Leveraging the Human Chat-Bot Dynamic in the Call Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    3/9/2020

The idea of automating the contact center isn't a new one. It's been under discussion since the earliest days of automation technologies, starting wit…

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Why Call Recording Quality Monitoring is Essential for Your Call Center

By: Special Guest    3/6/2020

Customer calls to cell-phone companies, banks, airlines, insurers or tech-support contact centers are mostly met with the automated declaration: "This…

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How Workforce Management Can Supplement Call Center Training

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    3/4/2020

As the way people communicate with their product and service providers shifts, the way call centers need to communicate with customers needs to shift.…

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Study Identifies Media Influence on Negative Perceptions of Casual Employment

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    3/4/2020

What is "casual employment"? We hear the term in the news a lot. In fact, it's a distinct employment classification under U.S. federal law and the law…

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Recipients of the 2020 CUSTOMER Products of the Year Award Announced

By: CustomerZone360 News    3/4/2020

TMC announced the winners of the 2020 CUSTOMER Products of the Year Award, presented by CUSTOMER magazine.

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Why Unified Communications Needs to Include Contact Centers

By: Erik Linask    2/28/2020

Smart businesses are unifying their communications and contact center technologies to create more efficient operations and better customer experiences…

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InMoment Acquires MaritzCX to Create Future of Work and CX Powerhouse

By: Erik Linask    2/27/2020

InMoment has acquired MaritzCX to create a CX powerhouse. CMO Kristi Knight is excited about the opportunities the new company has.

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Contact Center AI Startup Cresta Launches with Workforce Management Solution

By: Laura Stotler    2/25/2020

Cresta, an AI startup firm focusing on workforce management and productivity increases for contact center workers, has launched with a $21 million fun…

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NICE inContact CXone Recognized for Innovation

By: Stefania Viscusi    2/25/2020

Innovation is the forefront of success across industries today. Businesses that innovate are winning the race. NICE inContact and its CXone offering, …

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Spok Boosts Clinical Workflows with New Name & Cloud Platform Upgrades

By: Stefania Viscusi    2/21/2020

Spok, a healthcare communications provider based in Springfield, VA, is focused on improving care collaboration for clinical teams as they depend more…

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Hotels Tap Total Connect Now to Deliver Great Experiences and Improve Operational Efficiency

By: Arti Loftus    2/21/2020

With more competition from challengers like Airbnb and VRBO, and rising expectations from consumers, especially Millennials who live digitally and con…

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Prepare for Oceans of Data and the New Wave of CX and Contact Center Intelligence

By: Juhi Fadia    2/21/2020

Every mega trend in the CX industry today generates data, whether it is personalization (delivering the preferred experience to every individual custo…

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Future of Work Speaker: The Problem with AI Assistants is They're Not Human Enough

By: Erik Linask    2/12/2020

Allison SMith talks AI and IVR and what's keeping the technology from massive uptake.

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ITEXPO Speaker Thrio: Customers Comparing CX Across Markets, Changing the Competitive Dynamic

By: Erik Linask    2/11/2020

Customers will be more likely to walk away from companies they do business with more quickly than in the past. My reasoning is consumers don't compare…

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Tips for Fostering an Inclusive, Engaging Call Center Culture

By: Laura Stotler    1/24/2020

Call center agents must be engaged and motivated on the job to successfully engage customers. Call center managers can boost engagement by fostering a…

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Filling the Gaps in Customer Satisfaction Reality in the Contact Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    1/22/2020

There's a huge disconnect in contact centers today. While most of them - better than 90 percent - claim that customer service quality is their number …

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Five Trends Shaping the Future of Customer Support

By: Special Guest    1/20/2020

Few industries are evolving at a faster pace than customer service and support. With an influx of new technologies, contact centers have a wealth of d…

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ORGANO Gets Customer Experiences in Shape with Talkdesk

By: Stefania Viscusi    1/15/2020

In regard to delivering quality customer care, nothing is more important than consistent quality and always-on communications. When ORGANO - a growing…

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Aculab Helps IPI Reduce Call Center Identity Verification Time from 38 to 5 Seconds

By: Rich Tehrani    1/15/2020

IPI has partnered with Aculab to deliver an enhanced and more secure customer experience through a voice identity and verification system.

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NICE inContact, Zendesk Pair CCaaS & CRM

By: Maurice Nagle    1/10/2020

NICE inContact and Zendesk announced a partnership that pairs the Zendesk customer service and engagement suite with the NICE inContact CXone to expan…

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Superior Customer Service Needs to Be the Norm, Not the Exception

By: Laura Stotler    1/2/2020

A viral holiday anecdote about excellent customer service at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru should serve as the gold standard for customer engagement, parti…

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Amazon Experienced Some Uncharacteristic Chaos This Holiday Season

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    1/2/2020

While most of us expect Amazon to run like a well-oiled machine during the holiday season - at least from a customer's perspective - even the most org…

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US Real Estate Franchise Moves Contact Center to Cloud with Five9

By: Stefania Viscusi    12/27/2019

One US real estate franchise is ensuring it's prepared for the future and making the move to the cloud with Five9. The company announced it was chosen…

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Workforce Management Software Eliminates the Need for Erlang-C

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/27/2019

If you manage a call center and you're of a certain age, chances are that you know how to calculate the Erlang-C formula, a mathematical calculation t…

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CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Recipients of the 2019 Customer Experience Innovation Awards

By: CustomerZone360 News    12/23/2019

TMC announced today the winners of 2019 Customer Experience Innovation Awards, presented by TMC's CUSTOMER magazine.

