Aceyus, Upstream Works Software Partners Integrate to Improve Customer Experience Management

By: Maurice Nagle    9/16/2019

Upstream Works Software Partners announced a new partnership with Aceyus, the two aim to merge actionable data with customer experience management to …

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WFMSG Increases Automation in Release 4.4

By: Maurice Nagle    9/13/2019

WFMSG took the wrapping off Release 4.4 of its Community WFM solution. New additions to the platform focused on improving forecasting and schedule opt…

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Trisys is SMB Answer for Call Recording

By: Maurice Nagle    9/10/2019

Just Google it isn't always the answer. Anybody can buy anything on the internet today, but there is something to be said for speaking with another hu…

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CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Winners of the 2019 Contact Center Technology Award

By: CustomerZone360 News    9/10/2019

TMC announced the winners of their 14th Annual Contact Center Technology Award, presented by its premier publication, CUSTOMER magazine.

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Study Finds Few Workers Understand How AI Affects Them at Work

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/9/2019

While we know many technology and solutions providers are building machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) into their solutions, apps and pl…

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DataRobot and CallMiner Partner for AI-Driven Customer Experience Analysis

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/6/2019

Customer interactions are a bit like icebergs: while there's a small amount of information - usually what goes into the ears of call center agents - v…

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The Next Generation of Speech Analytics

By: Special Guest    9/6/2019

In this conversation with Jim Noble, President and CEO of Noble Systems, and Nancy Jamison, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, we learn about the …

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NICE inContact Announces FedRAMP Authorization for CXone

By: Stefania Viscusi    9/6/2019

Cloud contact center software provider NICE inContact delivers a cloud customer experience platform that makes better one-on-one experiences possible …

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Using AI to Treat the Global Problem of Job Burnout

By: Laura Stotler    8/30/2019

Job burnout is on the rise and poses a significant threat to the global workforce. AI technologies are increasingly being used to aid contact center e…

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How AI is Driving Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/28/2019

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) helps us shop, navigate our computers, operate our in-car infotainment systems and more. It's increasingly showing…

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CoreDial Launches Certification Program to Drive Contact Center Opportunity for Partners

By: Erik Linask    8/27/2019

CoreDial has launched a formal partner certification program for its private-label hosted CoreNexa Contact Center platform.

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Pairing Call Center Agents with Virtual Buddies

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/22/2019

The better a call center agent is trained, coached, guided and valued, the more likely he or she is to remain engaged with the job and to stick around…

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Perfecting Customer Experience

By: Special Guest    8/19/2019

Customer Experience is all the rage, but so much of it is focused on the initial stage of the customer journey. This front-loaded approach to CX virtu…

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Why Gamification is a Game-Changer for Call Centers

By: Special Guest    8/16/2019

In this conversation with Nancy Jamison and Jim Noble, we learn a few of the things that help Noble stand out from the crowd with its gamification pla…

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Solving Customers' Biggest Headaches in the Contact Center

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/15/2019

If you were to make a list of all your customers' complaints, you'd probably find that a large majority of them are the same few complaints repeatedly…

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Verint Honored for Workforce Optimization Solution of the Year

By: Laura Stotler    8/15/2019

Verint Systems has been honored for Workforce Optimization Solution of the Year, and received an honorable mention for Omnichannel Solution for the Ye…

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Online Gamblers Join the Virtual Reality Gaming Revolution

By: Special Guest    8/14/2019

Much in the same way Virtual Reality (VR) changed the recreational gaming industry, the adult gambling industry is poised to go through the same revol…

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Edify Labs Revolutionizes the Contact Center

By: Rich Tehrani    8/12/2019

Edify Labs has taken the complexity of the contact center and smashed it with a rock, and then took the rock and broke apart the way we used to pay fo…

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Salesforce to Acquire WFM Firm

By: Maurice Nagle    8/8/2019

Salesforce announced a definitive agreement to purchase field service management provider ClickSoftware. Joining a robust platform, ClickSoftware will…

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Contact Centers Excel in Times of Crisis, Driving New Innovations in Customer Experience

By: Special Guest    8/8/2019

Given the effectiveness of customer self-service, chatbots, and the growing field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), live human support is becoming …

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Preparing to Improve the Customer Experience

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/6/2019

While "the customer experience" has been on most company's radar for years, if not decades, most companies have had imperfect success when it comes to…

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Automated Coaching is the Next Phase of Workforce Management

By: Laura Stotler    8/2/2019

Automated and AI-based coaching technologies are being integrated into workforce management and contact center solutions to help agents improve their …

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Five9's Continued Success Shows Cloud and AI are the Future of Work

By: Erik Linask    8/1/2019

Five9 announced increases in quarterly revenues, driven by its enterprise business and continued migration of contact centers to the cloud.

