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Workforce Management Featured Articles

  • The New Face of Workforce Management for 2015
    A third critical benefit that modern workforce management will provide is the ability to run complex analytics on workforce management processes in order to spot trends, correct problems before they occur and make better use of existing assets...
  • Can Smart Simplicity Help Improve Workforce Management?
    How do you drive the overall effectiveness of your workforce? Do you implement employee engagement strategies on a regular basis or do you integrate workforce management solutions with your call center software? If you're following the latest thought processes on quality customer interactions, you know that engagement is key and getting rid of busy work, meetings and paperwork may just be what you need to drive optimal results...
  • 4 Ways to Improve Workforce Management Outcomes
    There are a number of challenges that can exist within the contact center space. It's not uncommon for turnover to be high, the pressure to cater to customer demands to be intense and the variables involved to properly staff the center extensive. From a workforce management standpoint, it's all about finding the right solution to support the proven processes you already have in place..
  • 2015 Will Bring New Demands to Workforce Management
    The American workforce is changing, as is the global workforce. Hours are becoming more flexible, and the barriers between work and home life are disappearing thanks to mobile devices. New regulations on healthcare are coming into play, and minimum wages are on the rise many places (and not just in the U.S.). As the workforce changes, so too must the solutions and processes used to manage employees, and that includes workforce management. This necessity will present challenges to many, if not most, American companies going forward...
  • Build Rewards and Incentives into Call Center Performance with Workforce Management
    The rewards and incentives can be in the form of money, recognition ("employee of the month" and a photo on the wall), non-monetary rewards (a primo parking spot close to the building) or first pick of vacation time. (Workforce management solutions can help keep track of where agents should be in the priority list for rewards based on performance.)..
  • How Workforce Management Can Help Improve FCR
    How often are customer issues resolved on the first call in your contact center? First call resolution (FCR) is often a topic of importance as the higher the number of calls resolved on the first contact, the lower the cost of care per customer. It also points to the use of effective strategies and proven workforce management...
  • The Restaurant Industry and the Contact Center Industry Have Lessons for One Another
    In the restaurant industry, like in the contact center, managers, supervisors and other non entry-level positions are often filled by people who started on the bottom rung. These individuals are often those who showed an uncommon level of persistence and determination, and were therefore promoted out of the ranks. To try and recruit and nurture more workers who show this kind of discipline, it's worth it for contact center managers to take some advice from the restaurant industry...
  • Workforce Management Success Depends on Listening
    The point is, your employees have a lot to say that delivers value to your processes. It's important to not only give them a voice, but also truly listen to what they have to say and incorporate it into the way you do business. When this happens, you demonstrate that you value their input and they are an important part of the team...
  • Three Ways to Improve Employee Productivity
    Nothing psychologists do is actually mind-blowing; what they teach and help with is stuff all of us know on some level. But psychologists help us actually live and recognize these basic things we know, which is why they are so useful. They have the tools and they know what is most important...
  • Don't Trust Your Workforce Management to the Fake Cloud
    Have you ever encountered a fake cloud solution? In a world of countless hosted offerings, two solutions offered by two different providers can look absolutely the same, yet one is a fake cloud offering. It may not seem like a big deal if everything appears equal, but when it comes time for updates, configuration changes or scaling, the fake solution tends to take on all the characteristics of the on-premise solution...
  • Cloud-based Workforce Management Expands Call Center Labor Options and Reduces Costs
    Once the initial "future shock" of the idea has worn off, companies may find that building a partly "virtual" contact center offers a host of benefits to employees, customers and the organization as a whole. More experienced and skilled employees lead to better quality customer support, better customer relationships and increased revenue. Happier employees - those whose needs can be better accommodate by a call center schedule - stay employed longer, leading to better retention and reduced labor and hiring costs...
  • Why You Need the Omnichannel Experience in Your Customer Care Center
    The important point here is that customer expectations continue to intensify, putting more pressure on your customer service teams to deliver quality interactions across multiple channels and devices. Take the time to understand what your customers need and design strategies that allow you to support these needs. The outcome is likely an omnichannel experience and one that will set you apart from the competition...
