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Proactive Customer Communications Featured Articles

Welcome to the 21st Century: Auto Fix-It Shops Will Text When Car's Ready
Auto service departments are adopting text message notification systems to better meet the needs of their customers while fine-tuning internal operations...

Legal Questions Surround the TCPA in 2015
There were plenty of legal questions around the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in 2014. Some commentators predict that 2015 will continue the discussion...

Company Social Media Silos Need to Go
O'Donoghue makes a strong case for spreading the word - and usefulness - of social media throughout an entire company. "It's time for social customer service to advance beyond siloed point solutions and blend in with a unified and integrated contact center platform." Well said...

When Is Reaching Out to a Customer 'Wrong'?
Courts have recently ruled that customers can indeed revoke their given permission for telemarketers to call them. That puts the callers into a somewhat gray legal territory...

Customer Outreach: After the Call, Then What?
There are more than a few marketers out there who think if they can just get someone to take their call, their day is made. But the successful marketers among that group know that the call is just the first step in what will hopefully be a successful endeavor. There are a number of steps that need to be taken before anyone is signing on the bottom line...

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Spotlight - Genesys.com

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Featured Content

Cloud Predictive Dialer Datasheet

Cloud Predictive Dialer Datasheet
More and more organizations are migrating their contact centers to the cloud. This shift is largely due to quick deployment, cost-effectiveness, and a smaller technology footprint. In fact, Frost & Sullivan's "Total Cost of Ownership" study states that contact centers reduce costs up to 58% by utilizing cloud-based offerings.

Genesys Enables Compliance & Risk Mitigation from the Cloud

Genesys Enables Compliance & Risk Mitigation from the Cloud
Exposure to Compliance Risk is at an All-Time High Contact centers are operating in an uncertain and tightening regulatory environment, increasing the cost and complexity of doing business while complying with multiple guidelines. Organizations are also faced with increasingly strict and varying client requirements. Consumers are also filing lawsuits at a record pace and there is a growing risk of litigation and hefty fines for non-compliance.

5 Questions About the Use of Mobile Text Messaging for Collections

5 Questions About the Use of Mobile Text Messaging for Collections
Many collectors have questions about incorporating text messaging into their strategies and how to ensure they stay in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We've compiled the top questions we receive regarding implementing text in your collections strategy.

Featured Webinar

Zen and The Art of Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Webinar with LIVE DEMO. Featuring Steven Larsen from Zendesk Genesys recently partnered with Zendesk to integrate its Premier Edition Cloud Contact Center solution with the Zendesk platform. The Genesys - Zendesk integration can help you deliver a sophisticated, multi-channel contact center for up to 250 agents while creating a 'Zen-like' experience for its users. Register now to see a LIVE DEMO of the Genesys - Zendesk integration.

Proactive Customer Communications Featured Articles
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