Angel Helps Organizations Improve their Customer Experience

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Angel Helps Organizations Improve their Customer Experience

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  October 01, 2012

Organizations that want to expand and improve their customer experience are embracing multichannel solutions that frequently integrate mobile into the mix. Leveraging analytics to better understand and deliver to customers is also a growing trend in this space. Businesses seeking solutions on these fronts can find a forward-thinking and proven partner in Angel.


Angel leverages a SaaS (News - Alert)-based multichannel customer experience (CX) platform to deliver analytics, business intelligence reporting, contact center, IVR, and mobile functionality to more than 1,000 mid-market and enterprise customers across a variety of verticals. Its customers include such notable brands as Best Buy, Reader’s Digest, Western Union, and Facebook (News - Alert).


Now Angel is taking things to the next level by unveiling Lexee, a virtual assistant that voice activates any mobile application. Lexee is a product of Angel Labs, a new division within the company dedicated to developing forward-thinking solutions to empower organizations to provide a better customer experience.  


Angel Labs now serves as the hub of Angel’s product innovation and emphasizes the company’s thought leadership on the customer experience front.


“There’s so much innovative thinking at Angel, we needed a forum to collect that great thinking, bring it together, and identify how it ties in Angel’s strategy and, more importantly, customers’ needs,” says Lisa Bonanno, Director of Corporate Marketing.


“The creation of Angel Labs emphasizes that by partnering with Angel, customers won’t get a static product,” she adds. “They will get a partner that is out ahead of their needs and ready with solutions when they are.”


One of the first products to come out of Angel Labs is Lexee, which was announced on August 13, 2013 at SpeechTEK in New York city, says Bonanno. But she adds that VoiceForTwitter and VoiceForFacebook, which the company unveiled a year ago, also are considered Angel Labs’ products.


Lexee is a software development kit (SDK), backed by Angel’s Caller First Analytics that enables businesses and developers to easily build and deploy fully conversational mobile voice applications as well as measure their effectiveness in real time. With Lexee, businesses gain an entirely new channel to engage their customer base and create a more personalized CX.

For example, Angel built a showcase mobile application called Lexee for Salesforce.   An organization might use this app to allow users to say “who is my top target today” and get a list of hot prospects.  This app is currently in beta and is slated for availability via the Android Market and the Apple (News - Alert) Store by the end of this year.  But that’s just one potential use of Lexee. Lexee was designed with a broad range of mobile apps and vertical industry uses in mind.


Bonanno says that Lexee and Angel Labs are just two examples of how the company is leading the way in helping its customers deliver the best possible customer experience. Angel also was a pioneer in adopting a purely cloud-based model, in delivering multichannel solutions, and in enabling customers to leverage business intelligence through analytics, she says.


Dave Rennyson, President of Angel, says “Organizations are increasingly noting the importance of providing their customers with all the necessary tools to keep customers happy in order to retain them.


“Acquiring new customers can be difficult, time consuming and expensive,” Rennyson adds. “Having a base of happy, highly satisfied and loyal customers provides a strong revenue base for any company, as well as references and incredible word of mouth to drive new business.”


The move to the cloud has facilitated an elevated customer experience, he says, adding that in the past decade organizations, especially in the mid-market, have begun migrating to cloud services. The ease of deployment, instant scalability, low start-up costs, and always-on functionality of cloud services have changed the game for how businesses deploy and manage technology, and it has had a very positive impact on how, when and to what level businesses can interact with their customers, he says.


But the most significant recent improvement related to customer experience, he adds, has been the dawn of useful, real-time and actionable reporting and analytics that organizations can utilize when interacting with their customers.


“For years, the contact center was an island that operated in the back room and allowed for little measurement, actionable data or integration of information into other ERP systems,” says Rennyson. “Today, with the cloud as the back-end, reporting, analytics, and even business intelligence reporting and analytics, allows businesses to measure their results to make improvements on their call centers. This makes the contact center and overall customer experience a critical differentiator for many businesses.”


Meanwhile, the rise of the smartphone, the tablet and mobile apps have made everything much more accessible. Mobile devices started as mobile calling devices, moved to current information tools, and are now becoming productivity tools, he says.


“It’s important to support all forms of communication that exist now to allow the customer to decide who he or she wants to interact with and how, in your business,” notes Rennyson. “Voice, chat, SMS, social, mobile and voice biometrics are all ways that customers may want to interact with you.”


Angel is ready with these solutions today, and is always looking to the future.


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