How Different Businesses Are Affected By The Pandemic

By: Special Guest    10/14/2020

As soon as the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the coronavirus outbreak was a pandemic, it became clear that businesses will be affected…

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H&M Using Nuance Virtual Assistants for Live Chat on Google Search & Maps

By: Stefania Viscusi    10/14/2020

Improving customer engagement capabilities has been a critical focus for businesses, especially during COVID-19, with spikes in calls to contact cente…

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How Technology can Dramatically Improve Customer Services in the Banking Industry

By: Special Guest    10/9/2020

Customer experience is a key to success and competitive differentiator not only for banking but across all industries. In this digital era of life, op…

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When Things Get Tough, the Tough Get Going: Contact Center Transformation in an Age of Disruption

By: Juhi Fadia    10/8/2020

Nearly every large enterprise and government agency has a dramatic story about shifting their contact center workforce to a work-from-home (WFH) model…

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Call Center Operations Complicated by Robocalls

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    10/7/2020

Ever wonder why the volume of automated outbound calls (a/k/a "robocalls") has escalated so fiercely in recent years? One reason is that the technolog…

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Cresta Announces Amazon Connect Integration

By: Maurice Nagle    10/6/2020

Cresta announced the Cresta AI platform integration with Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect users can now access personalized real time coaching via the A…

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How a Software Company has Streamlined National Police Checks in Australia

By: Special Guest    10/6/2020

Every great company is built on the back of great employees. Employers know that and that is why they're keen on hiring the best talents. These are em…

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Leading Your Business to Success, Not Just Survival

By: Special Guest    10/5/2020

The emergence of COVID-19 and its rapid spread around the globe has been nothing short of disastrous for many businesses. Storefronts have closed, wor…

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Contact Center Data on The Rise Huge Opportunities, Huge Challenges

By: Juhi Fadia    9/30/2020

Companies often talk about identifying customer pain points, and Contact Centers present the clearest opportunity to capture this data to serve custom…

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CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Recipients of the 2020 Customer Experience Innovation Awards

By: CustomerZone360 News    9/30/2020

TMC announced today the winners of 2020 Customer Experience Innovation Awards, presented by TMC's CUSTOMER magazine.

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Zappix & HGS Digital Partner for Better Omnichannel Customer Experiences

By: Stefania Viscusi    9/29/2020

To keep self-service experiences frictionless, Zappix has partnered with Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) to provide intelligent virtual assistant and p…

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As Data Explodes in Cloud Contact Centers, the Security Spotlight Shifts to Internal Threats and Privileged Access Management

By: Juhi Fadia    9/28/2020

Contact Centers are one of the riskiest areas for enterprises, especially those which have a large customer base and are in highly regulated industrie…

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As Contact Centers Embrace Remote Work, Supervisor's Role Gets Redefined, Refocused

By: Special Guest    9/25/2020

For contact center supervisors, the shift to remote work changed the dynamic of the job. In the WFH COVID era, supervisors must orchestrate an atomize…

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Hawaii Opening New Call Center to Handle Unemployment Claims

By: Laura Stotler    9/23/2020

The state of Hawaii is launching a new call center to deal with an unprecedented number of unemployment calls and claims during the COVID-19 pandemic.…

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Call centers in the personal injury world, a new phenomenon

By: Special Guest    9/23/2020

With personal injury you may think of an accident, injury and lawyers who recover the injuries from victims. You will not immediately think of a call …

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AI Call Center Platform Replicant Closes Series A Funding Round

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/17/2020

Replicant's platform provides virtual customer service agents that can act on behalf of a company. The idea is to skip the need to put people on hold …

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With Unprecedented Challenges, Health Insurance Companies Have New Options to Transform and Save

By: Juhi Fadia    9/14/2020

while the learning curve was steep in many cases, including making the shift to cloud-based agents and managers given work@home requirement, operators…

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Infobip Helping Brands Create More 'Moments' with their Customers

By: Stefania Viscusi    9/10/2020

Communications platform provider Infobip launched "Moments." This new omnichannel customer engagement hub helps brands understand their customers bett…

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First Insight Enhances VoC Analytics Platform

By: Stefania Viscusi    9/8/2020

With First Insight, businesses can meet the needs of their customers using its Voice of Customer Analytics platform. The enterprise-grade digital prod…

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Customer Support Tips For Retailers To Address The COVID-19 Situation

By: Special Guest    9/4/2020

With the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases across the world, there has been a significant impact in the retail industry. People are hesitant to…

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New Phone Scam Has Callers Posing as COVID-19 Contact Tracers

By: Laura Stotler    8/28/2020

A new phone scam spreading throughout the U.S. has callers posing as COVID-19 contact tracers to glean personal and financial information from unsuspe…

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AWS Makes AI for Call Centers Available Through the AWS Partner Network

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/28/2020

AWS CCI has solutions for self-service, live-call analytics and agent assist, and post-call analytics, making it possible for customers to quickly dep…

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DVSAnalytics Intros WFOaaS Offering for Amazon Connect

By: Stefania Viscusi    8/21/2020

Recently, DVSAnalytics introduced Encore Workforce Optimization as a Service (WFOaaS) specifically for Amazon Connect. This enterprise-class solution …

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Spokane Announces Effort to Streamline 911 Call Center Processes

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/20/2020

A joint emergency call center known as the Spokane Regional Emergency Communications (SREC) center is trying to streamline the process by having the c…

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Some of the Best Ideas for an Email Marketing Campaign

By: Special Guest    8/14/2020

Emailing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. Many people don't realise this and fail to include it within their marketing strateg…