  • SPLICE Software Discusses How Gamification Strengthens the Workforce
    People use their computers and mobile devices for all kinds of purposes these days-and that includes playing games. So how can companies take technologies that are used so heavily for gaming by some, and for conducting business by others, and merge the two in a way that fosters increased employee engagement and performance?..
  • Companies of All Sizes See the Benefits of Workforce Management in the Cloud
    While companies of all sizes and in all industries are taking advantage of cloud-based solutions today, the call center has seen some of the most startling benefits from this model of solution delivery. There is good reason for this: today, many contact centers are operating multiple locations (or even using home-based agents) and often need to scale up and down according to seasonal variances in call volume. This makes the contact center ideally suited for cloud-based solutions, particularly when it comes to workforce management...
  • 3 Methods to Help Your Agents Manage Customer Service Situations
    Finally, there's the ELI5 technique - keeping it simple. Companies can often get lost in the brand message and forget that their customers don't live, eat and breath their jargon every day. If instructions are too complicated, the customer can get frustrated. Write manuals and instructions as if you're explaining it to a five year old by keeping it simple. That doesn't mean you treat your customers like children; it's simply a reminder that they need more information simplified that you do...
  • Workforce Management in Huge Demand in Healthcare
    Agents may be used to call and remind clients to take medication, follow-up on appointments, check in to answer questions and more. When patients or caregivers fully understand care that should be delivered after the fact, patients are more likely to recover as planned. Ensuring the delivery of this information and making agents available when calls are at their peak are dependent upon quality workforce management solutions...
  • Call Centers Can Greet a Better New Year by Revamping Workforce Management
    Most businesses begin a new year looking for a way to reform operations, improve efficiencies and save money. There are a nearly endless number of paths to this goal - some, like mass layoffs, more destructive for the long-term than others. For companies looking to help the bottom line and improve the business for the long-term, however, it simply makes sense to do some tuning of the company's workforce management processes...
  • The Customer Experience Needs to be Primary Focus in Workforce Management
    The competitive landscape - it's something the business leader has to assess when going into business and on an ongoing basis. You have to know what your competition is doing and stay abreast of the latest innovations so you don't get left behind. But does having the latest and greatest mean you'll stay ahead of the competition?..
  • Can You Schedule 'Empathy' as a Call Center Skill?
    When it comes to managing a call center workforce, what's good for the call center and its employees often isn't the same as what's good for the customers. Too many contact center build schedules and forecasts are based on the convenience of the company and not the best interests of customers. This is often where the huge disconnect occurs between the quality of customer support companies think they're offering and what their customers say they are offering...
  • Why Automation is Better for Call Center Scheduling Efficiency
    There are a number of metrics that call center management examine in assessing the performance of the customer service division. Criteria like number of abandoned calls, number of calls per hour, absenteeism, schedule adherence, First Call Resolution, call escalation and so much more are examined on a regular basis. If you don't have the right agents in the right place at the right time, however, these metrics may not matter...
  • Is Your Quality Monitoring Process Working for the Contact Center or Its Customers?
    The end of one year and the start of a next, represent a new opportunity for every contact center. There are few organizations today who can say their customer service is perfect (and if they are, they're likely deluding themselves). Every company could stand to sit down and find a way to review and improve its existing procedures. This is especially true of its quality monitoring...
  • Learn Why Agent Visibility is Critical to Contact Center Performance
    Performance in the contact center is a measure often top of mind for call center management. To get a first-hand look at how one solution is enabling call center management to implement workforce optimization to improve performance, make time for Monet Software's webinar, How to Gain More Insights into the Performance of Your Contact Center...
  • Taking Control of the Customer Experience with Workforce Management
    Whatever business a company engages in, its business with a potential customer starts at the first point of contact. This could be in person at a retail outlet, on the telephone in a contact center or via social media. Regardless of the channel, there is an opportunity there to make and keep a customer, or to drive a potential customer away, depending on how the contact is handled...
  • How a Story Can Impact Your Workforce Management
    Second, do your employees understand how the company got started? There was some reason, some passion that led the founder to take the risk in the first place and create an environment where they get to come every day. Share that story with them on a regular basis, make it part of your values and ensure they understand why it still matters today. If you make it part of your ongoing story, your employees will own it...
