Voice of the Customer: Customer Survey/Feedback Solution Roundup


Voice of the Customer: Customer Survey/Feedback Solution Roundup

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  March 27, 2014

This month’s roundup is about customer survey and feedback solutions. Some of these offerings are provided as specific modules, while others are part of larger contact center solutions.

Allegiance Inc.

The Allegiance Engage Voice of Customer software platform helps organizations increase customer retention by systematically reducing the time it takes to listen, understand, and respond to customers’ needs. The Allegiance Engage family of solutions is delivered through a hosted, software as a service offering. That includes multi-channel VoC solutions that allow organizations to listen and respond in real time to customer complaints, compliments and suggestions, and to measure customer attitudes and intentions. It also includes employee feedback solutions. Employee feedback collection combined with expert-designed surveys give companies a measurement of employees’ passions, stresses, and ideas, with the ability to react quickly to retain employees. Spotlight data mining automatically analyzes every possible pattern in a dataset and illuminates areas that will provide the maximum lift in business outcomes. Bonfire survey builder allows survey designers to easily collaborate with other stakeholders right inside the product, ensuring they collect the right data from the outset. Bonfire’s social sharing feature also helps to amplify customer advocacy by allowing customers who provide positive feedback to broadcast their thoughts on social sites. Allegiance also offers turn-key programs for several vertical and horizontal markets and for user profiles. Programs include financial services loyalty, website experience measurement, contact center satisfaction and experience, B2B technology SAT, churn/retention, health care SAT, and more.


Confirmit enables organizations to develop and implement voice of the customer, employee engagement, and market research programs that deliver insight and drive business change. Confirmit’s (News - Alert) clients create multi-channel, multi-lingual feedback and research programs that engage customers, empower employees, deliver a compelling respondent experience, and provide high return on investment. Confirmit Voices is a customer engagement model that enables users to listen to the voice of the customer, integrate it with existing data, and take action to deliver business change. Reporting capabilities provide the ability to analyze the data gathered and automatically generate alerts to indicate when quick action is needed to save at-risk customers and drive positive word of mouth. It also allows information to be shared easily with the people who need it. Confirmit Horizons is a flexible, multi-channel software platform for customer experience, employee engagement, and market research programs. Via the 2014 acquisition of Integrasco, Confirmit also will bring advanced technologies for capturing social insight and analyzing unstructured text into the Confirmit portfolio.


ForeSee brings science and technology together to help organizations measure and analyze their customers' experience with advanced predictive analytics and a robust scientific methodology that radically change the way organizations make important decisions. ForeSee's CXA (Computer Experience Analytics) methodology accurately identifies the causal relationships between key indicators of customer satisfaction and future behaviors, enabling executives and managers to prioritize investments that will have the biggest impact on the customer experience. The company's methodology is centered on consumer behavior theory, psychometrics, and statistics – combining survey-based, voice-of-the-customer-derived performance measurement with advanced modeling algorithms to deliver powerful diagnostic capabilities, actionable insights and prescriptive guidance. ForeSee uses surveying techniques (i.e., questionnaires) or observation (e.g., recording behavioral patterns) to capture customer experience data. The company's data collection technology and services include survey triggering and session recording, as well as database creation and management.

ForeSee focuses on the accuracy, reliability and precision of the data - which is free from random and measurement error, and can reveal small differences in values. In addition, ForeSee's CXA delivers improved precision via VoC measurement, multiple measures, reduced sample sizes, state-of-the-art analysis algorithm, and 10-point scales.


The Genesys Enterprise Collaboration offering includes Premier Edition for small to mid-sized contact centers, Business Edition for mid-sized contact centers, and Enterprise Edition for large contact centers. The Genesys Premier Edition is a pure cloud offering built with routing and IVR capabilities from Genesys and the intuitive Angel Virtual Contact Center user experience. This edition is designed to be flexible, quick to deploy and easy to use. The Premier Edition scales up to 250 seats and includes inbound multi-channel, proactive notifications/surveys, IVR, BI analytics, WFO (QM, Speech/Text Analytics), Salesforce.com (News - Alert) service cloud version, and CRM desktop integration. The Genesys Business Edition scales up to 1000 seats, includes all capabilities from Premier Edition plus inbound/outbound multi-channel, mobile, workforce management, and local connect. Whether in the cloud, on premises, or a hybrid it deploys rapidly and is easy to use. The Genesys Enterprise Edition is tailor-made for large organizations that require highly scalable and customized contact center solutions. Customers can choose to run their contact center in the cloud, on premises or in a hybrid cloud configuration. It scales to unlimited seats, includes all capabilities from the Business Edition plus cross-channel, remote and branch workers, back office, as well as customization and integration.


