CUSTOMER Announces Speech Technology Excellence Award Winners


CUSTOMER Announces Speech Technology Excellence Award Winners

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  October 01, 2014

TMC’s Speech Technology Excellence Awards recognize companies that have developed innovative speech technology solutions that improve the bottom line for their customers. These include, but are not limited to, speech and analytics engines, IVR and self-service solutions, headphones, and voice-activated applications and services. 

Here’s our crop of Speech Technology Excellence Awards for 2014.

Aspect (News - Alert) Software

Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite

Aspect Proactive Engagement Suite is a SaaS-based, fully automated, advanced suite of customizable outbound customer engagement applications. The suite is designed to provide personalized, legislation-compliant, and cost-effective interaction experiences, hosted entirely in the cloud.

Calabrio (News - Alert)

Calabrio Analytics

Calabrio Analytics includes desktop, speech, and text analytics. It turns recorded data transactions into meaningful results that are automatically reviewed, categorized, analyzed, and made ready for action. Calabrio Analytics automates the search and brings structure to traditionally unstructured voice and text data, so quality and compliance teams spend substantially less time on review and significantly more time making an impact on the business.



The CX20874 device is a high performance digital audio processor which provides a turnkey DTS headphone and headset solution by enabling consumers to enjoy the immersive and realistic DTS surround sound listening experience (up to 11.1 channels) from stereo transducer headphones. It integrates advanced low-power techniques, such as power gating, data retention, low-Vdd standby, and dynamic voltage scaling, which employ voltage control to manage power. Frequency scaling mechanisms can also be used to reduce the power consumption further.

HireIQSolutions Inc.


HireIQ’s patents-pending Audiolytics application automatically assesses key characteristics of a candidate’s recorded virtual interview and identifies those who demonstrate desirable traits. Excellent performers are conveniently identified to a recruiter for priority consideration. Audiolytics also uses well-established emotional affect concepts to determine a candidate’s suitability for specific job roles.

HP Autonomy

HP Explore

HP Explore is a web-based, visual multichannel customer interaction analytics application powered by HP IDOL. It consolidates all customer interactions, whether direct or indirect, structured or unstructured, to identify patterns in customer behavior. This allows organizations to turn insights into action by performing advanced statistical analysis on human friendly information and evaluating its contextual meaning.

Interactions Corp.

Conversational Virtual Assistant Solutions

Virtual Assistant applications allow consumers to understand and interact in complete sentences. The caller is not limited to using short sentence fragments that do not allow them to fully voice their intents. By utilizing a conversational dialogue, consumer interactions are quicker and more effective, reducing the customer effort and improving caller satisfaction.

Jacada (News - Alert) Inc.

Jacada Visual IVR

Visual IVR not only provides a visual experience for the customer, but it also provides consistency and continuity so a customer can start the interaction on the web or mobile, keeping the experience across all touch points the same. It also improves call center service levels by routing calls precisely where they need to go and reducing the need to forward and re-route incoming customer calls.

Nexidia (News - Alert)

Nexidia Interaction Analytics

Nexidia Interaction Analytics provides vital agent and customer behavioral data found in contact center interactions from sources including audio, chat, e-mail, SMS, social media, and surveys. By structuring, synthesizing, and analyzing this interaction data, companies can draw correlations, view trends, uncover root causes, and build predictive models that empower them to approach their customers in new and innovative ways.

NICE Systems

NICE Interaction Analytics

NICE Interaction Analytics is a multichannel analytics solution that provides a unified view of the diverse communication channels, and enables companies to extract the vast amounts of valuable information from the interactions across them. Leveraging these once-hidden insights, companies can drive customer satisfaction, and positively impact key measurements, such as first contact resolution, average handle time, customer churn, sales, and debt collection effectiveness.

Nuance Communications (News - Alert)

Nina Mobile

Nina brings speech-based personal assistant capabilities to mobile customer service apps. Since its launch, leading brands such as Coca-Cola, Domino’s, Jetstar, USAA, and Windstream have chosen Nina to enhance the experience of both their mobile and web consumer interactions. It combines contextual awareness, multi-slot dialog management,  natural language understanding, speech recognition, and voice biometrics to deliver a human-like experience.

Nuance Communications

Nuance Voice Biometrics

Nuance voice biometrics allows consumers to use their own voice – an identifier that is unique to every individual – to effortlessly identify themselves to the companies with whom they do business.  Not only does this improve the experience for customers, it also dramatically enhances the experience of the customer service representative who is able to focus on strengthening customer relationships rather than authenticating callers.

SmartAction Co.

Intelligent Voice Automation

SmartAction offers artificial intelligence voice self-service for medium to large businesses. The cloud-based solution utilizes natural language speech capabilities to improve callers’ self-service experience. Commonly used for providing customer service, the Intelligent Voice Automation technology allows companies to handle complex customer interactions with an intuitive, resourceful, and cognizant AI agent.

Verint Systems Inc.

Voice of the Customer Analytics

Verint’s VoC Analytics offering helps organizations automatically glean valuable intelligence from millions of customer calls so action can be taken quickly. Protected by more than 40 patents, Verint’s mature and widely adopted speech analytics solution enables organizations to derive actionable operational information from the content of 100 percent of all recorded calls.

Voice Print International Inc.


VPI EMPOWER software delivers a toolset of multichannel communications analytics and improvement workflows uniquely combined with conversational self-service via virtual agents, putting the power to delight customers, assure compliance, and maximize productivity into the hands of next-generation contact centers. VPI EMPOWER is designed for rapid deployment and value generation – users gain ROI within weeks and months, instead of the industry-standard year and beyond.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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