  • Why Workforce Management Solutions Should Include Speech Analytics
    The point is that solutions are available that allow you to dig deep into these interactions so you can effectively measure the experience against the outcomes. There are always opportunities to improve agent performance and the customer experience. If you're not doing that now, you're missing out on key opportunities to improve the bottom line...
  • The Most Critical Support Pillars of Customer Engagement and Loyalty
    There are those who say customer loyalty is dead today. This isn't true. It's just that customers have changed the criteria for their loyalty: instead of basing it on a company's products or services, they instead base their loyalty on how a company treats them as a customer. Offer indifferent service, and you'll find that you have indifferent customers...
  • Call Centers Find That 'Quiet Rooms' Improve Employee Engagement
    Results of the quiet room experiments were very encouraging. Companies using them reported fewer escalated calls to supervisors due to stressed out agents, lower employee absences due to stress-related health issues and emotional burn-out and fewer complaints of rude agents. It's a small price to pay for such vast improvements to the quality of customer support and the boost to employee engagement...
  • Do You Know Your Customer Effort Score?
    The other, customer effort score (CES), assesses the amount of effort that a customer had to spend in order to resolve an issue. While not as direct as NPS, CES nonetheless is a clear indicator of how a contact center is performing-and where NPS will be heading in the near future, since businesses that make consumers work for resolutions to their problems is not often a business that develops brand advocates...
  • Monet WFO Live Receives Accolades for Exceptional Customer Experience
    Monet WFO Live relies on the cloud to bring quality monitoring, desktop and speech, and performance management to the managers who need these tools the most...
  • More Large Enterprises Starting to 'Get' the Benefits of the Cloud
    It seems that larger enterprises are getting the message about the benefits of the cloud and the lack of risk. Research from Gartner predicts that 50 percent of large companies will have hybrid cloud deployments in place by 2017...
  • 'Quality' Should Be Defined by Customers, Not Contact Centers
    This principle, in turn, can boost critical employee engagement, which will lead directly to improvement of the customer experience. Whichever path you choose, according to Ciarlo (and he recommends using a straightforward way to score calls to determine quality), it's important to not settle for the lowest possible level of quality that allows you to stay in operation...
  • Workforce Recovery After Downturn Brings Familiar Problems
    Depending on what reports you pay attention to, you may or may not see that the hiring slump that faced a lot of businesses is on the up and up. Some companies are recovering from the economic downturn, but the vision for growth has changed quite a bit in the last two years, at least according to PwC...
  • Dealing with an Aging Workforce
    Adjusting for an older workforce does not just mean collecting data, however; it also means putting into place education programs through HR, and leveraging older workers as a competitive advantage...
  • Why Third Party Workforce Management Makes Sense
    How do you manage those who are responsible for helping you achieve your goals? In the contact center, it's not uncommon to have workforce management goals in place, yet lack the tools and strategy necessary to achieve those goals. You still have to forecast, schedule, manage exceptions, motivate team members…the list goes on and on...
  • Company (and Agent) Effort Are Critical to Customer's Perception of a Positive Experience
    We talk a lot about customer satisfaction today: how to achieve it, how to measure it, how to improve it and even how to report on it. What's less discussed are the factors that customers use to measure a great experience. What, precisely, is it that makes an interaction great? Is it the speed of the transaction? Is it the ease of the transaction? Is it the end result? Is it the agent's attitude?..
  • Coming & Goings: Nintex Announces Two Appointments to Board of Directors
    Nintex, a company that provides workflow automation solutions, recently announced that Steve Largent and Brian V. Turner have joined the company's board of directors...
  • How to Keep Quality Employees
    If you had to examine your current call center and point to the biggest drains on resources, would turnover make the list? It's not uncommon for call center management to highlight turnover as a key problem to maintaining productivity and controlling costs. It's expensive to train an agent who leaves a short time later for greener pastures. How can you leverage your workforce management tools and internal assets to reduce this impact?..
  • Smartsheet Work Management Seeks to Show How Businesses Operate
    There is a lot of focus on business technologies that can improve employee collaboration. One segment of that technology that is rarely discussed, however, is the visual side of things. How exactly does one, as a manager or project coordinator, see collaboration taking shape?..
