Customer Analysis Solutions


Customer Analysis Solutions

By TMC  |  July 24, 2014

Actian Corp. 

The Actian Analytics Platform is purposefully designed to accelerate all of your analytics – from simple queries against historical reports to sophisticated discovery analytics on Hadoop to more complex predictive and contextual analytics. Its 200-plus connectors allow you to connect anything across millions of data sources on premises or in the cloud. With more than 700 mathematical, statistical, data mining and other analytics functions, you can analyze everything with unconstrained analytics across entire ecosystems of data, users, and applications. The platform allows you to automate actions and events with real-time intelligence by embedding operational analytics into your business. Actian also delivers Big Data Analytics Blueprints that are based on real-world customer engagements. These proven building blocks provide starting points for deeper analysis and better accuracy across different industry problems. They deliver validated approaches to foundational issues with stepwise methodology across analytic workflows and advanced analytics across digital and traditional data. Actian’s Customer Analytics Blueprints include Customer Profile, Micro-Segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value, Next Best Action, Market Basket Analysis, Campaign Optimization and Churn. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices worldwide.  


Aptean Analytics features Business Intelligence dashboards and analytics for a wide range of vertical markets and is powered by the QlikView Business Discovery platform. Aptean Analytics is integrated across Aptean’s portfolio of products to provide end-to-end BI for process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, and financial services. The Aptean Analytics dashboards allow customers to easily spot and resolve issues related to profitability, planning, manufacturing, inventory or sales pipeline. The dashboards can be tailored to fit any user, from sales managers to executives, not just database analysts – delivering data in straightforward charts, tables and other advanced visuals. Aptean Analytics helps drive decisions and execution with the right amount of data provided in the right way.

Aspect Software

Aspect’s (News - Alert) Customer Experience Analytics provides organizations with the ability to understand the dynamics, quality, and outcomes of every interaction, across every channel. Aspect solutions capture and analyze the context and content of interactions that flow between customers and agents through voice recordings, e-mail, text, IM, chat, and other means. Aspect’s lineup of Customer Experience solutions include: Aspect Analytics for Speech and Text, Aspect Desktop Analytics, and Post-Interaction Surveys. Aspect Analytics for Speech and Text provides a holistic view into 100 percent of speech and text-based interaction data, unharnessing actionable insights. Aspect Desktop Analytics allows users to learn from every action performed by an agent on a desktop – whether an application is installed on agents’ machines or accessed virtually through a browser. Post-Interaction Surveys capture the Voice of the Customer after key interactions through easy-to-deploy engaging web-based and IVR surveys. 


Ericsson (News - Alert) in June announced Ericsson Expert Analytics, a big data analytics platform that enables network operators like broadband providers and telephone companies to derive actionable insights from big data and to turn those insights into appropriate actions in real time. Expert Analytics is a fully configurable, horizontal platform that can support a wide variety of use cases for marketing, customer care, operations and network, based on fresh data from network nodes, OSS/BSS, probes, terminals, social media and others sources.

Going beyond big data analytics tools themselves, Ericsson has applied its deep network expertise to configure the platform to support a growing list of applications, including customer experience management. For instance, by correlating carefully selected network events with probe data and other metrics, Expert Analytics can identify both symptoms and probable causes of customer experience issues for all individual customers. The platform then exposes these insights to applications such as Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance, which in turn allows customer care to shorten call durations and improve first call resolution, and also enables service operations centers to become more proactive and reduce mean time to repair. Additional Ericsson and third-party applications will support other use cases, such as experience-based marketing, which enriches customer profiles with recent behavior and experience data, leading to superior targeting of marketing offers to individual customers.

Five9 Inc.

Five9 (News - Alert) helps businesses take advantage of secure, reliable, scalable cloud contact center software to create exceptional customer experiences, increase agent productivity and deliver tangible business results. Five9 is a cloud-based solution that integrates voice, social, chat, and e-mail to provide a seamless and intelligent multichannel experience. Powered by an innovative layer of technology called Five9 Connect, Five9 understands which requests are important, decides how to prioritize them and resolves customer problems efficiently. Five9 offers everything needed to run an inbound, outbound, or blended contact center, including and ACD, IVR, automated dialing capabilities, sophisticated management applications with real-time and historical reporting, recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, and pre-built CRM integrations.

Information Builders

The WebFOCUS business intelligence platform from Information Builders (News - Alert) features extensive business analytics capabilities that allow customers to uncover and understand the patterns and trends in their enterprise data and facilitate faster, smarter planning and decision-making across the organization. WebFOCUS enables customers to utilize the power of predictive analytics to ensure that users of all levels can make decisions based on accurate content, instead of relying on gut instinct alone. WebFOCUS Social Media Analytics is another key part of the Information Builders offering. This solution empowers all stakeholders to perform deep analysis of structured and unstructured information from any source, ensuring that valuable customer data obtained from social channels is properly processed to deliver value. Only Information Builders offers the cutting-edge integration capabilities needed to collect data from social media sites, blogs, and other unstructured sources and seamlessly combine it with data in CRM, sales, marketing automation, and other systems – for the most complete view of customer activity possible.


