A Better Predictive Dialer/Call Center Solution: MDLsolutions Delivers on Affordability, Ease-of-Use & Support

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A Better Predictive Dialer/Call Center Solution: MDLsolutions Delivers on Affordability, Ease-of-Use & Support

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  May 15, 2013

Mid-sized companies looking for an affordable call center solution, one that has a comprehensive feature set, comes with U.S.-based support, and doesn’t require a high level of technical expertise to launch and maintain, should take a look at MDLsolutions (News - Alert) Inc.

MDLsolutions offers a predictive dialer/call center solution that makes it possible for mid-tier companies to have good capabilities at an affordable price, says Michael Langman.

“And we don’t sacrifice great support,” he adds.

This predictive dialer/call center solution is a Windows/software-based SIP/VoIP dialer/call center solution that runs on a SQL database, in combination with the Windows/software based 3CX IP PBX (News - Alert), to enable businesses to keep in contact with their clients effectively; for call centers of various sizes, or to serve as a stand-alone automated dialer. It scales easily from four to 500 agents.

The solution consists of four software applications components: the Dialer/Predictive Dialer, the Agent Interface, the Call Center Manager Dashboard, and the 3CX IP PBX using the MDL/3CX plug-in.The predictive dialer is installed on its own Windows computer/server and includes its own SQL database, management reporting, SIP/RTP (VoIP) call/registration functionality, import/export functionality, call recording, call transfer functionality, voice mail/fax machine detection, prompt play, DTMF capture, call list management and also allows clients to integrate their products using the Dialers/Predictive Dialers open SQL database. The predictive dialer calls through the 3CX IP phone system or directly through a VoIP provider/VoIP gateway, depending on the customers’ configuration/needs.The Agent Interface sits on every agent’s workstation and displays the information of the person being called. That allows the agent to see the history and update the person’s information. This Agent Interface also has many other features that help the agents maintain accurate records, make timely call-backs, and do their job more efficiently.

MDLsolutions offers its predictive dialer/call center as a software license/premises-based solution. The call center solution works with the 3CX IP PBX phone system, and sells for $159 per agent/$799 first year of support (required), and there’s no upfront fee or recurring monthly charges.

This call center’s outstanding advantage is its competitive cost and ease-of-use, which has enabled MDLsolutions to win hundreds of customers in the predictive dialer/call center market, says Langman.

Langman founded MDLsolutions in 2002 after having created a complete IP PBX and call center product for a mortgage company, which contracted him to do the job. That engagement involved him creating a complete solution based on Aculab (News - Alert) boards, and resulted in a custom product that worked great, but only for a call center in the mortgage service industry, that had a sufficient budget for the hardware and onsite support.

So Langman – who has almost two decades of experience working in IT/telecom with Aculab, Avaya, Brooktrout (Cantata), Cisco, Mitel, NMS, Nortel, Patton, Aastra and ShoreTel (News - Alert) ­– used that experience and his industry knowledge to create an affordable predictive dialer/call center solution, that unlike offers from some big players in the market, does not require a large amount of configuration, technical expertise, or cash outlay.

“With many satisfied customers, MDLsolutions continues to provide quality IT telecom/VoIP solutions at truly affordable prices,” says Langman. “We are aware that our clients need a wide array of feature/functionality, reliability and true voice quality, not the limitations of echoes, and sound delays of past VoIP systems.“With our many partnerships, products and expertise,” he concludes, “we can provide your business with a call center that is full featured, scalable, and one that can be customer tailored and integrated with almost any 3rd party solution on the market.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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