HigherGround Can Take Your Contact Center to New Heights

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HigherGround Can Take Your Contact Center to New Heights

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  April 17, 2014

Technology can be a great help in making a contact center more efficient and effective. But, in the end, the success of a contact center – or any organization, for that matter – hinges on the contributions and skills of its people.

Addressing that reality, HigherGround delivers solutions that both provide contact centers with the tools they need to run their operations, and customizes those solutions to the precise needs of the users, so those individuals can expend less time and energy on low-value pursuits and more time on improving their skills, serving their customers, and meeting their business goals. That can enable contact centers to reach new heights.

HigherGround helps contact centers do that with its call recording and advanced dashboard solutions.

Calibre, the call recording solution, is extremely simple to use, says Terry Ryan, CEO at HigherGround. The Calibre user interface can easily be customized via click-and-drag maneuvers that allow people to move and dock different panes, group agents and performance parameters by teams, and more.

“The user interfaces makes everything one or two clicks away,” notes Ryan.

Calibre Analytics Dashboard, which HigherGround introduced in September, provides a heads up display of customer-defined metrics for measuring contact center performance. Graphic interfaces present measurements on such parameters as average handle time, speed to answer, or any metric you want to measure.

Using Calibre Analytics Dashboard, contact center administrators and managers can set upper and lower control limits of various performance parameters over any window of time, so if performance during that time falls outside the allowed measure, users are alerted. Those alerts can come in the form of a desktop popup, a text, or via another medium. That helps contact center managers ensure that the desired performance is maintained whether they are trying to meet specific service level agreements for those to which they provide contact center operations as an outsourced service, or whether they are just trying to maintain their own internal performance standards.

The notification feature of the Calibre Analytics Dashboard is also noteworthy because it frees up supervisors – who once had to spend hours combing through contact center performance reports to spot degradations and trends – so they can dedicate more time to coaching agents.

HigherGround solutions can be easily customized, even by people who are not highly technical, but the company also offers professional services to help contact centers take customization to the next level via integration with other vendor’s solutions. It solutions have been tested and validated by Avaya (News - Alert) and Cisco, so its products are guaranteed to work with the contact center platforms by those providers. For example, HigherGround has a partnership with Cisco Systems (News - Alert) through which it offers integration between its own Calibre call recording solution and the Cisco ICM (CallManager) and Cisco IPICS solutions. HigherGround also does a lot of custom integration to enable its solutions to pull in unique data sets from customers’ existing CRM systems.

“We truly customize solutions to meet our customers’ needs,” says Ryan, “and we stand behind our product.”

Founded in 1973, HigherGround is an established company that delivers 24/7 support on its proven contact center solutions. Those solutions today are used by thousands of customers in North America, including Care 1st, NASA Federal Credit Union, and Parkland Health and Hospital Systems.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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