seeped into popular culture when it was the subject of a Seinfeld episode. Such is the case for the old idea that cable comp…

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Trimble eRespond Cuts Repair and Response Time for Water and Wastewater Utilities

By: Jacqueline Lee    6/18/2013

A leak on a water line, if you're a water company, is like watching money flow out of an open spigot. In technical terms, this lost water is called "n…

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Workforce Management is Easy

By: Ashley Caputo    6/17/2013

Workforce management (WFM) is vital for contact centers as it provides them with the software and services that they need to capture and analyze custo…

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GLDS Adds Two Customers for Billing, Subscriber Management, Provisioning and Workforce Management

By: Rajani Baburajan    6/11/2013

Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS) provides customer management, billing and workforce management solutions to telecom service providers. The latest broa…

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What Does a Workforce Optimization Software Need to Have?

By: Ashley Caputo    6/10/2013

"Workforce Optimization (WFO) software is not just one solution to call center service challenges - it is a full suite of automated services that can …

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Customers are Talking - Listen to Them!

By: Mini Swamy    6/7/2013

Speetra Inc. has introduced pulseM, stated to be the first voice-centric QR code application on the market. This appears to be a new and more effectiv…

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Goodwill Industries Selects Data Financial's Workforce Management System

By: Rajani Baburajan    6/6/2013

With WFM tools like speech analytics and call recording, and businesses around the globe, like Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, can discover the best …

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ClickSoftware Launch ServiceOptimization 8.1.9 to Increase Workforce Efficiency

By: Brian Anderson    6/6/2013

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd, an automated mobile workforce management and optimization solutions provider, announced on Tuesday the release of Serv…

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Is it Time for Mobile Workforce Management?

By: Susan J. Campbell    6/3/2013

For years, the talk surrounding workforce management has focused on the contact center and how to ensure the best use of all agent time to maximize pe…

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Mobile Workforce Management Not Yet Essential in the Call Center

By: Rory Lidstone    5/31/2013

Recently, Xora's StreetSmart offering, which consists of a suite of configurable mobile apps and a Web-based management application, became a Citrix R…

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How does Call Center Monitoring Work?

By: Ashley Caputo    5/31/2013

Call centers are now interacting with customers on multiple platforms, like the phone, Web chat, e-mail and social media, and it is important that the…

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Improve Quality Assurance in Seven Steps

By: Ashley Caputo    5/22/2013

It is difficult for any organization to make sure that their customer service department is maintaining the same level of quality with each call. For …

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Improve Your Staffing with Call Recording

By: Ashley Caputo    5/21/2013

Whether a business is small or large, the most vital part of managing staff is creating a schedule that best optimizes the workforce. Sounds easy, rig…

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How to Choose a WFM Solution

By: Ashley Caputo    5/16/2013

Over the past few weeks, the Workforce Management Channel on TMCnet has touched upon many reasons why every call center needs a workforce management (…

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Better Customer Service with Monet WFO Live

By: Ashley Caputo    5/13/2013

There are a number of call centers out there that are struggling with the task of having the right number of agents on staff to make sure that no call…

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Save Money with Monet WFM Live

By: Ashley Caputo    5/10/2013

Workforce management (WFM) provides businesses with the tools they need to analyze customer interaction and make strategic decisions to increase overa…

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Top Five Reasons Why a Call Center Needs a Call-Recording Solution

By: Ashley Caputo    5/9/2013

In the call center industry, it is all about the interaction between the agent and the customer, which is why it's vital that organizations have the t…

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TOA to Discuss Optimizing Use of Field Service Management Solutions

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/2/2013

When call centers streamline operations and cut out unnecessary overtime with workforce management and forecasting, they can save significant time and…

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The Education System Needs WFM Too

By: Ashley Caputo    5/1/2013

When users think of a workforce management tool, they usually attribute it to a business, as they are usually the ones in need of a solution that can …

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Monet's New WFM Videos for the Call Center

By: Ashley Caputo    4/26/2013

Not only has Monet Software, a pioneer in scheduling software, created solutions that help organizations solve some of their biggest problems includin…

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Workforce Management in the Cloud

By: Ashley Caputo    4/25/2013

Workforce management (WFM) provides businesses with the software and services they need to capture and analyze customer interaction across all channel…

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Mobile Workforce Management Growing

By: Ashley Caputo    4/16/2013

Workforce Management (WFM) allows call centers to run more effectively and easily while simultaneously reducing costs. But thanks to current advanced …

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Monet Gives Tips to Choose the Right WFM Solution

By: Ashley Caputo    4/16/2013

Every call center needs a workforce management solution, as such solutions provide the center with the ability to produce an optimized work schedule, …

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The Challenges of Workforce Management and How To Triumph Over Them

By: Michelle Amodio    4/8/2013

Among the challenges managers face when it comes to keeping staff organized are precise staff prediction, especially in the call center because of cal…

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Workforce Management Can Improve Agent Adherence - if Used Correctly

By: Susan J. Campbell    4/8/2013

Scheduling for the extensive activities that need to take place within the call center is something that used to demand a manual approach. Supervisors…

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Kwik-FIT Implements NICE IEX Workforce Management System in Partnership with Sinclair Voicenet

By: Madhubanti Rudra    4/1/2013

A NICE platinum partner and NICE Master Distributor, Sinclair Voicenet will implement NICE IEX Workforce Management system at one of the Kwik-Fit Fina…

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