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Analyst Group Predicts Brisk Growth in Cloud-Based Workforce Management Solutions

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/1/2019

As companies strive to do more with less workforce, workforce management becomes a critical element of operations. Workforce management, deployed prop…

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DMG Delivers Verint Top Marks

By: Maurice Nagle    7/26/2019

A new report from DMG consulting - 2019/2020 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report - put Verint front and center. The VoC solution provi…

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AI Technology Will Improve the Workplace for Customer Service Agents

By: Laura Stotler    7/26/2019

AI and virtual assistant technologies stand to transform the entire customer service industry, improving the speed and quality of customer service whi…

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Reducing Customer Level of Effort by Automating Capture of Outcomes and Insights

By: Special Guest    7/22/2019

One of the key pillars in assessing the effectiveness of customer service, and the quality of each customer's experience, is to reduce the effort requ…

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AI Already Improving Customer Service and Transforming the Call Center

By: Laura Stotler    7/19/2019

AI has already made major inroads in customer service and is set to transform the entire contact center industry, improving both customer and agent en…

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The Next Level of Agent Training: Teaching Empathy, Organization and Communication

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/19/2019

It's 2019, and we tend to still consider call center work "low skilled." While once upon a time, this may have been the case, customer support today i…

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Verint Riding Wave of Accolades

By: Maurice Nagle    7/11/2019

Verint, also self-proclaimed "The Customer Engagement Company", had the latter confirmed in not one, or two but three customer service evaluations boa…

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Boost Agent Performance in the Contact Center by Returning to Basics

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/10/2019

The contact center is a complex place today. We have so many channels, so many solutions, so many screens and so many processes, that agents - once cu…

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What AI Can and Cannot Do for CX: The Next Generation Balancing Act of Data and Humans

By: Special Guest    7/10/2019

Gartner's Hype Cycle traditionally shares the "peak of inflated expectations" and the "trough of disillusionment" that precede the "plateau of product…

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Why Speech Analytics Aren't Optional

By: Maurice Nagle    7/3/2019

In the contact center, speech analytics are invaluable. For firms not embracing this future-forward approach the ignorance is certainly not bliss. Let…

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Cloud or On-Premises Contact Center: It's Your Choice

By: Special Guest    7/3/2019

Frost & Sullivan's Nancy Jamison speaks with Noble Systems CEO Jim Noble about the single-code base that allows customers to easily move their contact…

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How Your Agents Talk to Customers Matters

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/1/2019

How your agents speak and the words they choose to use when responding to customers needs is directly related to the end result of the call. Upbeat ac…

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Verint Solutions 'Magical'

By: Maurice Nagle    6/27/2019

This week, Verint was the only vendor to be recognized in two 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrants. Specifically, the customer engagement company earned accol…

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Reducing Stress in the Call Center is Good for Business

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/27/2019

If you made a list of the top 10 most stressful jobs, there's a good chance that call center agent would land on it somewhere, alongside "emergency ro…

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Innovative Ways to Make Visual IVR Work For You

By: Erik Linask    6/24/2019

Visual IVR merges IVR with digital technology, bringing it to smartphone and other digital device screens to give customers a user-friendly and easy-t…

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County Council Selects Verint to Improve Engagement

By: Maurice Nagle    6/20/2019

The Hertfordshire County Council recently announced the selection of Verint's government and public sector portfolio, making the management of governm…

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DVSAnalytics Announces Salesforce Integration

By: Maurice Nagle    6/18/2019

DVSAnalytics announced an advanced Salesforce integration for the Encore Workforce Optimization (WFO). The quality management and WFO firm is engineer…

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Constant Contact Leverages Glance Networks' Visual Engagement to Transform Service Centers into a Revenue Centers

By: Erik Linask    6/18/2019

Constant Contact increased its contact center efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue thanks to Glance Networks solution.

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Tips for the 'Nesting' Stage of Call Center Agents

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/18/2019

What is "nesting?" Nesting, sometimes known as the transition stage, is the point at which new call center hires are finished with their classroom tra…

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Creating Custom IVR Applications for Your Contact Center

By: Erik Linask    6/17/2019

When most people think "IVR," they think of the basic inbound IVR systems that, frankly, don't do the modern IVR justice. Today's IVR systems can do m…

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Finance Industry Banking on AI to Improve the Customer Experience

By: Laura Stotler    6/13/2019

The use of AI and automation is on the rise in the banking, financial services and insurance sectors. Financial customer service is an ideal fit for a…

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Motivation and Rewards Are Essential to a High Functioning Workforce

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    6/13/2019

While there are many moving parts to properly managing a workforce, it's the soft skills - the ability to understand and motivate people - that often …

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CallCabinet, Call Journey Unveil Contact Center Solution

By: Maurice Nagle    6/12/2019

CallCabinet announced a new partnership with Call Journey to introduce conversation analytics to an already robust call recording solution.

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Trends that will Improve the Customer Service Experience in 2020

By: Special Guest    6/12/2019

Customer service has long been a necessary factor in a company's success. With a growing number of in-person and e-commerce businesses entering variou…

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Will the Right Combination of Platforms and People Drive the Next Generation of Customer Service?

By: Shrey Fadia    6/11/2019

Recently hired Genesys CEO Tony Bates comes to Denver this week for Xperience19, bringing together thousands of customers, partners and contact center…

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Blending High Tech and High Touch, New CX BPO Launched at Genesys Xperience 19

By: Special Guest    6/11/2019

Even as companies in the contact center and "CX" industry continue to push self-service, chatbots, social messaging apps and "automation" that enable …

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