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Proven Strategies To Win New Business In Post COVID World

By Special Guest
Stuart R. Crawford
January 25, 2021


If the pandemic did one thing for business, it increased how quickly organizations must adapt to new technologies. Today top companies use cloud platforms to automate processes with management technology that drives growth and keeps their networks running smoothly.

In a post-pandemic world, investing in IT might not only be an option—it could be the thing that keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.

Jason Simons with ICS helps local businesses in Austin leverage technology to win new business opportunities. Here are some tips Jason shares with his clients.

Adopting Cloud platforms in a Post-Pandemic World

A 2020 survey from HubSpot found that cloud budgets have expanded by 59 percent since 2018. What's more, 92 percent of the organizations surveyed maintain their IT environment at least partially in the cloud. Hubspot says that six of the eight percent of businesses who still maintain IT environments completely on-premise will likely adapt to the cloud within the next three years.

These organizations ultimately find that existing infrastructure and processes are quickly becoming outdated. A hybrid strategy enables a business to update its applications and processes in increments. Technologies like multi and hybrid cloud platforms are flexible to adapt rapidly in an ever-changing market.

Continuously Work on Research and Development

Upgrades to your organization should always include research and development on products and services, vital for your business's sustainability. It's essential to maximize the investment, optimize your resources, and be open to innovation. As we move past the pandemic, your organization will be one step ahead if it took advantage of the downtime to research and develop new products and services.

R&D can include new technology, products, services, and systems that your company uses and also the products and services you sell.

Hire Niche Talent

Right now is an excellent time to hire niche talent. More professionals are looking for work during the pandemic because many companies are downsizing. Suppose your organization can adapt to a remote workspace. In that case, you're likely to have an opportunity to hire niche talents such as customer service and sales, designers, programmers, and technicians, to name a few.

A recent article in Forbe's Magazine points out that remote work combined with today's technology creates opportunities to acquire talent from anywhere in the world. Maintaining a remote workforce means no commuting. And remote workers get other positive benefits.

The business benefits are removing the need to supply office space, hiring globally, and streamlining business processes. The bottom line is that remote work is likely to be the norm moving forward. If your organization adapts, you can make the most of it and pull ahead of your competitors.

Intentional Brand Marketing

People are more sensitive than they were before the pandemic. They also spend more time online, which is why it's essential to have a digital presence. But more than that, post-pandemic brand marketing should be empathic and transparent to engage today's audience.

It's also time to learn how to be flexible in using media by promoting your brand on a mix of media platforms, such as video streaming and mobile gaming. Now is the time to implement technology to observe and measure engagement across platforms and find new opportunities.

Invest in IT

When you consider your investment in IT, think about where you want to invest. One of ICS’ partners Generation IX in Los Angeles shares, Cloud platforms offer flexibility to expand quickly. You can use the cloud for everything from providing for remote workers to organizational communications, product development, and developing brand strategies.

Now is the time to take advantage of digital technology to streamline your business. If you need help navigating all of the possibilities, working with a managed services provider is an excellent choice. You'll have a remote IT department, similar to an in-house IT department, to work with you.

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