TantaComm Has a "Fresh Message" for the Contact Center Marketplace

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TantaComm Has a "Fresh Message" for the Contact Center Marketplace

By TMCnet Special Guest
  |  June 01, 2014

When the company decided to take their industrial strength interaction recording and quality management solutions outside the niche market of the Global Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs), it represented a shift from their singular focus that has been in place for almost 20 years. TantaComm (News - Alert) has built upon the reliability and robust functionality that the dynamic BPO market demands and has introduced a flexible platform to meet the requirements and budget of today’s in-house contact center.


TantaComm’s approach is to provide customers more flexibility in how they do business today as well as in the choices they will need to make in the future. This is in contrast to many solutions that are tightly bundled and do not easily integrate with applications or infrastructure outside their product portfolio. TantaComm’s platform is designed with a series of interfaces and APIs through which other applications systems can easily connect to share valuable data. This allows customers to leverage current assets and have more flexibility in future asset selection.


TantaComm offers interaction and screen recording that is proven as reliable and scalable, a quality and performance management platform that is rich with features and easy to use, as well as the tools to meet PCI, HIPPA and other industry regulations. The portfolio is rounded out with a fully integrated workforce management solution, powered by Aspect (News - Alert), a recognized industry leader in workforce management. TantaComm has SMB and Advanced Enterprise solutions that then can be installed and implemented quickly on premises or delivered via a cloud. The solutions meet the requirements of today’s contact centers and almost always result in reduced costs for the customer. The largest BPOs have been using TantaComm’s platform worldwide for almost 20 years.


So why is the company so confident they will continue to take market share from their competitors? TantaComm customers consistently reference three key things that make this company different. They are flexible and much easier to work with; they are responsive to customers and provide the highest levels of service; their contact center experience is reflected in their products and people. While this has always been the way TantaComm approached business, it has been welcomed as a “Fresh Message” by the contact centers that have engaged them.


One of the first things TantaComm hears from customers as they begin conversations is that they are different. They listen to their customers and actually have the contact center experience to help them design the right solution. They offer flexible licensing and financing options to suit the client’s situation. Their customers consider them to be a partner focused on fulfilling their requirements rather than a vendor trying to sell them products or position them for the next upgrade. Tom Nowinski, director of business development, said, “When we complete a project that has improved our customer’s ability to manage their business and reduced their cost, we have won and so have they.”


Customers of TantaComm consistently say that they are impressed with the responsiveness they have seen from the TantaComm support team. “TantaComm is by far the most responsive software vendor I’ve worked with in this space,” said Steve Porter, director of IT at S&P Data, a large Canadian contact center outsourcer.  The company averages a response time of less than two minutes for customer support and service calls. John Stravinski, client and technical services manager, said, “We understand that our customers can’t afford delays and when something changes in their business, they need to align their agents and supervisors quickly.”


TantaComm is stocked with call center experts, not just staffed by people trained how to sell their product. They understand how their products are utilized in a contact center and why it is so important to have the right solution. These traits were demanded by the dynamic environment of the BPOs they have serviced for 20 years and contribute to their 98 percent annual customer retention rate. “TantaComm was extraordinary in terms of their understanding of our business and our industry,” said the CEO of one of their BPO clients. “They have become an integral part of our operations.”


Contact centers are demanding more flexibility, higher value and better responsiveness, which bodes well for TantaComm. Based on this trend and combined with its reliable and well-rounded product set, this company with a “Fresh Message” will continue to win business with contact centers of all sizes.

To learn more visit: www.tantacomm.com.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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