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Customer Support Software Featured Articles

Fear of the Transition Phase Keeps Many Companies Shy of New Customer Support Solutions
For many busy contact centers with older technology, the reluctance to switch to a new system and take advantage of newer technology such as speech analytics, omnichannel capabilities and social media support, is less about cost and more about the inconvenience to the business. While large consumer companies generally have the resources to support a switch, business-to-business companies may have a harder time: each customer call might represent a significant portion of their bottom line. Throw in some workers reluctant to use the new system ("But we've always done it this way!") and a new customer support solution implementation has the potential to cause huge headaches…even headaches that the company hasn't thought of in advance.

Is Customer Support Software Enough in the Wake of a Phishing Attack?
In the quest for better customer support, it's not uncommon for companies to send out proactive communications to the customer base. While there are certain things a company will tell a customer, such as notifications about new upgrades, specials or limited time offers, there is definitely information companies won't ask for. For instance, if we get an email from our bank asking us to verify login information, it's a phishing email that didn't come from the bank.

TeamSupport and HubSpot Integrate Platforms to Enable Deep Customer Relationship Insights
In today's busy help desk and customer service environments, the emphasis has to be on the customer and not on rote, time consuming tasks. Automation is key to enabling that high level of customer support that sets organizations apart from their competition, not to mention the time and money it can save companies of all sizes.

Which Help Desk Software to Choose?
Help desk software is essential for most businesses, and for better or worse there is a crowded field of offerings. So how to choose the right solution? A recent blog at Business2Community highlights a study by GetApp that looks at the help desk software issues that most commonly trouble businesses. This can help you develop your personal list of essential traits for a good help desk solution.

How to Support the Frazzled B2B Customer
Name a business today that is not moving faster than it was five years ago. Technology has improved our lives in many ways, but it hasn't delivered on the promise of less work. If anything, we have more work today because our expectations have been raised.

The Difference Between Good and Bad Self-Serve Customer Support
No company lacks a website in 2015, and it is getting almost as rare for a firm to have a website that lacks some form of customer self-service. Last year, 55 percent of all customer service interactions were self-serve, according to Gartner. This total should rise to 75 percent by 2017, according to Gartner.

Featured Partner

Learn More About The Sales Force
Salesforce CRM enables companies to drive sales productivity, increase visibility, and expand revenues with an affordable, easy-to-deploy service that delivers success to companies of all sizes.
Click here to read more about TeamSupport SalesForce integration.

Featured Case Studies

Axceler Case Study

Case Study: Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI
Heartland ECSI, a leading provider of financial services solutions for the higher education industry, partners with 2,200+ colleges and universities to provide solutions such as student loan servicing, payment processing, refund disbursement, tuition payment plans...

Axceler Case Study

Axceler Case Study
A start-up software company now in its 14th year of business, Axceler, which serves more than 2,700 organizations worldwide, had grown beyond the capabilities of its customer support system...

Gridpoint Case Study

Gridpoint Case Study
GridPoint, Inc., based outside Washington, D.C., is an innovator and leader in energy management and sustainability solutions, including metering and control, cloudbased analytics software, and professional and managed services....

Fortune 500 Software Company Case Study

Fortune 500 Software Company Case Study
A business unit within a Fortune 500 software company sought a ticketing system to help its entire customer support team streamline, organize and respond more efficiently to its business clients...

Featured Whitepaper

Axceler Case Study

Tiered Customer Support is Dead...And That's Good For Business
Think back to the last time you called a customer support department for assistance with an issue. Perhaps you needed to resolve a discrepancy with a banking statement. Or maybe a feature within the software your company purchased wasn’t working properly.