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Customer Support Software Featured Articles

Supporting Customers, Not Individual Transactions
Many companies today, if not most, fall into a trap: believing the quality of customer support they offer is of a higher caliber than it really is. Studies have shown that most companies vastly overestimate the happiness of their customers and the effectiveness of their customer support program.

Multichannel Integration Gives Agent Desktops an Edge
People today expect to be able to reach out to customer support centers using a wide variety of channels that are already available to them in their daily lives. These channels include standard voice calls, as well as email, live chat, and more. By including all of these as options for customers, contact centers enter into the multichannel age. Without multi-channel capabilities, contact centers will quickly fall behind their competition in terms of providing a top-notch customer experience-not to mention multichannel platforms make agents' jobs easier too.

Cloud Collaboration Leads to Stronger Support
While excellent customer support should be the through-line of any business strategy, that support has to come from somewhere. Successful companies know that their real strength starts on the inside. Companies that use customer support software to make the jobs of employees easier and more efficient allow their teams to collaborate and build a solid foundation.

Taking Customer Support Software to the Next Level with Agent Assessments
The contact center agent is measured by success in a number of different categories. Management wants to know how long it takes agents to complete a call, the rate of first contact resolution, the number of calls per hour and several other metrics. When capturing all of this information, however, does it really point to the agent's success in terms of customer support?

The New Help Desk: TeamSupport Enables Businesses to Better Understand Their Customers
TeamSupport is a fully hosted cloud-based help desk solution that solves a fundamental problem that most support systems don't: helping businesses better understand their customers. Robert C. Johnson, president and CEO of TeamSupport LLC, explains it does that by delivering a suite of tools that provide insights into how customers interact with your company. CUSTOMER magazine recently interviewed Johnson to learn more.

Understanding What B2B Customers Want in a Support Experience
There is a lot of effort focused on the quality of customer support that consumers are receiving. It's critical: consumers today are picky, have high expectations, require multiple channels and want easy resolution of their issues in one transaction. Less attention, however, is focused on the quality of customer support offered in the business-to-business (B2B) realm.

Featured Partner

Learn More About The Sales Force
Salesforce CRM enables companies to drive sales productivity, increase visibility, and expand revenues with an affordable, easy-to-deploy service that delivers success to companies of all sizes.
Click here to read more about TeamSupport SalesForce integration.

Featured Case Studies

Axceler Case Study

Case Study: Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI
Heartland ECSI, a leading provider of financial services solutions for the higher education industry, partners with 2,200+ colleges and universities to provide solutions such as student loan servicing, payment processing, refund disbursement, tuition payment plans...

Axceler Case Study

Axceler Case Study
A start-up software company now in its 14th year of business, Axceler, which serves more than 2,700 organizations worldwide, had grown beyond the capabilities of its customer support system...

Gridpoint Case Study

Gridpoint Case Study
GridPoint, Inc., based outside Washington, D.C., is an innovator and leader in energy management and sustainability solutions, including metering and control, cloudbased analytics software, and professional and managed services....

Fortune 500 Software Company Case Study

Fortune 500 Software Company Case Study
A business unit within a Fortune 500 software company sought a ticketing system to help its entire customer support team streamline, organize and respond more efficiently to its business clients...

Featured Whitepaper

Axceler Case Study

Tiered Customer Support is Dead...And That's Good For Business
Think back to the last time you called a customer support department for assistance with an issue. Perhaps you needed to resolve a discrepancy with a banking statement. Or maybe a feature within the software your company purchased wasn’t working properly.