Lead Management


Lead Management

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  October 01, 2014

This issue’s Roundup focuses on lead management solutions.

Here’s a rundown of some of the offerings in the lead management space, as submitted by the vendors in this arena.

1CRM Corp.

1CRM is an all-in-one customer relationship management solution which includes an integrated lead management system. 1CRM creates lead-capture forms using a 1CRM WordPress plugin for WordPress-based sites, or HTML forms for any other type of website. Captured leads automatically appear within the 1CRM system, where they can trigger automatic workflows, or join a dynamic target list and receive drip-feed e-mails. 

Drip-feed campaigns send a timed sequence of e-mails to automate lead follow-up. For example, sending a series of messages on the first, third, seventh, fourteenth, twenty-first and thirtieth day after the lead was captured. Dynamic target lists take the work out of managing e-mail lists, automatically creating rule-based lists for specific interests, geographical regions, or any other qualifications. 1CRM can automatically create and display charts of lead data on dashboards or e-mail them automatically to users, providing near real-time analysis of lead sources, pipeline, projected revenue, and upcoming opportunities. Lastly, 1CRM features profiles for leads and/or clients, including contact information, social networks, activity tracking of calls/meetings/tasks/e-mails, purchase history, support incident history, company profile and upcoming opportunities. 


Alorica, a leading provider of customer management outsourcing solutions, offers ASCEND (News - Alert), a vertically-integrated sales platform that incorporates predictive analytics, data enrichment, multi-channel direct marketing and inside sales. ASCEND leverages Alorica's global contact center footprint, database, and direct marketing capabilities to provide companies with a solution to generate leads in small to medium-sized business markets.


CallidusCloud provides a complete suite of solutions that identify the right leads, ensure proper territory and quota distribution, enable sales forces, automate quote and proposal generation, and streamline sales compensation – driving bigger deals, faster. CallidusCloud's Marketing Automation platform provides an easy-to-use, collaborative SaaS (News - Alert) solution designed for inside sales, sales, marketing, and web optimization teams to transform their sales pipeline growth. The platform goes beyond demand generation and workflow automation to provide real insight into a website visitor's intent, deriving actionable intelligence to convert a visitor into a qualified sales lead. The solution uses effective collaboration methodologies and enables knowledge sharing within communities across an organization's internal and external networks to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and help boost revenues. With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation you can attract and generate more leads through SEO and social campaigns;

identify your qualified leads and nurture them into opportunities; get insight into your leads at every stage of the sales cycle; align your sales and marketing goals; enable sales and marketing team collaboration to improve deal sizes, win rates, and sales cycle times; and accurately measure marketing ROI and improve marketing effectiveness.

ClickPoint Software

ClickPoint Software provides CRM and lead management software through its easy-to-use SalesExec solution. Rather than taking months or years to deploy, SalesExec is adopted by your entire sales team and deployed in days. SalesExec can route leads to your franchisees, call center agents, or sales teams in seconds. SalesExec helps your sales team improve in the first 30 days by reducing contact time on new leads and being the first to call every new lead, increase ready-to-buy leads by 20 percent or more, actively marketing to leads that aren’t ready-to-buy today, and ensuring that leads are being called the optimal amount of times. Recognizing that each company has a unique sales process, the software offers simple drag-and-drop screens to help users configure the software to improve their sales process. SalesExec makes it easy to integrate all of a company’s marketing and lead sources into one solution. SalesExec offers shared calendars, e-mail marketing, lead routing, lead scoring, and lead prioritization to ensure you drive more value from your leads. SalesExec includes a powerful API, so it integrates with existing software or third-party solutions. This includes phone services, accounting software, analytics, and more.

Five9 Inc.

Five9 (News - Alert) is a leading provider of cloud contact center software, bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers and facilitating more than three billion customer interactions annually. Since 2001, Five9 has led the cloud revolution in contact centers, delivering software to help organizations transition from premises-based software to the cloud. With its extensive expertise, technology, and ecosystem of partners, Five9 delivers secure, reliable, scalable cloud contact center software to help businesses create exceptional customer experiences, increase agent productivity, and deliver tangible results. Five9 offers seamless integrations with key CRM vendors such as Salesforce.com, Oracle RightNow, Velocify/Leads 360, and Authority Software. These relationships enable sales teams to succeed with a combination of lead management and customer contact. Many CRM vendors use contact center solutions to manage interactions with leads, prospects and customers. Five9 helps power sales organizations by creating live connections with its customers and transferring contextual information to the agent/sales person at the moment of truth, when they’re talking to the prospective buyer.

By providing a strong integration between lead management and contact centers, Five9 enables a more efficient and informed experience for salespeople, which makes for more relevant and profitable interactions with prospects.


