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Cloud Contact Centre v19 Announced

By: Stefania Viscusi    10/11/2019

The latest version of Aspect Software's Cloud Contact Centre offering has been announced. With the release of version 19, agents and supervisors are e…

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Chilean Law to Protect Contact Center Worker Rights Goes into Effect

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    10/4/2019

For many companies, outsourcing contact center services such as customer support to a foreign country makes sense. It saves on labor and allows compan…

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Edify Labs Wins $10 Million in Funding to Transform the Contact Center Market

By: Erik Linask    10/1/2019

Edify Labs has won $10 million in seed funding led by First Round Capital to revolutionize the contact center industry with it WebRTC, AI, and cloud-b…

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Is Your IVR Costing You Customers?

By: Maurice Nagle    9/27/2019

Recently, Vonage unveiled the 2019 Vonage IVR survey, illustrating some highly interesting results. Your IVR may be a big reason you keep losing custo…

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The Future of Call Centers Relies on AI

By: Stefania Viscusi    9/26/2019

In recent years, companies have put more focus on improving the work conditions in call centers so that agents feel more at ease and enjoy their jobs.…

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6 Digital Trends Disrupting the World of Finance

By: Special Guest    9/25/2019

Emerging technologies in the financial world are changing the way institutions conduct their operations and engage customers. Financial organizations …

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Popular Manchester locations for your next corporate event

By: Special Guest    9/20/2019

There's no denying that corporate events can be somewhat lacklustre and your employees and/or guests can often be left feeling like they were better o…

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The Real Return on Investing in Intelligent CX

By: Juhi Fadia    9/18/2019

With the emergence of new technologies addressing the improvement of Customer Experience (CX), ongoing changes to what we used to refer to as "contact…

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Nuance Adds Intelligent Engagement Services, Supports Conversational AI Innovation

By: Maurice Nagle    9/17/2019

Nuance announced the Nuance Intelligent Engagement Platform is making the addition of Intelligent Engagement services as well back end integrations to…

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Aceyus, Upstream Works Software Partners Integrate to Improve Customer Experience Management

By: Maurice Nagle    9/16/2019

Upstream Works Software Partners announced a new partnership with Aceyus, the two aim to merge actionable data with customer experience management to …

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