Look for Email and Chat Automation in Multiple Languages

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/22/2017

Email management will need to feature automation solutions for the classification and sorting of incoming emails to the multilingual call center (that…

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Vivonet Deploys Cloud Contact Center Solution

By: Andrew Bindelglass    5/22/2017

Vivonet has deployed PureCloud by Genesys, a cloud based contact center solution.

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Call Recording Week in Review: CallCabinet, BroadSoft, SIP Print & More

By: Maurice Nagle    5/20/2017

"This call may be recorded for quality assurance," is not to extend your wait time to speak with a human. Call recording adds invaluable insight to cu…

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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Enghouse Interactive, NexGen Agency, Aspect

By: Alicia Young    5/20/2017

The Contact Center Solutions week in review is a recap of all the top stories making headlines about contact centers this past week.

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Empirix Adds More Functionality to Hammer Test System 6.7

By: Michael Guta    5/19/2017

Version 6.7 of the Empirix Hammer Test System has been upgraded with new functionalities to test, optimize, detect and measure performance issues acro…

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Technology Shoulders the Burden of Call Recording and Monitoring

By: Laura Stotler    5/19/2017

Recording and monitoring 100 percent of call center calls doesn't have to be overwhelming for busy managers. Available technology like CallCabinet's A…

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PR Teams Must Consider AI, Influencers, Millennials

By: Paula Bernier    5/19/2017

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, influencer marketing, and a focus on millennials are three prevalent trends we're seeing today. And they…

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CallCabinet Announces Interoperability with Atmos and BroadWorks

By: Maurice Nagle    5/18/2017

Today, Broadsoft and CallCabinet announced successful interoperability testing on the BroadSoft BroadWorks Release 22.0 and CallCabinet's Atmos 1.0. N…

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Chatbots Versus Summer Interns for Low-Level Work

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/18/2017

It's summer: that special time of year when companies can hire interns and not pay them to do mind-numbingly boring tasks. Interestingly, mind-numbing…

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Workforce Management Solutions Ease Strain on Help Desks

By: Laura Stotler    5/17/2017

Workforce management solutions can help streamline operations for busy help desks while facilitating increased efficiencies and productivity.

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NexGen Agency Provides Contact Center Check-Ups

By: Andrew Bindelglass    5/17/2017

NexGen will begin providing Facebook and call center "check-ups" for contact centers.

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Omnichannel Customer Experience Growing Concern in Contact Centers

By: Steve Anderson    5/17/2017

The biggest new development in contact centers of late, according to a Deloitte study, is the omnichannel customer experience.

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Call Recording's New 10,000 Seat Milestone Emerges

By: Steve Anderson    5/17/2017

SIP Print Group celebrates its 10,000th Allworx SIP Print call recording seat installed, proving its presence in the market.

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Ensure Quality Agent-Customer Interactions with Workforce Management

By: Alicia Young    5/15/2017

How can managers ensure quality agent performance each and every time? This is a lot easier said than done, but there are a few steps managers can tak…

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JMRConnect Helps Companies Amplify Their Visibility

By: Paula Bernier    5/15/2017

The JMRConnect CEI platform recently garnered the Best Marketing Technology award from The Holmes Report at the In2 Summit in Chicago.

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Enghouse Interactive and NEC Canada Announce Contact Center Solution

By: Michael Guta    5/15/2017

Enghouse Interactive and NEC Canada have announced the availability of UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services Contact Center solution to supply the Can…

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Call Recording Week in Review: Training, Quality Management, Sales & More

By: Maurice Nagle    5/13/2017

Call recording was once simply an add-on to your PBX, but today it is a necessity for your organization. From adhering to regulations like HIPAA to im…

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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, Calabrio, Serenova

By: Paula Bernier    5/13/2017

The cloud, customer engagement, customer satisfaction, expansion, and workforce management were among the key themes in Contact Center Solutions this …

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Attention Sales Managers: Time for Call Recording

By: Steve Anderson    5/12/2017

Sales managers need call recording tools, and there are plenty of good reasons why.

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Musical.Ly Primed for Influencer Marketing

By: Andrew Bindelglass    5/12/2017

The popular music sharing app is primed to be used for influencer marketing.

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Using Market Influencers to Increase Retention

By: Andrew Bindelglass    5/11/2017

Marketers can leverage influencer content to make their own content more memorable.

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Serenova and Calabrio Partner for Contact Center Solutions

By: Andrew Bindelglass    5/11/2017

Serenova and Calabrio have announced a partnership to offer enhanced contact centers and workforce optimization.

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Digital Channels are Increasing the Demands on Contact Centers

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/11/2017

If you're hoping digitalization will let you scale back your contact center workforce to a large degree, you're in for disappointment. Running a tight…

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Managing Agents in the Omnichannel Contact Center

By: Laura Stotler    5/11/2017

A proper workforce management solution can go a long way toward ensuring contact center agents are properly handling omnichannel customer interactions…

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Smart Link Expands Avaya Contact Center

By: Andrew Bindelglass    5/10/2017

Smart Link is planning to expand its contact center in Saudi Arabia.