Hively provides consistent, real-time feedback that a business can act on. Most companies try to measure customer satisfaction with surveys, but surveys are time consuming and have a low engagement rate. Survey data is also difficult to manage because it’s aggregated, not real time and rarely (if ever) makes it’s way to the people who need it most – the employees working with customers. With Hively, team members get personal rating snippets they insert into their e-mail signature, CRM, website or ticket tracking system, so that every time they use any of those systems customers can leave feedback on their performance. Customers can provide feedback with one click or opt to leave additional comments. Businesses get notified whenever a customer enters a rating so they can do customer follow up, and Hively enables those organizations to track, trend and measure customer happiness and team performance. Team members earn points for every rating they get, and their employers can opt to rank and reward them by week, month, or whenever.

Interactive Intelligence 

Interactive Intelligence (News - Alert) offers Interaction Feedback to help organizations create, deploy, and manage post-call surveys for the voice channel to capture a customer’s perception? of their service experience. It helps to simplify the survey process by creating and activating surveys using a wizard-guided approach, which eliminates the need for technical expertise and complex programming. Customers can be automatically prompted to opt-in, be transferred to the survey by an agent, or provided with a call-in number. The proactive service recovery feature of this solution enables an organization to receive alerts for survey scores deemed below acceptable, and review survey results immediately to assess the impact of an interaction on a survey score. Users can access and play call recordings just as quickly with the integrated Interaction Recorder application. There’s no need to search and correlate data and recording files from different systems. The solution also can be used to compare external and internal service perceptions, ensuring quality management and coaching processes are aligned with customer expectations by comparing internal measures (quality scores) with external ones (feedback scores). The Interaction Feedback module can be licensed as part of the all-in-one Customer Interaction Center platform. There’s no additional software or third-party integration required.

J.D. Power

With insights derived from current customer satisfaction data – including more than 1,200 companies serving millions of customers –and from the highest performing certified contact centers, J.D. Power products are designed to improve contact center service and profitability. The J.D. Power Benchmarking Toolkit is a suite of easy-to-use self-assessment tools, best practices, and key performance indicators from top performers, and resources designed to help drive and sustain operational excellence. The J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Research Program offer unbiased research that compares customer satisfaction and operational performance to top performers and identifies top priorities for driving maximum improvement. The J.D. Power IVR Improvement Program delivers insights to enhance customers’ interactive voice response experience at maximum containment. The J.D. Power Operational Performance Assessment provides a detailed assessment of current contact center operations against best practices used by top performers. It also includes prescriptive guidance to close performance gaps and pinpoint actions to take before pursuing J.D. Power certification. And the J.D. Power Certification Programs offer the most credible and trusted third-party endorsement of customer satisfaction excellence to customers, prospects, and internal stakeholders.


mBlox is a mobile messaging provider that helps brands reach consumers at the right time and place with a comprehensive range of customer service and marketing solutions that emphasize mobile customer care as a way for companies to recruit and maintain loyal brand enthusiasts through the mobile channel. mBlox (News - Alert) offers its enterprise customers the ability to send consumers short text message surveys directly after point of purchase or point of contact to gain real-time feedback. mBlox’s customers can also use text to confirm client appointments or service modifications, another way to ensure customer satisfaction and nurture the relationship. SMS is becoming an ever more effective and valuable way to get the attention of consumers, as it is often the most direct and personal communications channel. Beyond simply engaging consumers around deals, promotions and content on their mobile devices, this goes one step further by helping businesses manage the full customer service experience over the most relevant and accessible platforms available.


