GENBAND's WebRTC Evangelist Talks Real-World Implementations

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GENBAND's WebRTC Evangelist Talks Real-World Implementations

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  November 05, 2014

GENBAND (News - Alert) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of communications software and real-time communications solutions with more than 700 global communications service provider and enterprise customers. One of the first movers in the web real-time communications space, GENBAND offers premises, cloud, and hybrid communications solutions that range from analog to digital to SIP to web real-time. GENBAND is using its expertise in WebRTC to deliver mobile collaboration to carriers, large enterprises and consumers. We recently spoke with GENBAND’s WebRTC Evangelist Chris Vitek about the company’s strategy and its plans for the WebRTCv Conference & Expo.

How and why is GENBAND leveraging WebRTC in its solutions?

By taking full advantage of WebRTC, GENBAND can provide ubiquitous collaboration in the enterprise and consumer market places. This means that GENBAND’s customers can now extend contextual, real-time video, audio, text, and screen sharing interfaces to their customers.  This means that GENBAND’s customers can improve the support services that they provide to their customers with a lower labor cost as compared to voice-only support systems. 

Why is GENBAND attending WebRTCv Conference & Expo? What value does it get from this event?

We are attending the WebRTC Expo to brief conference attendees on our new WebRTC offerings. GENBAND’s Kandy (News - Alert) Platform-as-a-Service Developers’ Portal ( is now available. All that is needed to set up an account is an e-mail address. With the tools and documentation on the site, a developer or virtually anyone else can set up a WebRTC-based communications system that spans browsers and native Android (News - Alert) and iOS apps. The first five users are free. These systems can also be integrated with any SIP-based communications systems to provide seamless communications between legacy systems and web real-time systems. 

Let’s talk implementations. Tell us about how one of  GENBAND’s customers is using the company’s WebRTC-based solution and with what results.

SAP (News - Alert) is using our Kandy PaaS to support communications within its CRM applications. An example of this is within SAP’s Cloud for Customer application. Here users can click-to-communicate with customers or colleagues. Text, video, audio and screen sharing are all options that users have for these communications, and they can communicate using any smartphone, tablet, or PC. Additionally, the WebRTC elements are integrated into the workflow in cloud for the customer. For instance, if a customer calls a user, then the screen is populated with the customer’s information on a notes screen so that the user can quickly document the conversation. 

How is another customer in a different vertical is using GENBAND’s WebRTC-based solution to address a different use case?

Toy Genius (News - Alert), a high-end toy retailer, is using the Kandy PaaS to support a more collaborative on-line shopping experience. Users can communicate via text, video, or audio while sharing images and videos of products. In the past these tools were only available to the most exclusive websites. Now these technologies are easily accessed at a very affordable price. 

What one thing do people need to know about GENBAND and its WebRTC strategy?

GENBAND is a global company that has a heritage of building some of the finest communications tools that have ever been invented. We are using this experience and our strong financial backing to create advanced, easily accessible communications tools for service providers, enterprises, and consumers.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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