Kunnect Does Hosted Contact Center Your Way


Kunnect Does Hosted Contact Center Your Way

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  May 15, 2013

Kunnect wants to make it easier for organizations in a variety of industries to adopt its solutions on their own terms, so it has taken steps to make its hosted contact center offer more flexible and simple to implement.

“I’ve always felt one of the problems with hosted systems is you have to endure that company’s flavor of doing things, and lose that customization,” says Fred Côté, president of Kunnect.

But every business is unique, he adds, so Kunnect has positioned itself as a one-stop shopping source to meet all their particular customer experience requirements.

“It’s hosted, so you don’t have all these capex expenses, but you can have it your way now,” he says of the Kunnect solution.

The company created templates within its scripting to give help desks, merchant services, automotive outfits, fundraising campaigns, and others a head start in terms of implementation, says Côté.

Additionally, Kunnect this year delivered three enhancements to help companies that use its hosted contact center to deliver a higher caliber customer experience, Côté adds.

The first involves linking click-to-call capabilities on customer websites so they automatically place website visitors who click those links directly into contact center ACD queues. Côté says that customers who come into the contact center via click to call are mixed in with the other calls coming into the contact center.

Also new is enhanced e-mail-related functionality.

When people fill out an online request for more information, instead of just passing that information along as an e-mail along, the Kunnect solution can automatically parse that information and inject relevant data into a dynamic calling queue, with the desired time table for the call defined by the customer. The Kunnect feature also reserves an appropriate agent to this task, and provides the agent with the appropriate information he or she needs for a successful call. The goal here is to enable organizations to pursue hot leads while they’re still hot, and to do that without having to source out different solutions and then do the integration between them, explains Côté.

Kunnect also recently rolled out what Côté calls mobile-centric applications.

Here’s an example of how those might be used. Côté says an automotive brand might be lots of dealerships with lead-generation call centers. So Kunnect has designed for some dealerships mobile apps that enable authorized dealership sales people to log into contact center queues to receive screen pops when dynamic leads come in. With this, sales staff members can use their down time to pursue leads and, when they’re ready, they can use the mobile app to easily initiate calls with prospects.

As noted in a January 2012 posting on TMCnet, the online entity of CUSTOMER magazine parent TMC (News - Alert), Kunnect initially came to market with a free contact center solution, in an effort that Côté at the time told CUSTOMER magazine emulated Google and Skype (News - Alert), which found great success based on business models involving providing free tools to the populace.

He added at the time that although Kunnect FREE, which runs on the Amazon cloud, will satiate 80 percent of call centers in the marketplace, it is positioned as a stepping stone and promotional tool for those customers that want to move up to Kunnect’s for-pay hosted call center solution.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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