Workforce Management is Easy

By: Ashley Caputo    6/17/2013

Workforce management (WFM) is vital for contact centers as it provides them with the software and services that they need to capture and analyze custo…

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GLDS Adds Two Customers for Billing, Subscriber Management, Provisioning and Workforce Management

By: Rajani Baburajan    6/11/2013

Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS) provides customer management, billing and workforce management solutions to telecom service providers. The latest broa…

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What Does a Workforce Optimization Software Need to Have?

By: Ashley Caputo    6/10/2013

"Workforce Optimization (WFO) software is not just one solution to call center service challenges - it is a full suite of automated services that can …

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Customers are Talking - Listen to Them!

By: Mini Swamy    6/7/2013

Speetra Inc. has introduced pulseM, stated to be the first voice-centric QR code application on the market. This appears to be a new and more effectiv…

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Goodwill Industries Selects Data Financial's Workforce Management System

By: Rajani Baburajan    6/6/2013

With WFM tools like speech analytics and call recording, and businesses around the globe, like Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, can discover the best …

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ClickSoftware Launch ServiceOptimization 8.1.9 to Increase Workforce Efficiency

By: Brian Anderson    6/6/2013

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd, an automated mobile workforce management and optimization solutions provider, announced on Tuesday the release of Serv…

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Is it Time for Mobile Workforce Management?

By: Susan J. Campbell    6/3/2013

For years, the talk surrounding workforce management has focused on the contact center and how to ensure the best use of all agent time to maximize pe…

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Mobile Workforce Management Not Yet Essential in the Call Center

By: Rory Lidstone    5/31/2013

Recently, Xora's StreetSmart offering, which consists of a suite of configurable mobile apps and a Web-based management application, became a Citrix R…

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How does Call Center Monitoring Work?

By: Ashley Caputo    5/31/2013

Call centers are now interacting with customers on multiple platforms, like the phone, Web chat, e-mail and social media, and it is important that the…

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Improve Quality Assurance in Seven Steps

By: Ashley Caputo    5/22/2013

It is difficult for any organization to make sure that their customer service department is maintaining the same level of quality with each call. For …

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Improve Your Staffing with Call Recording

By: Ashley Caputo    5/21/2013

Whether a business is small or large, the most vital part of managing staff is creating a schedule that best optimizes the workforce. Sounds easy, rig…

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How to Choose a WFM Solution

By: Ashley Caputo    5/16/2013

Over the past few weeks, the Workforce Management Channel on TMCnet has touched upon many reasons why every call center needs a workforce management (…

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Better Customer Service with Monet WFO Live

By: Ashley Caputo    5/13/2013

There are a number of call centers out there that are struggling with the task of having the right number of agents on staff to make sure that no call…

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Save Money with Monet WFM Live

By: Ashley Caputo    5/10/2013

Workforce management (WFM) provides businesses with the tools they need to analyze customer interaction and make strategic decisions to increase overa…

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Top Five Reasons Why a Call Center Needs a Call-Recording Solution

By: Ashley Caputo    5/9/2013

In the call center industry, it is all about the interaction between the agent and the customer, which is why it's vital that organizations have the t…

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TOA to Discuss Optimizing Use of Field Service Management Solutions

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/2/2013

When call centers streamline operations and cut out unnecessary overtime with workforce management and forecasting, they can save significant time and…

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The Education System Needs WFM Too

By: Ashley Caputo    5/1/2013

When users think of a workforce management tool, they usually attribute it to a business, as they are usually the ones in need of a solution that can …

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Monet's New WFM Videos for the Call Center

By: Ashley Caputo    4/26/2013

Not only has Monet Software, a pioneer in scheduling software, created solutions that help organizations solve some of their biggest problems includin…

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Workforce Management in the Cloud

By: Ashley Caputo    4/25/2013

Workforce management (WFM) provides businesses with the software and services they need to capture and analyze customer interaction across all channel…

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Mobile Workforce Management Growing

By: Ashley Caputo    4/16/2013

Workforce Management (WFM) allows call centers to run more effectively and easily while simultaneously reducing costs. But thanks to current advanced …

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Monet Gives Tips to Choose the Right WFM Solution

By: Ashley Caputo    4/16/2013

Every call center needs a workforce management solution, as such solutions provide the center with the ability to produce an optimized work schedule, …

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The Challenges of Workforce Management and How To Triumph Over Them

By: Michelle Amodio    4/8/2013

Among the challenges managers face when it comes to keeping staff organized are precise staff prediction, especially in the call center because of cal…

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Workforce Management Can Improve Agent Adherence - if Used Correctly

By: Susan J. Campbell    4/8/2013

Scheduling for the extensive activities that need to take place within the call center is something that used to demand a manual approach. Supervisors…

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Kwik-FIT Implements NICE IEX Workforce Management System in Partnership with Sinclair Voicenet

By: Madhubanti Rudra    4/1/2013

A NICE platinum partner and NICE Master Distributor, Sinclair Voicenet will implement NICE IEX Workforce Management system at one of the Kwik-Fit Fina…

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Use a Call Center Scheduling Solution for Agent Adherence

By: Michelle Amodio    4/1/2013

No matter what industry you work in, if you're a manager, keeping on top of employees' schedules can be a bit of an undertaking, particularly in an en…

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Two Approaches to Multichannel Agent Skilling in Today's Contact Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/1/2013

