The InfoLearning Center: Resource Prepares InfoCision Communicators to Deliver Top-Notch Service

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The InfoLearning Center: Resource Prepares InfoCision Communicators to Deliver Top-Notch Service

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  January 19, 2018

Many organizations take a trial-by-fire approach to acclimating new hires. And they lack the tools to keep existing staff up to speed on new capabilities and processes. But InfoCision (News - Alert) Management Corp., a leading customer care solutions provider, is different.

The company has taken the time to assemble the training and materials required to equip call center communicators with the knowledge they need to deliver the best possible customer experience and client value – and to keep these individuals engaged over time. These resources are available through the InfoLearning Center, InfoCision’s Learning Management System.

The ILC is a clearinghouse of all documentation and specific materials related to onboarding and training programs for InfoCision communicators. By storing this training material in a central location, InfoCision ensures that the materials are accessible, current, and manageable, and that their use is tracked and measured.

Putting training at its communicators’ fingertips means InfoCision can train more individuals more quickly. As a result, InfoCision is better prepared to provide its clients with the best possible value.

ILC allows for the creation of interactive and engaging eLearning presentations. Communicators can log into ILC and take training courses right from their seats, as opposed to traveling to a physical meeting place for instruction. And ILC offers a means by which to track completion dates and individual assessment results.

InfoCision communicators begin using ILC on their first day of employment.  Trainings cover a variety of topics, including demonstrations of InfoCision applications, policies and procedures, customer service skills, and more.  Assessments such as quizzes and final exams are used to test for knowledge and understanding. Meanwhile, interactive trivia games help communicators to retain new information.

Veteran communicators and operational staff also use ILC. InfoCision keeps existing employees up to date by pushing out recurring materials and training on HR-related topics, security awareness, specific client information, and other things. 

Communicators typically log into the ILC when instructed to do so by their supervisors to complete a required training. However, many of the ILC’s training modules are set up so a communicator can go back into the module at any time to find answers to questions or to get a quick refresher.

“What we have found to be extremely helpful in our industry is the ability to record what a screen looks like and how it functions.,” says InfoCision Chief of Staff Steve Brubaker (News - Alert). “Our screen demos allow the communicators to get a feel of what a call is like before they are in a live environment.”

The courses in ILC are designed to be either instructor-led or user-led. Courses that are instructor-led require a facilitator to teach the material to team members in a live setting. A user-led course, however, allows the employee to go through the material at his or her own pace.

Communicators can take the user-led courses right from their workstations. These courses are interactive and are created using diverse strategies to keep different types of learners engaged in the training.

Every employee has his or her own personal account on the ILC. Individuals can use the platform to see what courses they need to take and to search for elective courses that they may find beneficial to do their jobs. And the ILC’s search feature, which pulls up training material based on search keywords, makes it easy for employees and administrators to see what’s available. 

InfoCision can view an employee’s transcript to see exactly what courses that team member has taken and when. Assessments automatically populate a score based on the answers which were chosen by the learner. Having this data is of value for the human resources department, as it provides reporting for documentation purposes.

The ILC was formally launched in September of 2016, after a long review of available content development software. Initially, ILC was focused exclusively on new hires. But it has since been expanded to provide training and updates for all InfoCision staff. 

The company continues to create new courses and redevelop content for the ILC. In fact, InfoCision’s training and development team works with subject matter experts throughout the company to add to and update content daily.

And in the past six months InfoCision has added more than 200 courses to the ILC. The company has client-specific training, corporate policies and procedures, leadership classes and soft skills training, which will all be centralized in the ILC.  In addition, InfoCision is developing a variety of new training modules based on company needs.

InfoCision also recently enhanced the ILC to provide more specific reporting on  exactly which questions a learner missed on an assessment. As a trainer, it’s important both to know what score your trainees received, and to see what questions were missed. This allows the trainer to pinpoint challenges individuals are facing and help them to fully understand concepts. 

The reporting also helps InfoCision identify commonly missed questions. That way the training and development team can determine if materials should be presented in a different way to ensure communicators understand the related information. 

InfoCision is a recognized leader in enabling organizations to deliver quality customer experiences. ILC provides InfoCision with the ability to train its communicators comprehensively and efficiently. That ensures that the quality InfoCision and its team of communicators deliver remains at the highest possible level for the companies they serve and for those clients’ customers.

Edited by Erik Linask
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