Intelemedia’s (News - Alert) analytical reporting provides an in-depth picture of sales and customer service within the teleservices environment. These analytical reports incorporate call routing, self-service IVR, queue management, agent level performance, call sourcing comparisons, volume comparatives, time of day, and more. Intelemedia analytics provide deep actionable insight into how teleservices elements affect key sales and customer service metrics. The end results are improved performance within sales and customer service. Maximum performance improvement requires data beyond traditional, high-level, obvious facts such as number of calls, conversion rates, and abandonment. Clients need deep analytical data and applied insight to understand what is happening and how to improve performance. For example, if average speed to answer seems high and save the sales too low, what is driving this? To address and take action, you need the following comparative information at your fingertips in simple-to-understandable formats: how do the various time interval performances compare, how does call volume map to metrics throughout the day, changes in staffing, are the same quality of agents and call volume to these agents occurring, any volume changes based on the source of calls? This information is critical to determine internal or external elements affecting your environments and what specific actions can be taken to improve performance. Comprehensive analytics are the key to providing actionable solutions.  

Monet Software Inc.

Monet Analytics, consisting of Speech Analytics and Desktop Analytics, helps contact centers get more insights into customer interactions and internal processes resulting in a better customer experience, high quality of services, and improved customer loyalty.

With Monet Speech Analytics, service centers will transform voice data into critical customer intelligence. The system automatically evaluates calls based on key phrases and makes it easy to discover actionable data of customer conversations. It helps them improve agent performance, customer experience, compliance, first call resolution, sales effectiveness, and overall quality of service. Monet Desktop Analytics automatically collects activity and application data and tracks business objects across time and multiple users while comparing key metrics against a defined business workflow. This includes monitoring and measuring performance and tracking work tasks such as sales orders, support issues, claims, work orders, and others customer-related processes throughout your organization. Monet Analytics is fully integrated with Monet’s Workforce Optimization suite and delivered as a cloud-based subscription service. Monet’s cloud-based WFO platform efficiently and securely delivers web-based applications that are fast to set up, easy to learn and highly scalable to grow with the customer’s needs.


SAS customer analytics solutions help firms make smarter, fact-based customer-centered decisions with insights derived from relevant data, powerful analytics, data visualization, and data management. SAS enables companies to develop more relevant, targeted campaigns using customer analytic techniques – segmentation, propensity, clustering, social network analysis, etc. – to understand customers better than ever. With SAS, companies can predict how customers will act in the future using advanced forecasting and modeling routines to analyze past customer behavior derived from CRM and other corporate data. SAS also helps firms identify which customers are most and least valuable  – and why – by calculating churn, customer lifetime value, and profitability. SAS has an extensive suite of integrated enterprise marketing solutions available today including SAS Marketing Automation, SAS Marketing Optimization, SAS Real-Time Decision Manager, SAS Adaptive Customer Experience, SAS Digital Marketing, and SAS Marketing Operations Management. Deployment options for SAS Customer Intelligence solutions include: on-premises, enterprise hosting, and software as a service.


The SDL Customer Experience Cloud packs all the critical elements of customer experience management into one accessible suite and delivers on SDL’s vision that every marketer can meet the expectations of their global customer base and remain connected and responsive throughout the entire buyer journey. The CXC integrates web content management, campaign management, social intelligence and analytics, e-commerce, language solutions and documentation to give companies the power to optimize multi-channel customer experiences from any device, understand brand health and product perception in real time, and nimbly adjust campaign strategies to increase marketing effectiveness and impact revenue – all from a single interface. With more than 1,500 global enterprise customers – including 72 of the top 100 global brands – and 400 partners, SDL is one of the only vendors with a truly integrated, comprehensive customer experience management offering.


As part of the Teradata Campaign Management solution for marketing departments, Customer Interaction Manager is a comprehensive cloud-based application that helps data-driven marketers derive more insights from their data so they can do more to increase the value of customer relationships, and drive top-line growth. With embedded predictive analytics, the application enables organizations to integrate and analyze customer data and act on data insights to improve customer experience, as well as segment specific audiences, trigger events that lead to relevant, measureable real-time customer engagement, and choreograph multi-channel dialogue across online and/or offline channels. The solution offers various capabilities aimed at improving campaign performance, such as open access to data anywhere on multiple databases and from multiple data sources (such as web, social, lists or call center data), expanded data visualization, mobile-enabled dashboards, integrated digital messaging and personalized landing pages, and enhanced Real-Time Interaction Manager. Appropriate insights are shared across the organization through this cloud-based solution, and contribute to marketing flexibility and agility from strategy to implementation through reporting and analysis. Marketers are enabled to better understand customer behavior and preferences – including knowing which channels or methods are best to use to achieve the most personalized communication.

Edited by Adam Brandt
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