NICE Fizzback is a voice of the customer enterprise platform that helps companies to capture, analyze and act upon real-time customer feedback. Through a unique automated engagement system, customers are surveyed via their channel of choice (text message, e-mail, web, social media, IVR, mobile app or form) immediately following a retail, call center, or online experience. Nice Fizzback then analyzes the feedback for sentiment and key drivers of customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). The text analytics system assigns a sentiment score to each comment and categorizes it into one of several predefined business categories; if a customer responds negatively or requests a call back, an alert is generated. All results are displayed on the NICE Fizzback online dashboards, accessible by everyone from the agent to the CEO. NICE Fizzback is able to support large enterprise-wide deployments, processing millions of transactions and feedback responses on a monthly basis. The dashboard enables clients to quickly and easily understand the key drivers of customer dissatisfaction, and to make improvements immediately. As a result of this process, NICE Fizzback clients report a 27 percent average increase in customer satisfaction scores, and are able to recover up to 90 percent of unsatisfied customers within minutes of an interaction.


Nielsen Holdings N.V. is a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence and mobile measurement. Nielsen has a presence in approximately 100 countries, with headquarters in New York, and Diemen, the Netherlands.


Qualtrics Research Suite is an enterprise survey platform to capture, analyze, and act on insights. Enterprises, academic institutions, and government agencies use Qualtrics to gather and understand customer satisfaction, NPS, customer experience, brand, market, and employee feedback. Qualtrics makes it easy for users to build sophisticated surveys. The platform features more than 100 question types, embedded data, branching, display logic, quotas, e-mail triggers, mobile and offline compatibility, randomization, and other advanced features. Qualtrics Mobile gives users all the functionality of Qualtrics Research Suite across their mobile devices. This enables users to create surveys for any mobile device, as well as to conduct market research directly in the field and get real-time results.Qualtrics Site Intercept is a solution to capture value from website visitors with targeted, engaging messages. Whether the goal is to improve visitor experience with website feedback or increase conversion, Qualtrics Site Intercept makes targeting specific website visitors simple with an intuitive, point-and-click interface. Marketers can select from nine different creative types, including popovers and info bars, to update their website on the fly, without any help from IT.

Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace’s online software tool creates engaging surveys and quizzes for collection of real-time customer feedback on mobile devices. The most valuable responses and highest response rates occur when organizations can engage people in a short survey during or immediately after they experience a product or service, which is when customer excitement is at its peak. Survey Anyplace’s Enterprise Plan is available through a monthly or yearly subscription and incorporates automatic survey branding based on company logo; cross-device responsive user interface (smartphone, tablet, PC); multi-user sharing and collaboration; QR code and hyperlink survey access – no app installation needed for respondent; touch-screen support – respondents swipe through the questionnaire; Skip logic; real-time reporting; photo capture (iOS only); and offline responses (iOS only). Survey Anyplace also offers development and design services to create customer-specific solutions on top of the standard platform. Requirements may include advanced design, animations, custom screen flow, or integration with other applications.


SurveyMonkey Enterprise enables greater control, enhanced collaboration, and valuable data comparison for better decision making across organizations. Enterprise delivers one of the most frequent product requests from current customers: the ability to centrally manage the service. Once an administrator sets up an account, they can invite colleagues to their SurveyMonkey group, bringing all survey history together. This provides organizations with true data ownership, user management, and a single bill. In addition to data ownership, user management, and consolidated billing, SurveyMonkey Enterprise includes all features of the Platinum package, used by professionals across HR, marketing, product development, customer service, and more. Features include full brand control, expert survey templates, phone support, and HIPAA compliance.

Verint Systems Inc.

Verint (News - Alert) Enterprise Feedback Management is an enterprise survey platform which helps companies gain a complete view into the voice of their customers and employees. EFM empowers companies to react quickly to resolve customer issues, optimize business processes, and deliver top-notch customer service across the board. Verint EFM enables sharing of data, centralizing of survey responses, and the ability to manage surveys to drive action and accountability. Data can be shared with critical stakeholders and used to showcase actionable results using customizable, interactive dashboards, branded reports, and embeddable widgets. Used in combination with the company’s Voice of the Customer Analytics solutions, EFM helps businesses collect feedback across all interaction channels, providing insight into the preferences, satisfaction levels and needs of customers. It also helps companies to better understand what’s driving changes in satisfaction and loyalty, enabling them to take the necessary steps to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.  

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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