  • Modern Workforce Management Helps Predict the Future - Sort Of
    Forecasting is a science, and it will never be right all the time. (Witness the weather forecast.) The trick is to use a mix of past behavior - one of the best indicators for future happenings - and a mix of other variables that are likely to affect future behavior. In the contact center, it's often the job of the workforce management solution to forecast call volume. Many companies still do workforce management manually, on spreadsheets and using mathematical formulas, and the forecasting capabilities of these methods are limited, according to a recent blog post by Monet Software CEO Chuck Ciarlo. A modern workforce management solution can bring to bear elements humans simply can't account for...
  • The Cost of Poor Customer Satisfaction
    Most companies today strive to offer excellence in customer service. They may have it on a goals list, and they may discuss the idea at every meeting. Where many companies fail, however, is in the implementation side. Their operation may be too troubled with disinterested, poorly trained agents, or their infrastructure may not be able to accommodate multichannel customer support. Their databases may be old or unavailable. Agents may be scripted too rigorously and are unable to use their initiative to solve real problems. Whatever the reason, true customer satisfaction is out of reach for many companies...
  • Workforce Management is a Must, But Should it Come From the Cloud?
    The amount of information available in the market that supports the benefits of the workforce management solution makes it an easy sell for those in the C-suite. The next decision to be made is whether it's better to implement the in-house solution or turn to one offered in the cloud. When making such a decision, it's important to consider implementation...
  • Young Call Center Workers Encouraged To Finish Studies
    When it comes to the call center workforce, completing studies is key to continued success. While that may seem like an obvious statement, the trend in the BPO industry and for the call center workforce in general is that it is typically comprised of young employees who have yet to complete their higher education degrees. According to the Department of Education-Cordillera in the Philippines, the value of completing formal education is immeasurable...
  • Call Centers Restrict Their Potential with Manual Workforce Management Processes
    We like to think that the contact center is a pretty automated place. After all, software solutions to make customers' (and agents') lives easier have been around for decades. So most customer-facing organizations are using them, right?..
  • Survey Measures Workplace Distractions
    As long as people still work, they'll always find ways to avoid actually doing their work. The Human Capital Institute (HCI) has released another version of its quarterly "Talent Pulse" eBook detailing how companies can get around all of the distractions the modern workplace offers...
  • Can Middle Managers Prove an Innovation Gold Mine?
    While the middle manager of today's office is commonly regarded as something of a slow-witted villain drunk on his or her own inflated sense of self-importance-consider the characters from "Office Space," "Demoted," or "Dilbert" for all that's needed on the perception of middle manager-middle managers are often found quietly serving an unsung tactical liaison role between the strategic planning of upper management and the operational level of the everyday employee. Given that somewhere around 7.6 percent of the United States' workforce qualifies as middle management, it's worth considering how to get more out of this group. Indeed, some are looking to the middle manager as the next great center of innovation in business...
  • Going Beyond the Basics to Make the Most of Workforce Management
    According to Ciarlo, a good workforce management solution can also help in the area management discipline, allowing managers and executives to conduct intraday reviews, adherence and exception management, forecasting and scheduling best practices and quality monitoring and performance management coaching, training and role playing...
  • Brokerage Firm to Sell Portfolio of Seven Workforce Management Patents
    The company will be approaching potential buyers to explain the benefits the portfolio can provide for their individual companies. Following bids received by November 12, GTT Group will conduct a private auction to sell the portfolio...
  • Effective Quality Monitoring Depends on Training and Employee Expectations
    Call center management, among its many other responsibilities, is tasked with monitoring operations and employees. This can manifest in activities such as listening to employee conversations as they work through issue with customers; it can also include keeping tabs on how business call recording and screen capturing software is working...
  • Workforce Management Solutions Can Lighten the Load for Call Center Managers
    Many of today's WFM solutions offer mobile apps, enabling managers to step away from the office and still be apprised of activity. Sometimes a few minutes of sunshine or a short break can be a major stress reliever and mobility easily enables that while ensuring managers don't lose touch with what's happening inside the call center...
  • Why Workforce Management is Good for the Back Office
    At the same time, if they have to wait in the queue too long to talk to a live agent, they may hang up and call the competition. Without a robust workforce management solution in place to ensure you've scheduled according to anticipated traffic levels, this could easily happen. When all operations are synched across the same platform, satisfaction is experienced by customers, agents and even management...
