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IVR Offers Solutions for Driving Root Cause Analysis in Customer Issues

April 02, 2012

Companies able to determine why customers are unhappy are better able to address the issue and prevent problems in the future. In identifying the root cause of customer unhappiness, the company may also uncover a hidden problem that needs to be fixed to drive improvement in all customer interactions; but that is the tricky part.

As poor customer service is so detrimental to a company’s success, many are implementing formal procedures and processes through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to identify a solution: root cause analytics. This process can clearly outline customer issues and rank them accordingly, turning into a quick resolution for both the customer and the company.

According to this 1to1 Media report, customers can get frustrated with a number of problems, from a confusing process and billing issues to website malfunctions. Root cause analytics shows that having an IVR in place could have advantages to solving many of these problematic situations.

To start, the IVR must be implemented in the call center. The majority of problems arise here, making it a key focus for continued problems or an opportunity for resolution. Many analytical processes have evolved to include more of the company, while a number of organizations have expanded their efforts and adopted more formal procedures for following up with customers.

Several instances take place in only the customer service department. Yet these departments are traditionally not charged with looking over the information to know where to find those issues that may be occurring throughout a variety of channels. These complications include IVR, e-mail, website and SMS. They are then alerted to the specific department where the problem is identified.

Cross-channel analytics and multi-model approaches have all added to the complexity of analyzing the root cause, according to Anna Convery, vice president of global strategic marking at NICE. Companies tend to focus so much on the point of origin that they fail to prepare themselves for the problems that arise from customer interactions across multiple touch points. This is clearly where IVR does well.

Customer surveys will continue to give companies the solid foundation they need as long as they use IVR. These well-designed surveys enable the enterprise to truly capture customer loyalty indicators as well as identify those specific trouble areas. In addition to finding customer problems and ensuring a resolution, IVR solutions can identify high-priority responses and safely integrate customer feedback.

But companies can’t rely on surveys alone. It is important to focus on the feedback that is gathered through multiple channels to implement best customer service practices.


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