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Mobile Marketing

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  September 25, 2014

Mobile marketing means different things to different people and organizations, but what we can all agree on is that wirelessly connected devices have become central to our lives and to many of our shopping habits, and businesses are taking notice by introducing mobile apps, establishing mobile marketing strategies, and implementing omni-channel efforts that include mobile in the mix.

“Retailers are transforming their organizations and market approaches to leverage the power of digital and satisfy the needs of the ever-changing consumer,” says Dan Albright, senior vice president of Capgemini (News - Alert) Consulting, which in June published a report called Are You Ready? How to Create an Always-On, Always-Open Shopping Experience. “The digital transformation journey to omni-channel is multi-faceted and requires retailers to reevaluate every aspect of how they serve the market.”

Critical components of an omni-channel strategy, according to Capgemini Consulting, include fulfillment strategy, which entails using storefront locations as distribution centers; inventory visibility, possibly employing electronic product code-enabled radio frequency identification; predictive customer analytics, which provides deeper insight into customer behavior; and web-ready products, which has to do with easily identifying products for online sale and potentially collaborating with others to expedite the introduction of new product to the online marketplace.

Here’s a rundown of the some of the companies that consider themselves mobile marketing solution providers.

Confirmit (News - Alert) 

Confirmit MyMobile enables you to harness the power of the mobile channel through a voice of the customer app that perfectly reflects your company’s brand. The clean, simple interface makes it easy to feed the voice of the customer directly into your operations and drive decision-making. Confirmit MyMobile can help you build exit surveys for non-buyers to understand how to drive future purchases; enable customers to provide photos and videos to drive rich insight; replace paper with mobile to drive clear reporting and immediate action; and mine your richest source of customer insight – your employees. Confirmit SODA 3.0 enables enterprises and market research agencies to capture in-the-moment feedback from respondents, whether they are consumers or employees, providing unbeatable insights into experiences. Confirmit SODA also includes the industry’s first automated back-checking capabilities for researchers to verify data collected in the field via mobile devices using a desktop or mobile device, an app, or a browser, making verification easier and faster than ever.


Mblox is the largest, independent application-to-person SMS provider in the world with more than 100 direct commercial carrier and operator connections. As the industry's most experienced tier one SMS aggregator, Mblox specializes in the unique demands of large-scale mobile messaging programs. Mblox provides a mobile engagement platform that enables companies to reach individuals on virtually any mobile device worldwide with SMS, push, and rich push messaging. Its solutions empower intelligent business-to-person communications with relevant, targeted messaging triggered by a customer's location and activity. They are a personal, instant, and cost-effective way to reach customers with alerts, reminders, PIN requests, coupons, offers, surveys, customer service, and more. Mblox delivers a complete mobile engagement solution that combines the advantages of both push messaging and SMS mobile messaging – built on an understanding of how these tools fit within a broader multi-channel environment. Through its SMS gateway services, Mblox transmits billions of messages each year in more than 190 countries. Its on-the-ground support network means real expertise in the mobile regulatory environments of individual countries. Mblox provides high throughput solutions in mission-critical and time-sensitive use cases ranging from banking, customer support, security, and human resource management to mobile marketing and more.

NeoMedia Technologies (News - Alert) Inc.

NeoMedia is a leader and innovator in the mobile barcode ecosystem. NeoMedia’s suite of products and services include mobile barcode creation, resolution, and management applications including QodeScan, a self-service QR code generator and management service, and NeoSphere, an enterprise-grade mobile barcode creation and management system which allows brands and agencies to create, manage, and monitor campaigns from start to finish. Its mobile barcode scanner, NeoReader, is currently installed on more than 50 million devices and free to download from all major app stores. NeoMedia has more than 60 patents awarded and pending in the QR code space worldwide. It has a long-term history providing barcode solutions, has launched thousands of successful campaigns, and has developed a sustainable business model that ensures it'll be here for years to come. NeoMedia ensures that its client’s campaigns are licensed under its foundational patents, something few other providers can provide.

SAP (News - Alert)

SAP’s Marketing Performance Dashboard delivers the combined sales and marketing insights today’s executives require. It displays key marketing and sales performance measures in real time based on current operational data and delivers proactive intelligent notifications for exceptions that require immediate action, such as notice of budget overruns or under-performing campaigns or surprise successes like hit offers or over-performing product launches. The dashboard is available on any mobile device, is intuitive, easy to personalize, and allows leaders to quickly drill into details to understand the reasons behind metrics. The dashboard can present data from any connected source system so executives can leverage their existing marketing system landscape. It is pre-integrated with other SAP products, including the SAP CRM and SAP ERP applications, the SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence solution, and the SAP Jam social software platform as well as with products from SAP partners. SAP’s Marketing Performance Dashboard leverages external data, internal data, and unstructured data to help sales and marketing professionals coordinate their activities across multiple channels. In a business landscape where sales and marketing need to collaborate and share data more closely than ever, SAP’s Marketing Performance Dashboard truly delivers.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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