Temasys Discusses the New Wave of Innovation WebRTC Can Enable

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Temasys Discusses the New Wave of Innovation WebRTC Can Enable

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  June 01, 2014

CUSTOMER magazine recently spoke to Chip Wilcox of Temasys Communications Pte Ltd. about WebRTC. The CEO says WebRTC is the foundation on which Temasys – which says it is leading the new wave of innovation in web and mobile communications and collaboration – has built its business.

What sort of opportunities does WebRTC allow for?

There is a phenomenal opportunity for businesses that choose to innovate with WebRTC.

The Internet was never really built to support interactivity – between people, devices, applications, and so on. One only has to look at the hacks that we’ve implemented to make online interaction possible in the last 17 years. WebRTC gives us the first opportunity to see how things work when a technology is invented specifically to facilitate interactivity online. It’s going to change the world, dramatically.

Google (News - Alert) has incorporated WebRTC into Google Hangouts. How does that integration impact your view of WebRTC and your business plans, if at all?

Google Hangouts is one flavor of the way webRTC can be implemented. It is a good example of the first major use case many people think of when they hear about WebRTC – web-based communication and collaboration. There are many other use cases and types of applications that WebRTC will support, especially when one looks to the data channel and getting creative with the technology to suit different use cases beyond the UC perspective.

Tell us more about the data channel in WebRTC. 

The data channel is the newest component of the draft standard, and it is generating a lot of excitement. What will matter more is who can get really creative with it and execute on some of the big ideas that are floating around out there in terms of how to leverage it.

We are pursuing some very exciting opportunities where the data channel will play a major part in driving innovation and collaboration with customers, but it is early days, still.

Have we moved past the codec war?

The MTI (News - Alert) codec is just here as a fallback for minimum interoperability. We feel that it has been used as an excuse to create fear, uncertainty and doubt (the usual FUD). In practice, it is a non-issue.

Do you have plans for native mobile application with WebRTC or the Google Media Engine?

Yes. It’s our opinion that for the time being, the best way to support webRTC on iOS and Android (News - Alert) mobile devices is with native apps. We have developed Android and iOS reference clients, and SDKs that developers can use to build their own native apps for these platforms

What will you be doing at the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta?

We are a sponsor of the Expo, so we’ll be giving a keynote presentation and participating in a number of panel discussions. We will also be doing a live demo of some of our innovations over the last 6 to 8 months and those about to launch. We plan to bring enough game that we’ll entertain and thrill the audience while we’re there, and that they’ll talk about us enthusiastically until the next WebRTC Conference & Expo. If VCs wants to stop by and fund us, they are also welcome. And I hear that the BBQ in Atlanta is pretty good, so I will be on a mission to find the best pulled pork sandwich in the area.

Why did you decide to attend the WebRTC Conference & Expo?

We have attended every event over the last 12 months, I think, and won an award each time. We couldn’t possibly miss this one, and we hope to keep impressing our peers.

What do you hope attendees will learn about Temasys at the event?

We think we have a unique position and value proposition for customers and collaborators, and we’ll use the Atlanta event as an opportunity to showcase our capabilities. Historically, we have shied away from doing a lot of marketing and PR for PR’s sake. That said, we think it’s time to look under the hood, which is our theme for the conference.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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