Paid Endorsements: Instagram Helps Influencers Keep It Real

Online influencers gained popularity in large part due to their perceived authenticity. But, as these individuals have grown their online influence, many of them want to monetize it by doing deals with the brands they espouse....Read More >>>


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Announcing the CUSTOMER TMC Labs Innovation Award Winners of 2017
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Total Surveillance: The World is Changing
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How to Improve the Customer Journey by Leveraging Existing Martech, Adtech Investments
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AI: Your New, Must-Have CRM Assistant
Big data only got us so far. The missing link was one that would take every UX and behavior analytics and translate it into information such as mood, context, and intent with which actions could be taken. - 01/19/2018

Five Big Trends Shaping How Millennials Will Communicate In Real Time
As we fast forward toward 2020, when more and more enterprise value is being created in the digital world, how can we build the tools millennials will need to communicate in their own unique way? - 01/19/2018

Digital Assistants: Why eCommerce is Going About Chatbots All Wrong
For many digital retailers, chatbots have drastically reduced the number of inquiries to the call center, while also improving the efficiency of customer service interactions. - 01/19/2018


How Do You Spell CRM Evolution? With 4 Cs
New technologies are shaping the world around us, and small businesses have a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on these advancements. This is especially true with customer relationship management, an area that businesses were smart to pay attention to 30 years ago and can no longer afford to ignore in today's competitive environment. - 01/18/2018

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How to Make the Most of Your CRM
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How to Get Millennials Excited About IT Training
Millennials may be considered young today, but they are poised to comprise about 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, and - increasingly - they're knocking on doors looking for careers to help pay for the latest gadgets, their homes, and their livelihoods. - 01/18/2018

How to Improve Your Sales Forecast & Your Company's Performance
It's hard to overstate the importance of consistently producing accurate sales forecasts. By definition, forecasts are about the future, and in a very real sense, a company's prospects for the future are its heartbeat. - 01/18/2018