  • Superior Call Center Management Means Being Both Proactive and Reactive
    This is also a person who uses a meeting planner schedule to set meetings for times when he or she is confident that call center coverage is acceptable, and is able to easily facilitate schedule change requests and agent shift swaps, often by allowing agents to bid on coverage gaps. (Many agents are often looking for more hours than they are currently getting. This helps fill in the "required versus assigned" gaps, and benefits employees at the same time.)..
  • Consider Extending Workforce Management to Back-Office Functions for Improved Efficiency
    By using a cloud-based solution, companies can keep upfront costs down and configure the solution to the precise parameters they require. Organizations can also use and administer the solution remotely, and allow remote offices and home-based workers to use the solution. While premise-based workforce management may have been too cost-prohibitive for companies in the past looking to improve efficiency and automate back-office work, the cloud has made it possible for organizations today to extend the same benefits beyond the immediate confines of the contact center...
  • Why the Helpdesk Needs Workforce Management
    At the end of the day, all the customer cares about is quick resolution to the issue that spurred the call in the first place. If a workforce management solution can deliver on this expectation, the helpdesk is already in a better place...
  • Using Real-time Management for Call Center Insight
    Excellent customer service, employee satisfaction, enthusiasm and office organization are all desirable characteristics of a company. To achieve the aforementioned, there must be solid call center management tools. These will help break down KPIs and allow managers to better assess their needs...
  • Intra-day WFM Enables Real-time Decision Making
    Irrespective of the size of the contact center, workforce management is a challenge. In addition to making the right technology decision to help manage a workforce, it's also important to understand and address the most basic of workforce issues...
  • Top 8 Things to Consider When Evaluating a Cloud Contact Center Provider
    With all the buzz surrounding the cloud contact center, chances are you've considered the possibilities for your own environment. Like with any change, however, it can be daunting to determine the right path to ensure you get what you need for a cost you can afford. One of the perks associated with the cloud contact center is that it can easily integrate into your workforce management solution and you only pay for what you use...
  • Hosted vs. Cloud: Evaluating Contact Center Solution Delivery
    Experts advise that companies understand their needs and wants before they go shopping so they can determine what works best for them. There are those who maintain that the hosted version can offer better data security (although others dispute this). Other important considerations include the ease of updates and upgrades (are they free or do they cost the end user money?), how well the solution integrates with other key call center applications, whether the solution offers the 99.5 percent (or better) uptime necessary in the call center industry and how the solution is secured against data theft and for the purposes of legal compliance...
  • Comprehensive Report Shows Positive Trends in Employee Engagement
    Quantum Workplace recently released a report on employee engagement that shows improvement in employee engagement across the U.S. The detailed report breaks down engagement by different factors like geographic location, tenure, job title and industry...
  • How the Employee Handbook Can Improve Workforce Management
    While the employee handbook won't prevent all issues that could occur with employees, it does help set the expectations you have for tone, attitude and behavior. When blended with workforce management, you're better equipped for greater efficiency...
  • Employee Engagement Begins and Ends with Call Center Management
    In the end, employees who feel that they have more control over their jobs and a bigger stake in personally contributing to the company's success, will be the employees who stick around and increase their value with experience...
  • Workforce Management Solutions Provider Hosts Events to Address WFM Trends and Challenges
    While the essential function of workforce management in the contact center hasn't changed much in recent decades - the goal is still to make the most efficient use possible of the existing human resources to ensure that customer queries are handled in a timely way without over-staffing. That landscape has changed in recent years...
  • Why Workforce Management Should Focus on Happy Agents
    What does it take to create happy agents in the call center environment? Is it more money, better hours or the promise that they never have to deal with a frustrated customer? The last option would be ideal for any customer service operations, yet hardly achievable. What you can do, however, is focus on changing the way you handle customer interactions so as to greatly reduce the number...
  • Process Improvements in the Contact Center Require Embracing Innovation
    Most organizations seem to know instinctively that innovation is the lifeblood of a successful business. Various studies have found that as many as 90 percent of executives count innovation as one of the most important factors in success. We live in a world where changes, particularly in the ways we communicate, seem to happen on a weekly basis...
