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Proactive Customer Communications Featured Article

Outbound Dialing Service Adds Online Scheduling Support

August 28, 2014

An outbound dialing software solutions provider announced this week the addition of online scheduling to its existing product platform.

ConnectLeader offers business sales representatives a way of reaching decision-makers that the company claims is faster and more efficient that having sales reps cold-call people themselves. When sales reps try to reach someone at an outside business, they may reach voicemail or be blocked by assistants who say the decision-makers are in meetings. In short, the reps cannot complete sales because they run into dead ends.

ConnectLeader turns this process on its head by allowing those same reps to schedule lists of people they want to reach. ConnectLeaders agents then use those lists to make the cold calls themselves. When one of several agents reaches a decision-maker on a list, he or she hands the call off to the sales rep. Calls are completed, no time is lost, and businesses will be primed to make more sales.

Now, those sales reps can schedule calling sessions from within the online application itself. The company provides a brief description in its official announcement:

"ConnectLeader customers have learned that pre-planning strategic calling sessions are more effective methods of outbound calling versus randomly placed calls without any advanced planning," the announcement says. "The new online scheduling feature allows customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel their calling sessions from within the ConnectLeader application."

The product update also provides an additional feature for users in that it can now sync with users' calendar applications. If a sales rep uses Microsoft (News - Alert) Outlook, for instance, he or she can see the scheduled meeting invitations he or she has made from within the ConnectLeader platform.

The announcement also mentions the testimonial of one of its users, Rob Consoli, the VP of sales and marketing at Liaison Technologies, who reports reaching more clients and having more live conversations than ever before.

"A lot of the (sales team's) day was spent doing research, making the direct dials, then sending an email. We were doing a lot of 'one-off' campaigns," Consoli said. "Now an agent has two to three one-hour dialing sessions per week. In one session the agents dial an average of 150 calls and the sales representatives have an average of seven live conversations."

Those figures align with what ConnectLeader claims users will experience. It figures that sales reps can speak to between eight and 12 decision makers in an hour and that its agents will complete 150 to 250 calls in order to set up those live calls. All in all, ConnectLeader figures that businesses will begin to experience sales gains by utilizing its service for only a few hours each week and that two to three hours of ConnectLeader can double sales reps' output.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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