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Would You Know if Your Enterprise Content Management Wasn't GDPR-Compliant?

By: Special Guest    4/12/2019

ECM refers to the combination of methodologies, strategies or software tools used to gather, manage, store, preserve, and deliver the information that…

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CCaaS on Display at Channel Partners

By: Maurice Nagle    4/11/2019

This week, Channel Partners provided the stage for CoreDial to put omnichanel on display. Demonstrations of the CoreNexa contact center solution will …

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Top 4 Tips to Improve Customer Service Experience

By: Special Guest    4/11/2019

There's no denying how crucial the customer service experience is to business success. After all, as consumers ourselves, we often base our decisions …

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How Advanced Analytics Benefit Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/11/2019

Advanced data analytics capabilities built into a modern workforce management solution could identify, for example, that a particular type of call is …

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The Future of CX: Personalized, Immersive Friendly and Very, Very Smart

By: Special Guest    4/10/2019

Customer Experience (CX) is becoming a great priority for Communications Services Providers (CSPs), also known by some as "telcos" and, earlier this m…

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Are You Mapping Customer Journey?

By: Erik Linask    4/8/2019

In order to fully understand what motivates customers and to be able to adjust processes, it's important to look at and analyze the entire customer jo…

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How to relate to your customers by educating them about new technologies on the example of VPNs

By: Special Guest    4/8/2019

Marketing approaches have evolved a lot during the last decades becoming more human-centered and empathetic, but also more subtle and sophisticated. T…

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Games in the Contact Center Can Build Cohesion and Make Work Fun

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/4/2019

The contact center is a difficult place to work. It's a high-pressure environment, it's noisy, it's busy and sometimes tempers get short. Customers ca…

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Avoid Contact Center Catastrophes with Cloud Technology

By: Erik Linask    4/4/2019

Neither contact centers nor the customers they support have to suffer due to the complexities of managing solutions. Increasingly, businesses are movi…

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Workforce Management at Heart of Organizational Transformation

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    4/2/2019

Once upon a time, "workforce management" was as simple as a time clock, and a lot of manual tabulation by a manager. While keeping track of the hours …

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