  • Worldwide Utilities Mobile Field Force Management Software, 2014 Vendor Assessment: Latest from IDC
    IDC Energy Insights, the research wing of International Data Corporation (IDC), a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets, recently released an IDC MarketScape study, "Worldwide Utilities Mobile Field Force Management Software, 2014 Vendor Assessment". This study provides utility companies (electricity, gas, water, etc.) with insights into the current capabilities and future strategies of mobile field force management (MFFM) software vendors, guiding them in planning a new MFFM implementation...
  • Monet's Ciarlo Offers Advice on How to Recognize the True Cloud
    That's frustrating to both Monet, which Ciarlo says has dedicated a lot of time, effort, and expense to provide a true cloud solution, and to organizations that are seeking cloud solutions but may have a hard time discerning what is and is not a true cloud offering - until, that is, they've invested in it and it's too late...
  • The Importance of Scheduling Employee Collaboration in the Contact Center
    Breaks are critical not only to take the pressure off employees, but also to allow them to communicate with coworkers, sharing knowledge and experiences and building team feelings. This is a critical factor to keep in mind when scheduling employees. While the "nose to the grindstone" model may work in the short term for many contact centers, in the long-run, cultivating a positive company culture through collaboration may go much further...
  • Checking the Health of Your Workforce Management System
    Workforce management solutions are used to track and influence all activities of productive employees. This type of system focuses on optimizing everything that touches human resources, including payroll and benefits, career planning, training, forecasting, recruiting, schedule conformance and labor budgeting...
  • Consider Deemphasizing Average Handle Time in Favor of First-Call Resolution
    While nearly all contact centers chase some kind of metrics - average handle time (AHT) being the most popular - as customers have become more demanding and more willing to switch at the first sign of a poor support experience, companies have begun to realize that some metrics are more important than others. While average handle time may help keep agents on their toes, relying too heavily can damage the customer experience if agents are rushing customers off the phone before the transaction is truly complete, simply in order to keep the agent's AHT scores low...
  • Employee Satisfaction Improvements Lead to Double Customer Satisfaction Improvements
    There is a trend in workplaces today that most Americans can relate to. Companies, faced with shrinking profit margins, are continuing a push on their employees that began several years ago, and continues to this day. American workers are frazzled, burned out and disengaged in large numbers. Frightened with the prospect of losing their jobs, workers continue to put up with unrealistic demands, grumpy bosses and stagnant salaries...
  • Skills Gap in Dubai Leads to New Tips for Recruiters in Workforce Management
    The more the business can cement the philosophy that "we're all in this together," so to speak, the more likely that said business will find the people it needs and also keep said people around. Finding those skilled people can be difficult, but with mutual effort in both directions, the end result is often quite positive...
  • Making the Most of Mobile Workforce Management
    More and more in today's work environment, employees do not need to stay at their desk to be effective at their job. The ability for individuals to work from anywhere and anytime is becoming increasingly important, no matter which sector your company competes...
  • The Cloud Eliminates the Burdens of Performance Management and Leaves Only the Benefits
    The cloud has revolutionized most contact center processes today, from telephony to workforce management to analytics. But there is no area that has been more profoundly changed than call recording...
  • Why Workforce Management Should Focus on Agent Satisfaction
    Do you have happy agents? In the contact center industry, there is often much focus placed on the satisfaction of the customer base while the agent disposition may be overlooked. Yes, you have expectations for how your agents need to act on the phone, but are they acting or truly satisfied? Are these questions being asked as part of your workforce management process?..
  • Companies Can Boost Employee Engagement by Offering Flexible Working Environments
    Do you hate work? If you're an American, you're in good company with most of your fellow compatriots...
  • Natural Insight Selected by InStore Group
    Natural Insight, a provider of cloud-based workforce management software, recently announced that its solution has been selected by The InStore Group, a national retail advisory and retail merchandising service company, to organize, schedule, manage and analyze teams of people executing innovative retail merchandising programs across America...