Infor offers a comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, and service applications that deliver the capabilities mid to large-sized organizations need to drive engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The suite includes: Marketing Resource Management; Social Marketing; Marketing Asset Management; Marketing Campaign Management; Real-time Offer Management; Customer Interaction Management; Sales Force Automation; Service and Big Data Analytics. By tightly integrating with back office systems, Infor automates the full demand-to-supply chain, from lead to ship, by integrating marketing and sales processes with supply chain planning, sales and operations planning, and production scheduling in real time. This vision delivers deep customer insights from data related to every customer interaction across the entire lifecycle. 


Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing software for small business owners that helps them get organized, grow sales, and save time. Infusionsoft makes it easy to create a sales and marketing strategy and map out each step; centralize all customer interactions and daily activities; capture new leads and automate follow-up based on preferences and needs; identify the best leads and close more sales faster; and automate repetitive tasks like follow-up, contact management, billing and payment – all from one place. In addition to the Infusionsoft flagship product, the company has a host of other software solutions and integrations that makes sales and marketing for small businesses easier. GroSocial by Infusionsoft is a social lead generation software for small businesses that helps them attract fans, leads, and customers with social promotions and contests. Unlike other social media tools, GroSocial focuses solely on small businesses and provides solutions to turn social engagement into measurable success.

Interactive Lion

Interactive Lion's Lead Capsule software provides lead management, lead generation, and lead distribution in the cloud. Build custom lead forms, accept leads via a custom API (host and post), or import leads, and deliver those leads to your lead buyers via e-mail, FTP, HTTP, XML, JSON or SOAP Post or Ping/Post. Define custom price points, based on geo location or any other data point captured, and set up scheduling to ensure you only

deliver leads that your lead buyers want and when they want them. Lead Capsule offers full support for ping trees and ping/post campaigns. Provide your vendors with access to their vendor portal, to see the leads they have submitted to you and your lead buyers with access to their client portal, to see the leads they have purchased from you. Clients can also return leads, access invoices, and make online payments through their portal. Lead

Capsule's sales portal allows your sales team to log in and manage lead buyers they have signed up with your company. Lead Capsule also offers a CRM portal to manage call center leads. The CRM portal offers full communication capabilities via a softphone, e-mail or SMS.


Leadspace is the leading social powered B2B demand generation solution that enables companies to tap into social, internal, and external data in real time to discover, engage and understand prospects to drive increased marketing and sales performance. B2B marketers use the Leadspace SaaS solution to satisfy the full spectrum of demand generation needs – from lead list enrichment, scoring, and ranking to social targeting, web lead enhancement, and social sales prospecting. Leadspace integrates with leading marketing and sales automation platforms including Marketo, Salesforce.com and Eloqua (News - Alert) (Oracle) for a streamlined, efficient workflow. Founded by experts in web-based intelligence gathering and semantic analysis, the company is funded by top-tier venture capital firms, including Battery Ventures, JVP and Vertex. Leadspace has offices in the U.S. and in Israel.  Leadspace uses both sales input and predictive analytics to build your ideal customer profile. Then, you can refine that profile with an easy thumbs-up/thumbs-down feedback loop. Now you can effectively search for lots of new leads that look just like your ideal customer.

Neustar Inc

Neustar's customer intelligence solutions help you confidently know and prioritize your customers across your marketing funnel to improve lead quality, segment into high performing audiences, and discover new market opportunities. Improving lead quality starts with your ability to identify and verify leads in real time for accuracy and compliance, including weeding out any fraudulent or malicious leads. Once you know if a lead is contactable, increase your marketing returns by segmenting top performing customers and prospects based on your business drivers – whether it is identifying high-indexing customer segments for more effective targeting or personalizing customer dialogues to drive conversion. Using Neustar's best-in-class solutions will enable you to identify your highest value leads and increase the return on your marketing investments.


Salesfusion Marketing Automation helps companies deliver more revenue with smarter marketing. According to analyst firm Sirius Decisions, as much of 70 percent of the buying cycle may be self directed and complete prior to sales engagement. Salesfusion helps marketing and sales teams participate in and measure this digital conversation and deliver more lead-to-revenue results by communicating with the right leads at the right time with the right message. Salesfusion’s platform also enables customer care teams to make a meaningful impact to revenue by using customer nurture programs to send pro-active, specific messages to nurture and identify areas of need or interest for current customers. The Salesfusion platform includes out of the box native integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Saleslogix, Sugar, and Sage CRM.  From landing pages and e-mail templates to lead scoring and predictive analytics, the Core Package includes everything the marketer needs to execute and measure multi-channel strategies. The Performance Pack adds on additional tools for advanced integrations.


