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Customer Support Software Featured Articles

Great Customer Support Comes From Knowing Your Customers
It's hard - one might say impossible - to provide great customer support to people you don't know well. We're not suggesting you invite all your customers out for dinner or put your customers on an analyst's couch. But when you get to know your customers, you can anticipate their needs, cut down on future support interactions and be proactive about what they might want in the future.

Great Customer Support Organizations Anticipate Periods of High Call Volume
Customer support is not an exact science. While it's certainly necessary to plan schedules in advance, and build the most accurate schedule possible, there will always be times of high call volume, either due to a predictable event - a security patch, a sale, a promotion - or due to unexpected issues such as weather, network outages or a recall. Preparing customer support teams for surges in call and contact volume is one of the jobs managers need to get right. Often, it's how your organization behaves in a crisis that customers will make or break customer relationships.

Costs of Poor Customer Support Higher Than Imagined
While the recession may be over, few companies are thriving in the ways they did before 2008. Profit margins are slimmer, purchasing funds are scarcer and employee benefits are more expensive. Most companies are still looking for ways to save money and cut corners. There is evidence that many are doing it at the expense of the customer support function.

Leveraging Customer Data Becomes Even More Critical in B2B Relationships
Most companies today are collecting large amounts of customer data (often whether they want to or not). Many are finding that information useful for the purposes of marketing, sales and product or service improvement. By analyzing customer data, companies are in a better position to personalize service for each customer, and take advantage of opportunities that might not be otherwise visible.

Is the Customer Always Right?
"The customer is always right" is a tried and true adage that exhorts customer service reps and businesses to hold customer satisfaction in the highest esteem. While we've known this for the better part of the last century, businesses are at an uncomfortable crossroads when it comes to believing the sentiments behind the statement. It comes down to what you want to accomplish: do you want to keep the customer money or do you want to get rid of customers that simply aren't worth the time and effort?

Omnichannel Customer Engagement Techniques for B2B Customer Support
For companies looking for guidance on offering great B2C support, there are vast resources available. For companies that perform critical B2B customer support, there is a lot less guidance. Frequently, B2B companies are expected to adapt b-to-c practices to their own business, and while some principles are the same - providing a great omnichannel experience and mapping out the customer journey - the way they should be accomplished are very different.

Featured Partner

Learn More About The Sales Force
Salesforce CRM enables companies to drive sales productivity, increase visibility, and expand revenues with an affordable, easy-to-deploy service that delivers success to companies of all sizes.
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Featured Case Studies

Axceler Case Study

Case Study: Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI
Heartland ECSI, a leading provider of financial services solutions for the higher education industry, partners with 2,200+ colleges and universities to provide solutions such as student loan servicing, payment processing, refund disbursement, tuition payment plans...

Axceler Case Study

Axceler Case Study
A start-up software company now in its 14th year of business, Axceler, which serves more than 2,700 organizations worldwide, had grown beyond the capabilities of its customer support system...

Gridpoint Case Study

Gridpoint Case Study
GridPoint, Inc., based outside Washington, D.C., is an innovator and leader in energy management and sustainability solutions, including metering and control, cloudbased analytics software, and professional and managed services....

Fortune 500 Software Company Case Study

Fortune 500 Software Company Case Study
A business unit within a Fortune 500 software company sought a ticketing system to help its entire customer support team streamline, organize and respond more efficiently to its business clients...

Featured Whitepaper

Axceler Case Study

Driving Customers To Self-Service And Web Support
Many businesses are determined to cling to phone-based customer support despite the prevalence of web and email options. Unfortunately, such calls are expensive, and other channels can solve the issues discussed at little to no cost.

Axceler Case Study

Tiered Customer Support is Dead...And That's Good For Business
Think back to the last time you called a customer support department for assistance with an issue. Perhaps you needed to resolve a discrepancy with a banking statement. Or maybe a feature within the software your company purchased wasn’t working properly.

Featured eBook

Axceler Case Study

Customer Experience in B2B
Customer experience is essential to B2B customer support, and critical to customer satisfaction which leads to long term growth and customer retention.

Axceler Case Study

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Customer Support
You'll see the term “B2B" used a lot in articles, on blogs, and in marketing campaigns - but not everyone knows what it means or why it's important.