Pronexus Launches New IVR Toolkit


Pronexus Launches New IVR Toolkit

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  August 05, 2013

VBVoice 8 is a new IVR toolkit now available for free download from Pronexus. This new release now allows developers to build IVRs using any tablet running a .NET (News - Alert) environment and offers a variety of other added features.

Keri Fraser, Pronexus director of marketing, explains that enabling users to leverage their touchscreens to do drag-and-drop IVR development introduces a whole new level of ease of use. She adds that Pronexus (News - Alert) is all about reducing barriers to entry for its solution.

“VBVoice 8 is a dynamic tool with support for Windows 8, Visual Studio 12 and Windows Server 12,” says Gary Hannah (News - Alert), president and CEO of Pronexus. “IVR developers can now develop with the swipe of a finger using the touch-screen feature of a Windows tablet. We are thrilled to provide developers with the power of the feature-rich Microsoft (News - Alert) suite through VBVoice 8. Pronexus expert architects have once again hit the ball out of the park with a product that will change the way developers develop.” 

VBVoice 8 is now available for free download at the Pronexus website. Free with that are 10 days of support, and two run-time licenses to test IVR creations.

Other new features introduced as part of the VBVoice 8 release include Online .net help –with content from release notes available within the toolkit; improved capacity on a single application, which enables larger applications using VBVoice 8 and reduces costs because less hardware is required; and virtual machine support, which provides an easier way to control the licenses and reduces the cost of hardware for production system.

Also with this release, log names for all include the year, allowing for ease of organization and improved searchability; and the installation package automatically removes the old installation.

A 20-year-old IVR specialist, Pronexus makes its money by selling additional run-time licenses, reselling boards from such companies as Dialogic (News - Alert), and offering speech licenses to allow developers to enable speech recognition on their IVR applications. Pronexus customers include such companies as Alfapi, CBA, First Bank, and Howard Day and Associates.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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