Intelemedia Brings Together Call Centers to Leverage Star Players, Drive Performance


Intelemedia Brings Together Call Centers to Leverage Star Players, Drive Performance

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  January 15, 2014

Every business wants to improve its performance, leverage its best employees to get the greatest extent possible, and avoid needless duplication of work. Intelemedia (News - Alert) Communications helps its business customers achieve all of these business imperatives via its cloud-based call management platform.

Intelemedia Communications essentially brings together individual client’s multiple call centers and has visibility into which top-tier agents at which of that organization’s call centers are currently available to take calls. That way, the Intelemedia platform can get each call to the best available agent at any location within the customer’s organization at any time, explains Steve Trifelos, vice president of call management.

The platform goes beyond call center resource pooling (which, by the way, can bring together even call centers with different ACDs), and also presents the business with a consistent picture of its call center performance. A business can opt to view that information for its entire call center organization, by individual call center, or by groups of call centers. Intelemedia runs audits on the information to ensure calculations are done in a consistent way across all of an organization’s call centers.

“The gold standard is what we call it,” says Trifelos.

That can help an organization more easily drive call center performance improvements, and even enable competition among the different call centers, he says. Intelemedia can offer the tools to help its customers understand where improvement is most needed and/or can provide that guidance via its own professional services.

“It creates a healthy environment that drives excellence for the customer,” Trifelos says.

Another thing that’s revolutionary about the Intelemedia approach to the call center is it addresses the age-old battle between service level and performance by always ensuring that the cream-of-the-crop agents are used to the best advantage.

“We liken it to an all-star team,” he explains. “The model we deliver, it drives performance excellence – getting more calls to the higher performing agents.”

Intelemedia Communications is 20-year-old, privately owned and profitable business based in Plano, Texas. Among its more recent new offers is the Leader’s Choice program, a packaged end-to-end solution for which it can manage all of a customer’s existing call centers, or provide and manage call centers for the customer via its own and partner resources. Leader’s Choice has been available for less than a year and is in use by about a dozen organizations, including some leading brands in the agriculture, household appliance, and publishing verticals.

Edited by Blaise McNamee
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