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Customer Support Software Featured Articles

5 Things You Can Learn From Your Competition
How often do you pay attention to the competition? Is it something that's fun to watch because you know you have them beat, or do you ignore their activity as you don't want to be sidetracked from what you're trying to accomplish? Either approach is actually the wrong approach as your competition has something to tell you. Are you listening in such a way so as to benefit?

Agent Collaboration at Core of Great Customer Support Experience
The traditional method of customer support - one agent to one customer, unless a cold transfer to another agent was required - seemed to make sense in the past. It was easier to schedule, and it (ostensibly) kept average handle times lower. What it didn't really make sense for was the customer.

TeamSupport Springs New Features on B2B Customer Support Market
As we begin to enjoy the spoils of spring, it is time to refresh and renew. In the world of B2B customer support, it is mission critical to stay a step ahead of customer demand with the best way to do so being actually listening to the customer. Users illustrate what needs refreshing, successful companies listen.

B2B Support Isn't B2C Support: Consider Unique Metrics for Help Desk Success
B2B contact centers are a bit of an awkward step-child. They frequently rely on technologies, management strategies and even workers better designed for (and suited for) B2C contact centers. But B2B isn't B2C, and assuming it is will shortchange customers and even risk valuable accounts to loss to competition.

Is Your Customer Support Up To Snuff?
When the proper levels of collaboration are not in place, team members are likely to make mistakes when working with the customer as a result of a lack of communication. Maybe the primary contact for a client has changed, and you call them the wrong name. Or attempt to give attention to problems that have already been resolved. Either way the end result is subpar.

Customer Service, Once a Cost Center, Now Proactive Marketing
Good customer service is universal and never changes, correct? Probably not. While the basic ideas of great customer service - valuing your customer and giving him or her a great experience - remains at the core, the means by which a company arrives at this destination change on a regular basis. Many companies are aware their customer support isn't quite up to standard, and these companies are planning to do something about it. A recent Gartner report found that by 2017, more than half of research and development investments will be redirected toward innovations in the customer experience.

Featured Partner

Learn More About The Sales Force
Salesforce CRM enables companies to drive sales productivity, increase visibility, and expand revenues with an affordable, easy-to-deploy service that delivers success to companies of all sizes.
Click here to read more about TeamSupport SalesForce integration.

Featured Case Studies

Axceler Case Study

Case Study: Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI
Heartland ECSI, a leading provider of financial services solutions for the higher education industry, partners with 2,200+ colleges and universities to provide solutions such as student loan servicing, payment processing, refund disbursement, tuition payment plans...

Axceler Case Study

Axceler Case Study
A start-up software company now in its 14th year of business, Axceler, which serves more than 2,700 organizations worldwide, had grown beyond the capabilities of its customer support system...

Gridpoint Case Study

Gridpoint Case Study
GridPoint, Inc., based outside Washington, D.C., is an innovator and leader in energy management and sustainability solutions, including metering and control, cloudbased analytics software, and professional and managed services....

Fortune 500 Software Company Case Study

Fortune 500 Software Company Case Study
A business unit within a Fortune 500 software company sought a ticketing system to help its entire customer support team streamline, organize and respond more efficiently to its business clients...

Featured Whitepaper

Axceler Case Study

Driving Customers To Self-Service And Web Support
Many businesses are determined to cling to phone-based customer support despite the prevalence of web and email options. Unfortunately, such calls are expensive, and other channels can solve the issues discussed at little to no cost.

Axceler Case Study

Tiered Customer Support is Dead...And That's Good For Business
Think back to the last time you called a customer support department for assistance with an issue. Perhaps you needed to resolve a discrepancy with a banking statement. Or maybe a feature within the software your company purchased wasn’t working properly.

Featured eBook

Axceler Case Study

Customer Experience in B2B
Customer experience is essential to B2B customer support, and critical to customer satisfaction which leads to long term growth and customer retention.

Axceler Case Study

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Customer Support
You'll see the term “B2B" used a lot in articles, on blogs, and in marketing campaigns - but not everyone knows what it means or why it's important.