  • Contact Center Workforce Management Goes Mobile
    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a strong component of today's workforce. Employees are using their own smartphones and tablets to engage in work activities, and this has had a lot of benefits for companies. Employees are easier to keep track of, easier to reach and better able to multitask (answer an e-mail during a break from a day-long meeting, for example)...
  • Is It Time for a Contact Center Workforce Management Health Check?
    There is a strong disconnect between how well companies think they are servicing customers and how well they actually are. Many companies are often stunned to find that their customers rate their customer experiences far lower than the company thinks they should. Often, this is a result of outdated contact center processes that were designed a long time ago to support a customer that doesn't exist any longer...
  • Cloud-based Workforce Management Eliminates the Upgrade Headaches of Premises-Based Solutions
    Using a cloud-based solution, contact centers can completely sidestep these expensive upgrades. The nature of the cloud-based solutions means that updates are included in subscription costs and happen automatically, usually overnight while the solution isn't being used. Companies don't have to worry about paying for and implementing upgrades, since they are always working with the latest version of the cloud-based solution. In fact, says Ciarlo, since the updates happen incrementally, there's another benefit to the contact center: no dramatic changes to cope with...
  • Better Workforce Management with Improved Scheduling
    Contact centers have another problem that exacerbates this: extremely high turnover. While the average annual turnover for a contact center is about 30 percent, some high-pressure industries (outbound sales, for example) see turnover rates in excess of 100 percent per year. This means that recruiting, hiring and training are constant, ongoing expenses that can suck the potential profit out of a contact center, turning it into an expensive cost center...
  • Building a Stronger Contact Center with Robust Performance Management
    Most contact centers engage in some kind of performance management system. Often, it comes in the form of using the center's call recording solution to listen to a small sample of the agent's calls, rating them according to some internal system, tallying and averaging these calls, and offering raises or promotions (or extra training to fill in some knowledge blanks)...
  • Strategies to Optimize Workforce Management
    Managing the workforce is one of those must-have activities in the call center that can either make or break your success. That may mean you simply layout your goals, available staff and budget on a spreadsheet and hope for the best. If you have a large number of agents and outcomes are dependent upon performance, it may be time to consider putting a strategy in place for workforce management that will produce the desired results...
  • Strategies to Optimize Workforce Management
    Managing the workforce is one of those must-have activities in the call center that can either make or break your success. That may mean you simply layout your goals, available staff and budget on a spreadsheet and hope for the best. If you have a large number of agents and outcomes are dependent upon performance, it may be time to consider putting a strategy in place for workforce management that will produce the desired results...
  • How Workforce Management Can Improve Employee Motivation
    Workforce management can do a lot of things for a company. It can ensure that realistic schedules are created and adhered to, ensuring that the contact center is making the most of its human resources and that customers are always helped promptly and accurately and provided with the correct information. It can help ensure that people with the right skills are in place to meet a contact center's needs (and customers' needs) and that managers have real transparency into the day-to-day operations of the contact center...
  • Workforce Management A Big Problem for Government
    The government isn't exactly the first place that's considered when looking for models of efficiency, and even when it looks to do the right thing, the execution often leaves a lot to be desired. That point was driven home by new research from Cornerstone OnDemand, who showed that despite a particular focus on workforce management issues in the federal government, the results weren't commensurate with the efforts...
  • SaaShr Gives Resellers New Tools to Take On SMB Market
    There's a projected hours mechanism that allows for easier tracking of labor costs and projected overtime, if needed, as well as integration with company policies on the subject, along with calendar integration tools that allow companies to quickly blend calendars from places like Google, Outlook, or Yahoo for maximum ease of use in managing workforce points, and even support for multiple Employer Identification Numbers (EIN)...
  • Effective Workforce Management and Scheduling Boosts Service Levels and Suppresses Costs
    Call centers are facing something of a conundrum today. Customers have higher standards and less patience when it comes to waiting for service or waiting for an answer. They're also more willing to defect to competitors if they don't get the service they expect. Many companies whose products and services are commoditized by the Internet are able to differentiate themselves only by the quality of service they provide...
  • A Job Well Done: American Workers Not so Impressed with Gamification and Thanks
    One of the great things about changes in technology is that the sheer number of possibilities that are opened up when they are put to use. But as is the case with just about anything, new isn't always better, and figuring out the right way to fit new technology into business operations can be difficult...
