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Customer Support Software Featured Article

Satisfied Customers Will Promote Company's Products, Services

August 28, 2014

Selecting the right customer support software, such as a well-respected help desk, can improve customer retention and customer engagement.

In a recent blog post from TeamSupport, a cloud-based collaborative help desk software solution provider, it was explained how bigger businesses – just like many local businesses – need to have a “personal connection” with customers. “After all, it’s the key to customer engagement and retention,” the blog post, titled “How Help Desk Software Improves Customer Retention and Engagement,” explained.

Better Support

“No matter the company, you feel loyal to them because of the experience you have when you work with them,” the blog post adds. And that becomes a key to increasing sales, because loyal customers act as if they were on a sales force, and advocate for the business. That can be through personal comments in simple conversation or comments made in social media sites, such as on Facebook (News - Alert).

“If they’re happy enough, they’ll spread a company’s name like wildfire to their friends, family, and colleagues,” the blog post said.

But to get that kind of loyalty customers will need to have a positive customer experience when interacting with employees. That same quality of customer interaction is also important for customer retention, which is very important to a company’s bottom line.

To get that kind of customer experience in a larger company, there should be some common characteristics. These include: Making sure a customer service rep can get a customer’s question or concern resolved quickly. It should be done in a confident and friendly manner, the blog post adds. Also, there needs to be collaboration on information, real-time updates, easy access to a history of a customer’s account, and the ability to quickly find the right person to answer a question.

TeamSupport offers a help desk software solution to make sure there is appropriate collaboration and communication with customers. “Our collaborative customer support software will turn your customers into advertisers when they talk about their great experience with their friends, family, and colleagues,” TeamSupport said in the blog post. “Our software will also build the trust necessary between you and your customers essential to getting them engaged, which will result in valuable feedback and social sharing.”

Edited by Alisen Downey
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