Exploring the WebRTC Ecosystem

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Exploring the WebRTC Ecosystem

By Phil Edholm, President & Founder, PKE Consulting  |  November 05, 2014

WebRTC and the webification of communications is poised to transform virtually all aspects of the communications landscape. This disruptive technology has created a huge opportunity for more than 200 companies that are already offering WebRTC-based products, implementations, consulting, and technology.  

WebRTC World has worked with the leaders of the WebRTC and webification of communications communities to create a model that defines the WebRTC ecosystem in a structured and understandable way. WebRTC World, in partnership with Kelcor and PKE Consulting, is producing a WebRTC Ecosystem Report that will detail the more than 200 companies and how they fit and add value to the ecosystem.

This WebRTC Ecosystem includes the logos of a number of companies that have been identified in each category.  At this point these are not exhaustive, but representative until the full report is complete in the fall.  If you wish to have your company represented in the ecosystem or the report, please contact WebRTC World.

The webification of communications that WebRTC is leading is not a technology transformation alone; it is a combination of new applications and capabilities driving value to a rapidly growing WebRTC-enabled population. With forecasts of 5 billion WebRTC-enabled browsers, smartphones, and tablets by 2017, along with the ubiquitous bandwidth on modern 4G and access networks, the demand-side is driving WebRTC applications and their delivery. 

The WebRTC Ecosystem has three layers. At the top are the business solutions and applications that use/enable WebRTC. As more and more of these emerge, it will drive demand for users to access these capabilities. At the bottom are the devices and experiences that WebRTC delivers. In the middle are the products, components, and technologies that enable or integrate WebRTC solutions, providing the basis for development and integration of WebRTC in a wide range of business solutions and applications. 

Web-based communications solutions that use the webification paradigm of direct end device access to the application or solution will drive the use and adoption of WebRTC capabilities and experiences in the endpoints. The massive number of endpoints that support WebRTC will drive the inclusion of WebRTC-based next generation web-style communications in a wide range of websites, applications, and solutions. For more detail on the WebRTC Ecosystem, please visit the WebRTC World site.

In addition to the WebRTC Ecosystem, KelCor Inc. and PKE Consulting are responding to numerous requests made by many players and interested parties in the communication technology space to produce The WebRTC Ecosystem Report, a one-stop guide to all of the companies that are working with WebRTC. This partnership with WebRTC World will produce the most comprehensive view of WebRTC companies and resources. This guide adds detail to the WebRTC World WebRTC Ecosystem by profiling the companies that are offering products and services for WebRTC development and use.

The WebRTC ecosystem is a dynamic space and the WebRTC Ecosystem Report provides a framework that highlights each company’s offerings as compared to those of other companies. The report will include a profile of every company that responds with their WebRTC-enabled offerings. The list already includes well over 200 companies. Each profile will include a description of WebRTC offerings along with compelling graphics categorizing these offerings. The report will also include helpful information such as each company’s size, revenue, products, corporate structure, and future plans, as far as these are available.

The goal is to give the reader a deep look at each company within an analytical framework. This will save prospective engineers, executives, investors, and developers time while helping avoid confusion as they seek partners or strategic position in the communications domain. To participate in the WebRTC Ecosystem and the The WebRTC Ecosystem report, please visit the WebRTC World site.

Phil Edholm (News - Alert) is the president and founder of PKE Consulting LLC (www.pkeconsulting.com).

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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