VoIP Dialing Emphasizes Benefits of SIP, Talks About What's Next


VoIP Dialing Emphasizes Benefits of SIP, Talks About What's Next

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  March 18, 2014

A company called VoIP Dialing Corp., which sells SIP trunks, bulk SMS marketing, and VoIP systems nationwide, will soon expand its portfolio with the introduction of a softphone.

That’s the word from VoIP Dialing CEO Ben Nabon, who spoke with CUSTOMER magazine in mid January. Nabon said that the softphone, which VoIP Dialing will trademark, “will change the way people work with it.” He adds that the VoIP Dialing softphone will be “good for calls centers and intranets, and definitely a product that at some point will go to the consumer.”

VoIP Dialing expects to unveil the softphone officially in the March to April timeframe.

The company on a separate front also plans to advance its SMS platform. Nabon did not provide further detail on the company’s SMS platform expansion efforts.

In any case, Nabon emphasized that VoIP Dialing’s core offering is its SIP trunk solutions. And business for SIP trunks is booming, he said. That’s because

SIP trunks give businesses the flexibility to add lines dynamically and without extra costs. That results in huge benefits to businesses as far as budgeting, he says. And he adds that the quality of calls running over such services are far better than those running on regular phone lines.

Because VoIP turns calls into data, Nabon added, it also enables businesses to leverage that data to better understand and improve processes related to those calls, the behavior of customers, and activities of customer service employees. To help assist businesses in putting this data to use, VoIP Dialing can integrate calling data in with its customers’ CRM and reporting systems “to make it much easier to succeed in business,” says Nabon.

VoIP Dialing sells its offerings to businesses, primarily larger entities with 50,000 minutes or more of voice traffic a month. Its direct sales staff emphasizes the value the company delivers in terms of simplicity and quality. Nabon added that VoIP Dialing also can help its call center customers increase their call center performance by offering tips in this realm.

While VoIP Dialing today relies solely on a direct sales staff to get its offerings to market, it plans to launch a channel program later this year.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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