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Aspect Software Reveals SaaS WFM Solution

By: Maurice Nagle    5/8/2017

Today, Aspect Software announced the arrival of Aspect Via Workforce Management - the SaaStastic sibling of the award-winning solution. Aspect Via, as…

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Call Recording Integral to Agent Training

By: Alicia Young    5/8/2017

Call recording in the contact center is a concept we're all familiar with. Anyone who's ever called a center has likely been subject to the "This call…

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Score Big with Contact Center Call Recording

By: Maurice Nagle    5/8/2017

In order to provide the best of the best in customer experience from an agent's perspective there's a little work required, but don't fret, voice reco…

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Call Recording Simplifies Quality Management

By: Alicia Young    5/8/2017

There's a reason quality management has become such an important term over the years. The concept is really quite simple: the better the experience th…

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CallCabinet Launches Call Recording Community

By: TMC    5/8/2017

TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, announced today that the Call Recording Comm…

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Proactive Customer Engagement Goes Beyond Customer Satisfaction

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/8/2017

Usually, satisfied customers return to a position of neutrality about your organization. Most contact center solutions today are created to placate cu…

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Measuring the Effects of Influencer Marketing

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/5/2017

To date, it has been hard to quantify influencer marketing. You know how many clicks your website gets. You know how many people open your marketing e…

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'Fake Influencers' Having Increasing Impact on Influencer Marketing

By: Steve Anderson    5/5/2017

With "fake influencers" increasingly coming into play, influencer marketing users have to be more aware than ever.

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Traditional Contact Center, Customer Service Solutions Must Update

By: Steve Anderson    5/4/2017

A new report from Axway calls for advances in the contact center and customer service fields to better address the needs of today's consumer.

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DigitalGenius Human+AI Platform to Improve Customer Experiences

By: Alicia Young    5/4/2017

DigitalGenius will be bringing its DigitalGenius Human+AI Platform to organizations using Zendesk in their customer service operations. The hope is th…

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Mark III Systems Calls in Contact Center Help from Watson

By: Steve Anderson    5/3/2017

Mark III Systems turns to IBM Cloud and Watson to launch a new contact center solution.

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Seeking a Self-Service Contact Center Solution? The Search is Over

By: Maurice Nagle    5/3/2017

A leader in the cloud contact center space, Aspect Software announced the arrival of CXP 17 this week, which empowers developers with a number of enha…

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How to Avoid High Agent Turnover Rates

By: Alicia Young    5/2/2017

The key to keeping call center agents is to keep them happy. It's essential that managers become aware of the problems that are plaguing agents and wo…

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Five9 Delivers Virtual Contact Center for Financial Services Firm

By: Maurice Nagle    5/2/2017

This week, Five9 announced a financial services company selected its cloud-based, Virtual Contact Center (VCC) solution. The financial services compan…

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Build a Better Workforce with Analytics

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    5/1/2017

Analytics can help in the workforce management process, particularly in the realm of predictive analytics to estimate call/contact volume and build be…

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How Do You Spell CRM Evolution? With 4 Cs

By: Special Guest    5/1/2017

As the technological complexity of customer relationships evolve, so must our approaches to them. The area is best tackled through the four Cs of cust…

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Transforming a Multichannel Contact Center into an Omnichannel Powerhouse

By: ASC Horizons    5/1/2017

Contact centers have evolved from neutral communications centers, offering an excellent product at an affordable price, into major drivers of company …

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Microsoft Links Dynamics 365 to LinkedIn for Influencer Marketing

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/28/2017

The integration will be another excellent tool for the emerging practice of influencer marketing, which is comprised of new and innovative ways brands…

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The Future of Technology in Influencer Marketing

By: Andrew Bindelglass    4/28/2017

Pepperjam conducted a study on the way that marketers leverage technology to build influencer marketing.

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Workforce Management Can Lead to Increased Profits

By: Laura Stotler    4/28/2017

A comprehensive workforce management solution can help businesses reduce costs, operate more efficiently, boost productivity and ultimately increase p…

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Influencer Content Helps Drive Customer Conversion

By: Paula Bernier    4/28/2017

Influencer content is climbing the value chain in marketing, according to the recently released "The Value of Influencer Content 2017" study. The pape…

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Workforce Management Expands to Include Contingent Workforces

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/28/2017

Luckily, many of today's workforce management solutions are already wired for managing contingent labor. WFM can collect a great deal of data, and dat…

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Chatbots Key 'Aspect' to Future of Contact Center Solutions

By: Maurice Nagle    4/26/2017

Today, Aspect Software announced the Aspect Software NLU Lab, tasked with providing a best practice resource, sharing forum, use cases as well as desi…

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TalkIQ Translates VoC with Predictive Insights

By: Maurice Nagle    4/25/2017

TalkIQ's announced the newest addition to its platform: Predictive Insights. The solution offers actionable insight and forecasting for sales, CSAT sc…

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Cognitive Technologies Make Contact Center Solutions Smarter

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/25/2017

A recent report by Aberdeen Group entitled, "Cognitive Customer Experience: The Future Is Here" found that the implementation of cognitive technologie…

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