  • Watch Out for False Cloud Claims
    One way to spot a pretender is to examine the way the company is demanding you pay for the solution, says Ciarlo. A company buying a real cloud-based solution should not be presented with bills for upgrades, maintenance and additional server capacity...
  • Customers Value 'Easy' Over Nearly All Other Contact Center Considerations
    How do you make customers happy? It's a question that merchants, retailers and sales teams have been asking since time immemorial, and everybody seems to have their own idea. Offering excellent products and services is one way. Hiring the best customer support team is another. Implementing the latest technologies to ensure customers are getting the right information is another...
  • The Four Skills That are Absolutely Essential to Workplace Success
    Today, many employees and job seekers are struggling to attain the skills they need to keep continuously relevant and productive in an ever-changing workplace...
  • Feedback from Customers Can Improve Workforce Management
    Consider your call center a student and the customers are your teachers. They are carefully watching your performance, and giving them the opportunity to submit feedback is your report card. Without this crucial information, you'll never know if your call center is making the grade. How does your call center fair on the report card of customer service?..
  • Companies Must Engage with 'Fans' and Capitalize on Those Relationships
    "The Customers is King." "The Customer is Always Right." We see slogans like this emblazoned on the walls of consumer facing companies, in their sales brochures and in their call centers. While the customer may NOT always be right, he or she certainly is king. Without customers, companies wouldn't exist...
  • Remembering the 'Optimization' Part of Workforce Optimization
    When we use the term "workforce optimization," we don't always stop to analyze why the word "optimization" is there. The point of workforce optimization, of course, is making the best possible use of your workforce at the highest efficiency rate you can attain. It's a way of taking the resources you have and offering the best possible customer experience you can to your customer base...
  • Can Proper Workforce Management Improve Stress Levels?
    Stress in the workplace - it's common for 83 percent of American workers. While it isn't something exclusive to the contact center environment, it is one known to have more than its fair share. When stress isn't properly managed in the customer care environment, customer service suffers and attrition is likely to increase. Leaders in this space seek to avoid such consequences with workforce management and a few simple tips...
  • Keeping Call Center Employees Happy is the Key to Customer Service Excellence
    It's conventional wisdom that happy contact center employees offer the best customer service. Those who approach their job cheerfully, glad they can be of assistance or even simply pleased to be building a career in a growing industry are always going to be far more effective with customers than those who are only in it to earn a paycheck. Engaged employees care, disengaged employees do not...
  • Monet WFO Live Excels in Performance, Named 2014 Product of the Year
    Developing a product that meets the needs of the target market is a great first step to a company's success. What really sets it apart from the competition, however, is third party accolades that speak to its strengths and market positioning. For workforce management solutions provider, Monet Software, these accolades come from TMC for its Monet WFO Live, a cloud-based call center workforce optimization solution...
  • To Improve Processes and Make Customers Happy, Try Quality Monitoring in Your Workforce Management Strategy
    How do you know that each and every one of your customers is enjoying a quality experience when engaging with your brand? You likely have specific controls in place for pushing out your key messaging through marketing channels, but what about your staff? How do you know for sure that they are delivering the kind of experience your customers have come to expect from your brand?..
  • Centralized Administration of Workforce Optimization Helps Unify the Contact Center Function
    The contact center of any organization has a lot of potential. It can help improve customer relationships, win over new customers, please and retain existing customers and even win back former customers. It can cross-sell and upsell, and it can build brand awareness. In addition, it can reach out on social media and find customers where they live, and can be a responsive, nurturing force for any brand to spread its message...
  • More Businesses Should Think Redeployment and Not Layoffs
    Employees no longer perform the same job their entire career, let alone stay with the same company all of their working lives. The business of business is more fluid than ever, thanks to global markets and the Internet, and the labor pool likewise must be fluid...
  • Understanding Agents' Feelings is a Critical Part of Workforce Management
    The job of a contact center manager can feel a bit like juggling. Managers are in charge of ensuring that key performance indicators (KPIs) and service levels are met, but beyond that, they're in charge of ensuring that all the wheels and cogs below the surface are running smoothly. Given just how many moving parts a contact center has, this is a tricky prospect...

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