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7 Sure-shot Ways of Retaining Customers and Improving Customer Satisfaction

By: Special Guest    8/14/2020

The success of any business depends on customer satisfaction. Businesses can succeed only if you know how to satisfy your customers and learn to recti…

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Merseyrail Accelerates Digital Transformation Forward with Kronos

By: Stefania Viscusi    8/13/2020

U.K. rail operator Merseyrail employs 1,200 workers and operates hundreds of daily services at 68 stations throughout Liverpool. To provide its staff …

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Entertainment as Engagement for Friendlier, Faster and Fun Conversations

By: Juhi Fadia    8/12/2020

As we evolve from call center to contact center and from contact center to the Customer Experience (CX) hubs in new digital ways, innovation is bloomi…

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CallMiner, Intradiem Announce Partnership

By: Maurice Nagle    8/11/2020

Intradiem and CallMiner announced a partnership to bring together leading contact center technologies to enhance customer satisfaction and agent quali…

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How COVID-19 Had a Big Influence in Sales in Certain Sectors

By: Special Guest    7/29/2020

For everyone working in customer service, the last few months have been anything but the ordinary. Pretty much every company has seen changes, which s…

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The top 3 laptops for a customer service representative

By: Special Guest    7/29/2020

Our choice of the latest laptop models from top brands will help you find the best laptop for your customer service agency. Selection of the best l…

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Catch Customer Sentiment from Smart Product Data Analysis Before Ratings Drop

By: Juhi Fadia    7/29/2020

An Israeli-US company, Copilot, this week announced it has launched a new CX Trend system that can detect potential drops in customer satisfaction rat…

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New NICE Offering Uses AI to Provide Real-Time Guidance for Customer Service Agents

By: Laura Stotler    7/29/2020

NICE has announced its new Real-Time Interaction Guidance solution, powered by its ENLIGHTEN AI platform. The offering provides real-time interaction …

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What Customers Really Want: Everything You Should Know About Customer Experience Mapping

By: Special Guest    7/28/2020

How do you know what they really want at different stages of their journeys with your brand and how do you create a frictionless customer experience (…

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eGain Automates Customer Engagement for Financial Services Giant

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/24/2020

Customer engagement solutions provider eGain has helped a large U.S. financial services client to enhance its customer experience through new digital …

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Brazilian Call Center Workers, Deemed "Essential," Fear COVID Infection

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/24/2020

Today, Brazil has one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the world. This has left many workers in the call center industry feeling vulnerable.

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Aspect Unleashes Aspect Workforce Optimization Version 20

By: Maurice Nagle    7/16/2020

Touting a redesigned and enhanced workforce mobile user interface, more rapid and user friendly access to performance reporting and public cloud integ…

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CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Winners of the 2020 Contact Center Technology Award

By: CustomerZone360 News    7/16/2020

TMC announced the winners of the 15th Annual Contact Center Technology Award, presented by its premier publication, CUSTOMER magazine.

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Why We Need to Stop Saying the Call Center Is Dead

By: Special Guest    7/16/2020

We have long heard the death of the call center is near, but are these claims actually valid? No. This lazy trope, while peddled as "forward-thinking,…

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DMG Report Celebrates The Customer Engagement Company

By: Maurice Nagle    7/15/2020

DMG Consulting LLC's 2020/2021 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report put a spotlight on Verint, as The Customer Engagement Company earne…

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As Businesses Continue to Adapt to the Global Pandemic, Cloud CRM Security More Important Than Ever

By: Juhi Fadia    7/14/2020

Last month, Pega released results of a survey that revealed most businesses overestimated their digital readiness to adapt to the COVID-19 health and …

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Conn3ct Buys IVR Tech Company ICR

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/10/2020

In a move to further improve interaction will callers, Conn3ct, a UK-based communications solutions provider, has announced the acquisition of ICR Spe…

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CoreDial Makes Contact Center Management Easier with New WFM Capabilities

By: Erik Linask    7/8/2020

CoreDial has added WFM features to its CoreNexa Contact Center suite to give managers better control over workforce scheduling and adherence.

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As eCommerce Thrives, Digital Innovation is a CX Must

By: Erik Linask    7/7/2020

Consumers have been tolerant during the COVID-19 pandemic, but as they continue to shop online, CX will become increasingly more important.

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Security, Identity, Efficiency and Quality Control Will Scale Successful W@H CX Platforms

By: Arti Loftus    7/7/2020

It has been a challenging four months in the contact center and CX industry, with news coming out every day on the successes and failures to control t…

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How Intelligent Virtual Assistants Can Transform Telecom

By: Special Guest    7/7/2020

The rise in demand for technologies and services within telecom is presenting new challenges in terms of customer engagement and satisfaction, and wit…

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Bright Pattern Takes Hurtigruten Call Center Remote During COVID-19

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/2/2020

For Hurtigruten, a Norwegian-based luxury travel company, the need to maintain excellent customer service levels while keeping its employees safe made…

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Israeli Startup Introduces Contact Tracing to Verint COVID-19 Solution Set

By: Maurice Nagle    6/29/2020

AI startup Viziblezone announced a new partnership with Verint, enabling the addition of Viziblezone contact tracing technology as a key piece of Veri…

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The Big CX Leap to Cloud: Beyond Contact Center

By: Juhi Fadia    6/29/2020

With a surge in contact center activity, in large part being created by the pandemic, agility and the ability to ramp up and ramp down resources and s…

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New Jersey Opens New Unemployment Call Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/26/2020

While call centers across the country have seen a spike in demand - or at least a change in the way customers are reaching out - few are seeing as muc…

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