PureCloud...Changing Everything


PureCloud...Changing Everything

Twenty years ago, Interactive Intelligence (News - Alert) changed the way businesses communicate with its all-in-one multichannel software platform. Ultimately, our platform changed the communications industry, the customer experience, everything. Now we’re changing everything again with Interactive Intelligence PureCloud, a suite of cloud-based services for enterprise-grade communications, collaboration, and customer engagement.

Elegant architecture

“Enterprise-grade” starts with the elegant PureCloud architecture. It’s an architecture that utilizes the power and breadth of Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS) to provide communication services capable of meeting the needs of any size organization. It’s also one that combines the advantages of a true Cloud 2.0 architecture and powerful media processing with the ability to support locally optimized voice routing. The PureCloud suite consists of several application services that can be deployed together or independently.

Directory. Synchronize PureCloud’s powerful organizational directory with many other IT systems. Then collect valuable employee information and make it available to other employees via web browsers and mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone (News - Alert) 8 devices.

Unified Communications. Deploy a corporate unified communications solution that encompasses IP PBX, voice mail, fax, instant messaging, video, and conferencing. PureCloud UC can serve as the complete communications system for the largest corporations in the world.

Contact Center. Handle every aspect of customer interaction with speech-enabled IVR, ACD, and the skills-based queuing and routing of phone calls, emails, web chats, text messages, and video interactions. Real-time monitoring and supervision, recording, data analytics, and speech analytics help make the customer experience exceptional.

Social Customer Service. Take a social approach to customer service that lets you expose whatever information you like about your available agents — photos, names, backgrounds, skills, and even languages. Customers choose the agent they want to interact with, plus the channel of interaction.

Document Management. Index millions of documents regardless of where they’re stored and serve them up to employees around the globe on every conceivable type of device. Store documents securely in the cloud or in repositories such as storage networks and file servers within your network. Documents can be searched, versioned, and annotated with strict access controls.

Workflow. Visually define process flows and then automatically route and track work throughout your organization. Automate key business processes and track the efficiency gains.

Enterprise Portal. Give your employees a collaborative social environment in which to interact to share information and solve problems. Employees can access the Portal using web browsers and popular mobile devices, and can create topics and associate documents, comment threads, and so on.

Case Management. In a unified approach to the customer experience, track customer cases across any interaction channel, and anywhere in your organization.

Customer Portal. This is the ultimate destination for customer engagement. Tailor a web portal to the needs of your organization and its customers, re-using many of the social media and gamification capabilities of Enterprise Portal.

Architecture flexibility

PureCloud services can replace existing IT systems and applications like PBXs, ACDs, and IVRs, but can also work alongside them. For example, keep your current PBX (News - Alert) and use PureCloud Contact Center to automate your customer service. Or use PureCloud Social Customer Service to add a VIP service portal to your existing contact center solution.

A secure cloud foundation

All PureCloud services are built atop the same foundation — PureCloud Platform. PureCloud Platform acts as a secure, cloud-based repository that provides:

  • User management. Store comprehensive and extensible information about all your users, their roles, permissions, contact information, etc.
  • Single sign-on. Users log into a single site and access all PureCloud services.
  • Group management. Create dynamic group definitions based upon your org chart, skills, office location, language, and any other attributes. Users are automatically added to and removed from groups as they’re onboarded and as their information changes. PureCloud groups can be used to generate dynamic Exchange distribution lists.
  • REST API – PureCloud Platform exposes a comprehensive API that allows you to access the functionality of all services from web applications or mobile apps.

PureCloud is changing everything about the cloud, and about how organizations communicate.

This article is forward-looking, and is intended to help the reader understand the vision for Interactive Intelligence PureCloud. It makes no attempt to differentiate those services and features currently available from those that are still under development.

Visit www.inin.com/purecloud to learn more.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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