It Starts with Reliable Quality Interaction Recording

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It Starts with Reliable Quality Interaction Recording

By TMCnet Special Guest
Charley Eaton , President and CEO of TantaComm
  |  July 24, 2014

Interaction recording is the first step in the process to evaluate and improve customer service, increase quality, optimize a workforce, or ensure regulation compliance. However, in most cases it is the least discussed product when contact centers are considering WFO Solutions. Solution providers do not spend millions marketing interaction recording. Why should they, when it does not have the sizzle of “speech analytics” or “workforce management”? Interaction recording is often mentioned as an afterthought and presented as if all recording products do the same thing, the same way and deliver a simple file so that all the “real” technologies can perform their magic. Don’t get me wrong; these other solutions and the associated processes are critical to achieving better customer service and operating more efficiently.  But, without a quality and reliable interaction recording product in place, the other processes do not consistently take place to produce their benefits – not to mention, having peace of mind when it comes to regulation compliance.

Boxed or Bundled?

Many contact centers have accepted interaction recording as an afterthought, bundled in other products they have purchased. They are often very limited on the technology solutions they can implement and experience unplanned upgrade costs. These hidden upgrade costs can happen when the interaction recording product does not integrate with products outside of the “brand” or has to be upgraded due to another product it interfaces with being upgraded. No brand has all the solutions for the vast needs of every contact center and new technologies are coming to market every day from new providers. Yet, many customers are limited to the same brand for all the processes and requirements of their contact center operation, because it all came bundled in the package. They have tried to mold their business around the products and do not have options for integrating best in class niche technologies to improve their operation. There can be cost savings by bundling open products that meet your business requirements. There can be many unseen costs and frustrations by accepting a closed product promising the best of everything for all requirements. This can leave the customer feeling boxed in and forced to upgrade many products based on one product, which eliminates options for future technologies due to lack of integration.

Quality Always Matters

The quality and reliability of an interaction recording product is essential to every business segment of a contact center. Most contact centers only know when an interaction was not recorded if they have the need to locate an interaction and it can’t be found. Customers assume that everything is being recorded and stored in a quality format, but have no real-time measurements or visibility, and are only aware of issues as problems arise. There are many methods used to record interactions that result in a wide range of file quality and reliability, compliance standards and integration flexibility. Contact centers should consider their business requirements when selecting the products that will record their interactions. It is a bumpy and expensive road to adjust your business to the products after the purchase.

Demand Quality and Flexibility

Contact centers need a high quality and reliable interaction recording product to take the first step in the process of being the best at what they do. They also need the flexibility and option to integrate with existing technologies they want to keep in production, as well as the future technologies they may want to integrate. Customers that take the extra time to compare and select the interaction recording that is right for their business will reap the dividends of peace of mind, cost savings and flexibility.

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About the Author

Charley Eaton (News - Alert) is the President and CEO of TantaComm. Having successfully re-engineered the future for several other businesses, he has established a compelling customer-centric value proposition based on operational optimization and supported by deep industry knowledge and expertise in effective technology deployment.

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