Hyfiniti Delivers Next-Generation Social Analytics, Engagement, and Mobile Care


Hyfiniti Delivers Next-Generation Social Analytics, Engagement, and Mobile Care

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  October 02, 2013

A company that got its start a couple years ago offering a mobile call-back customer service application called Hold-Free has since introduced two additional services, which Hyfiniti CEO Lance Fried says are more in the social vein of customer service.

“Most businesses, even Fortune 500 ones, have no accountability for social programs,” says Fried. “That’s starting to change.”

Founded in 2009, Hyfiniti is a San Diego-based operation with offices in Atlanta and Madrid. It’s the holding company of three brands that address the socially-connected, the smartphone-connected, and the generally impatient consumer, Fried explains. In addition to the call-back and queue management solution mentioned above, the company now offers SoCoCare and InAppCare.

SoCoCare is a social engagement and social analytics platform for customer care. This solution enables social media listening and filtering, service feedback, and customer engagement center and social service process analysis. The company’s partner Telligent brings to the table peer-to-peer community support, and enterprise social networking.

Unlike early popular social media listening tools for which 90 percent of the feeds are inactionable, and which require agents to read through thousands of posts to get to the valuable 10 percent, SoCoCare leverages the company’s own natural language processing and rules engine to locate words that signal action on these comments might be of value.

SoCoCare also does what Fried describes as Advanced Engagement, so it can identify incoming callers and show past interactions with them, and the sentiment of those interactions. This solution features enterprise and role-based analytics as well. That means users can look at how my social queues are stacking up and move some agents into some different groups. Fried says it’s like the Doppler radar; it shows where the heat is as far as what kind of requests are coming in. It also allows users to see average handle times or process times.

Since its launch in February, SoCoCare has a dozen customers moving on to the platform, which Fried says signals very good traction. Customers can get up and running on the SaaS (News - Alert)-based platform in under a month, he says.

As for InAppCare, that is a mobile care platform for customer care. It drops into an enterprise’s existing smartphone app to do sentiment feedback, mobile customer care (like a concierge callback, for example), and customer experience analytics. To the last point, this solution can allow users to look at the experience of customers as they’re moving through the app and can track inefficiencies, which Hyfiniti can then help corporate customers fix.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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