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7 Convincing Reasons for Outsourcing Your Call Center

By: Special Guest    12/23/2019

You run a successful business, or maybe you've just started. You have a highly ambitious team in place; You have it all figured out. Resources, check.…

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Holiday Tips for the Busy Call Center

By: Laura Stotler    12/20/2019

The holiday season can be busy and chaotic in the call center, but it's also one of the key times to engage and retain customers. By following a few t…

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Curbing High Turnover in the Call Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/18/2019

It's no secret that call center work has high turnover rates. The work isn't exactly anyone's dream job, and it's often micro-managed. It's a high-pre…

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A Set of Strategies to Increase Employee Engagement

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/13/2019

Employee engagement is critical for all businesses, but it's particularly important for companies with high turnover. The call center industry, which …

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How Casino Software Gives the Player the Best Online Customer Experience

By: Special Guest    12/11/2019

People don't play casino games like they used to. While in years gone by many casino enthusiasts would have had to pay a visit to their favorite casin…

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Diversity Taking Precedence in Today's Workforce

By: Stefania Viscusi    12/5/2019

A recent study from ZipRecuriter found that workplace diversity is very important to today's job seekers' when looking for employment. The first annua…

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Noble Named Market Share Leader for Seventh Straight Year

By: Maurice Nagle    12/4/2019

Frost & Sullivan honored Noble Systems with a 2019 Market Share Leadership Award for the North American Outbound Dialing Systems market. This marks th…

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CCaaS Provider Serenova Acquires WFM Technology Platform ProScheduler

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    11/27/2019

Contact center solutions provider Serenova has acquired the technology and hired the team behind the ProScheduler platform from Swedish company Loxyso…

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Verint Upgrades WFM Solution with AI and Automation

By: Laura Stotler    11/26/2019

Verint Systems has upgraded its Workforce Management (WFM) solution with AI-infused automation and mobility to streamline the forecasting and scheduli…

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The Millennial Generation Needs a Comprehensive Mobile Workforce Strategy

By: Laura Stotler    11/25/2019

The global workforce is increasingly comprised of millennials and Gen Z workers, making mobility and mobile workforce management a necessity.

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Improvement in Customer Quality Using AI

By: Special Guest    11/22/2019

Surely, most people have noticed by now how technology in total has changed our lives. Even if we don't notice it, it's there and it's made things eas…

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Avaya IX Contact Center with Google Cloud Goes GA

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    11/22/2019

Avaya announced that its Avaya IX Contact Center solutions with Google Cloud Contact Center enhancements are now available for global customers.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing a CRM Solution

By: Special Guest    11/20/2019

Maintaining a comprehensive set of data and insights about customers is a crucial thing to do in today's market. Businesses are turning to data-driven…

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Managing Multiple Data Streams & Platforms In Contact Centers of the Future

By: Juhi Fadia    11/14/2019

One of the unintended consequences of digital transformation within large enterprises and service providers to those enterprises is massive and expone…

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Tijuana Becoming the New Bombay for Call Centers

By: Laura Stotler    11/13/2019

The growing call center industry in Tijuana Mexico is an attractive option for companies throughout the world looking to save money on outsourcing wit…

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Turning Hold Times into Positive Customer Experiences

By: Erik Linask    11/13/2019

here's little more frustrating as a customer than having to wait on hold. What can businesses do to turn hold times into positive experiences for thei…

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The Impact of Poor Customer Experience on Your Bottom Line

By: Erik Linask    11/13/2019

Customers are placing a premium on quality service, and will switch brands quickly after a poor experience. The good news is they are also willing to …

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Workforce Insight Buys Key Player in WFM and HCM

By: Stefania Viscusi    11/12/2019

Workforce Insight has announced the acquisition of Presence of IT Workforce Management North America, LLC. The merger will allow Workforce Insight to …

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The Value of Older Workers in the Contact Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    11/7/2019

While many column inches are regularly devoted to the idea of managing younger workers from the Millennial generation, it's easy to forget that there …

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NovelVox Unveils Enhanced WFM Solution

By: Maurice Nagle    11/6/2019

This week, NovelVox unveiled an enhanced version of Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent. The new release includes team phone book, call logs, team stats, cache…

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In the Evolving World of CX, the Only Constant is Change

By: Juhi Fadia    11/4/2019

We caught up recently with Milos Djokovic, co-founder and CEO of Eventus Group, based in Denver, Colorado, to learn where he sees CX going over the ne…

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CXone Agent for Salesforce Sees Enhancement

By: Maurice Nagle    10/30/2019

NICE inContact announced improvements to the CXone Agent for Salesforce, empowering omnichannel experiences. The CXone is able to provide a unified in…

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How To Run Your Call Center Smarter

By: Special Guest    10/29/2019

Cloud seems to be the status quo for businesses of all sizes in the modern customer engagement landscape. But what are the real benefits of making you…

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Noble Gamification 2.0 Engages Agents

By: Maurice Nagle    10/29/2019

Noble Systems announced Nobel Gamification 2.0, an omnichannel contact center solution that is building on its award-winning ways.

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AI and Automation Natural Fit for CRM

By: Laura Stotler    10/25/2019

AI and automation are increasingly being used to improve CRM and customer service. AI is a natural fit for many types of customer interactions across …

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