Aligning People and Technology to Create an Effective Voice Self-Service Channel


Aligning People and Technology to Create an Effective Voice Self-Service Channel

By TMCnet Special Guest
  |  March 18, 2014

It takes more than a vision to create an effective interactive voice response self-service solution in a contact center. There are many factors that contribute to the goal of achieving high self-service completion rates along with improved customer satisfaction with this communication channel.

VoltDelta (News - Alert) has highlighted some of these common factors in two case studies. Both organizations utilized highly skilled and talented people for IVR design and implementation. They also leveraged leading-edge cloud technology to easily integrate voice self-service into a cross-channel customer engagement strategy.


The Situation:

One healthcare provider wanted to add an IVR channel to offload their contact center agents from having to deal with questions such as claim statuses and referrals. The goal was to make the same level of information available in the IVR as was provided to agents. They also wanted to give callers the ability to communicate via their channel of choice. The IVR self-service completion rate goal was set at a minimum of 35% of the total calls. This meant that the IVR automation would have to handle some complex tasks, not just standard routine transactions.


•      Accuracy: Member IDs consist of an alphanumeric string which is notoriously difficult for an IVR to interpret accurately due to like sounding letters, numbers and variations in accents.

•      Voice User Interface Menu Design: Error recovery had to present intelligence if the ID was not initially recognized in order to keep the subscriber engaged within automation.


VoltDelta’s Voice User Interface (VUI) designers were able to identify speech patterns in the alphanumeric member ID string. If the speech recognition engine was unable to understand the caller’s member ID on the first try, the IVR would ask a series of questions about the ID such as “Does the member ID start with P?” The result was:

•      Completion Rate: 35% of all calls were answered within the IVR upon implementation, which offloads agents and provides a cost saving to the healthcare provider. With this initial success, the self-service rate will improve over the next 12 months.

•      Customer Satisfaction: Customers that preferred to use the IVR were able to successfully enter their member ID over 98% of the time.

•      Deployment Efficiency & Expertise: VoltDelta’s reliable cloud-based platform combined with expertise in the area of speech and VUI design, networking, security and technologyintegration allowed the provider to be up and running quickly.



A leading prepaid credit card provider for consumers who chose not to have traditional banking relationships wanted to upgrade its customer care platform to more promptly and effectively engage with customers.


• Ensure every call is answered during peak calling spikes which are typical of this business.

• Increase self-service rates so that agents only need to focus on more complex issues.

• Integrate voice self service with the web service, SMS, and agent channels.


VoltDelta was selected to provide a cloud-based multi-channel solution because of the massive scalability and stability of its infrastructure and cross-channel platform features. The solution included:

•      Channel Integration with Centralized Management: Intelligent call routing features were deployed to support several remote agent locations as well as provide agents with information on what transpired in the IVR.

•      Channel of Choice: Customers have the option to pay bills using the IVR and/ or the website. Many customers opt to pay bills over the phone using the IVR instead of the website because of its convenience. Optionally, SMS text messages can be sent to customers for account transaction confirmations that occurred on the web or in the IVR.

•      Platform Reliability & Scalability: VoltDelta’s platform answers every call, including at peak times when the call rate quadruples. Over 90 percent of calls are successfully resolved in the automated system without requiring live agent interaction, allowing agents to focus on customers in need of more specialized assistance.

About VoltDelta

VoltDelta is a global cloud-based contact center provider with 35 years of experience. We rapidly tailor and integrate our multichannel contact center solutions to enable you to increase revenue, boost retention, and reduce operating costs with proven scalability and reliability. Our service guarantee is supported by contact center and carrier experts who are dedicated to your success.

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