In today's contact center, customers continue to prefer the telephone over all other possible communications media: about 75 percent of the time, when…

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It Takes Both Art and Science to Staff a Call Center

By: Susan J. Campbell    3/26/2013

It sounds easy enough - staffing the call center to meet the needs of the organization. The challenge, however, is that needs and volume can change in…

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BROWZ Introduces Web-Based Learning Management System

By: Anuradha Shukla    3/25/2013

A new offering from BROWZ promises to remove the labor intensive tasks related to providing classroom-style training to contractors at the employee le…

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BROWZ Introduces Web-Based Learning Management System

By: Anuradha Shukla    3/25/2013

A new offering from BROWZ promises to remove labor-intensive tasks related to providing classroom-style training to contractors at the employee level.…

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Innovation Works Provides Seed Investment to Kextil

By: Anuradha Shukla    3/21/2013

Innovation Works has provided seed funding to support continued development of the Kextil software suite and the rollout of new customers. Kextil is t…

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Agent Shift Swapping Beneficial for Call Center Scheduling

By: Michelle Amodio    3/21/2013

There are a few headaches when it comes to managing an efficient call center. With so much to keep tabs on, from operational strategies, financial obj…

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Call Center Scheduling Made Easy

By: Susan J. Campbell    3/13/2013

The color-coded dashboard goes a long way toward simplifying information capture in a variety of environments. In the call center, it can serve as a p…

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A Look Inside Monet Metrics

By: Susan J. Campbell    3/12/2013

The intelligence needed in the call center is greater than the brainpower of its employees. Today's call center must also have intelligent solutions t…

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Workforce Management Solutions Provider TEAM Software Partners with Intellum

By: Rajani Baburajan    3/12/2013

Intellum, a provider of cloud-based learning solutions, has formed partnership with TEAM Software, a provider of integrated financial, operations and …

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Why Call Center Management Benefits from Call Recording

By: Susan J. Campbell    3/6/2013

Customer interactions can play a large part in satisfaction. Whether that satisfaction is on the part of the customer, the agent or the company, the i…

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WFM Live Streamlines Call Center Scheduling

By: Susan J. Campbell    3/4/2013

The call center is the perfect dance of call volume, agent availability and productive interactions - at least that is the goal for every call center …

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Ventana Research Educates Organizations About Human Capital Analytics

By: Anuradha Shukla    3/4/2013

Ventana Research is set to educate organizations on human capital analytics through a new benchmark research that will provide readers with a broad-ba…

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Workforce Management: It's for More than Telephone Calls

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    2/27/2013

There's a reason why call centers today seldom use that appellation anymore. Instead, they are more likely to be called "contact centers," and for ver…

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Digital Dispatcher Improves Efficiency for Field Service

By: Anuradha Shukla    2/25/2013

Digital Dispatcher has enhanced efficiency for field service and delivery businesses with the release of a new multi-tool mobile field workforce manag…

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Brendan Courtney Appointed President and CEO of Parallon's Workforce Management Unit

By: Anuradha Shukla    2/19/2013

Brendan Courtney has joined as president and CEO of Parallon Business Solutions' Workforce Management Solutions business unit. Today, Parallon Busines…

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Switching to an Online Workforce Management System Increases Scheduling Efficiency

By: Susan J. Campbell    2/19/2013

Moving from a manual call center scheduling system to one that is managed online can be a daunting change. You may have a certain way you like to sche…

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Monet Software Recognized for Cloud-based Call Center Workforce Optimization Solution

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    2/13/2013

We live in an increasingly mobile society, so the pressure to deliver outstanding customer experience goes far beyond the standard live call with an a…

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SaaShr Expands Workforce Management Platform for SMB Market

By: Rajani Baburajan    2/13/2013

SaaShr, a provider of software as a service (SaaS)-based workforce management platform, is now offering enterprise-level applications to the small and…

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Manage Your Workforce from the Cloud

By: Robbie Pleasant    2/11/2013

I've written before about the benefits of workforce management (WFM) software, as well as the benefits of the cloud. So it's only natural that using t…

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Schedule Call Center Agents with Ease

By: Robbie Pleasant    2/5/2013

Call centers can make or break the customer experience. So what can make or break a call center? Workforce management, of course. A good WFM solution …

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Streamlining Call Center Resolutions with Workforce Optimization

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    2/4/2013

While you may be struggling to keep up with your own New Year's resolutions (they seem so distant now, and you may be at the point where you'll scream…

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Workforce Management - Think You Can Still Do Manual?

By: Susan J. Campbell    1/28/2013

Scheduling for anticipated volume in the call center is one of the tasks the call center manager cannot escape, yet it is also one of those tasks that…

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TOA Technologies' ETADirect Receives Industry Accolade for Helping Advance Europe's Ambitious Smart Meter Initiative

By: Madhubanti Rudra    1/28/2013

Smart meters can go a long way to prevent energy wastage at residential and commercial buildings. But, not every property owner is willing to let a ut…

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ViryaNet Mobile Workforce Management Solution Provides More Efficiency and Flexibility

By: Amanda Ciccatelli    1/24/2013

Companies with mobile workforces have found that mobile workforce management solutions add critical support to business strategies, and the growth of …

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Manage Your Workforce Affordably

By: Robbie Pleasant    1/22/2013

There are some who worry about investing in workforce management software. They might wonder, "Does it provide enough benefits to compensate for its c…

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