More than just a lead generation tool, Salesgenie gives users everything they need to grow their businesses with new customers. Business owners and sales and marketing professionals use Salesgenie every day to find and manage sales leads, research detailed profiles, create marketing lists, enhance their current customer data, create and send effective marketing and advertising campaigns, and execute calling campaigns. Salesgenie invests more than $30 million annually and employs more than 500 full-time researchers to ensure that its data is as up to date and accurate as possible. Users can target their ideal prospects by using a wide variety of demographic, firmographic, and geographic search selections. Seven databases are available: U.S. Businesses, U.S. New Businesses, U.S. Consumer, U.S. New Movers, Canadian Businesses, Canadian New Businesses, and Canadian Consumers.

Strategic Sales & Marketing Inc.

Founded in 1989, Strategic Sales & Marketing Inc is a provider of lead management and lead generation services. SSM has completed more than 50 million new business sales presentations to high-level decision makers and generated more than 7 million sales leads. Our Major Account sales lead generation services and appointment setting

services are targeted to those companies whose primary focus is selling complex B2B products and or services. Typically our clients are utilizing a solution sell process and therefore require lead generation where prospects have a challenge, problem or issue that

needs to be resolved. We are able to service your entire lead portfolio including, but not

limited to, pay per click, direct mail, inbound/outbound telemarketing, e-mail, and social media marketing. When a lead comes in, we call prospects, and qualify them, so that your sales reps can focus on the strongest opportunities. Our U.S.-based sales agents sort,

rank, and nurture your lead portfolio, ensuring that your team is operating as efficiently as possible.


With Sugar, your entire organization can build better customer relationships that set you apart from your competitors, grow sales, improve satisfaction, and drive more effective marketing campaigns. Sugar puts your individual needs first, unlike traditional CRM systems that focus on tracking and managing sales by using a one-size-fits-all approach. Sugar UX is simple, engaging, and consistent whether you’re at your desk or on a mobile device. Sugar UX’s contextual intelligence helps you discover new customer insights, collaborate more effectively, and make better, faster decisions. Sugar Professional is designed for your growing business. Sugar PurePrice ensures that you’ll know exactly what Sugar costs. Sugar Enterprise integrates seamlessly with your business processes today and tomorrow. You’ll have unlimited versatility and control with unparalleled platform configurability. Also, because Sugar is built on industry-standard technologies including HTML5, REST, JavaScript, and PHP, it delivers reduced cost, less risk, and long-term peace of mind. Sugar Ultimate ensures you’ll have both application and developer support at your fingertips, 24 hours a day. An Ultimate subscription includes unlimited support cases, phone support with one-hour P1 response time, an assigned Technical Account Manager and technical support representative, an extended system health check and much more. SugarCRM also provides an exclusive uptime SLA for Sugar Ultimate subscribers. 

USAWeb Inc.

USAWeb Inc. specializes in developing usable web and mobile applications. LeaDNA  is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that streamlines lead generation, management, and nurturing while integrating e-mail marketing, social media management, online content management, and direct mail marketing tools into a single and seamless platform. By reducing data entry, automating lead follow-ups, scheduling campaigns, and visualizing ROI, LeaDNA cuts digital marketing costs, saves time and helps organization make strategic decisions through data visualization. LeaDNA's small business suite, Office Bird, helps entrepreneurs streamline their online presence and visibility by offering a central website management, social media marketing, and e-mail marketing platform.

VanillaSoft Inc.

VanillaSoft is a queue-based lead management platform built specifically for sales by phone. While traditional CRM solutions provide features for account/order management, and customer service functions, VanillaSoft provides the lead generation and nurturing tools for successfully managing and closing new business. VanillaSoft’s queue-based lead management platform helps clients improve productivity, achieve deeper list penetration, gain greater management control, and increased speed to lead. Productivity-enhancing features such as logical branch scripting, VoIP, progressive and preview dialing, and message drop help VanillaSoft clients realize up to a 400 percent increase in average sales calls per hour. Deeper lead penetration features including flexible data querying, lead scoring, and integrated e-mailing help VanillaSoft clients improve number of call attempts per lead with many customers reporting an average of seven follow up call attempts per lead. Users experience a decrease of 30 percent in lead decay rate with VanillaSoft. Faster speed to lead is possible with VanillaSoft thanks to lead capturing and nurturing features and automatic lead distribution functionality. Sales teams using VanillaSoft report that the majority of all leads are contacted within the first 5 minutes. VanillaSoft is a TMC (News - Alert) CUSTOMER Magazine 2014 Product of the Year Award winner and a 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award winner.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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