Identifiers, Attributes & Network: Neustar Puts the Most Relevant & Current Data at Your Fingertips


Identifiers, Attributes & Network: Neustar Puts the Most Relevant & Current Data at Your Fingertips

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  November 10, 2014

The mass adoption of computers, smartphones and tablets means people have access to the information they want wherever they are. But what about the organizations that want to do business with these consumers? Are they taking advantage of the plentiful supply of data available to more successfully cater to and capture the business of these always-connected consumers? In many cases, the answer is no. The good news, however, is there’s still ample opportunity for businesses to become more connected with customers and prospects by putting available information to work.

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s no time like the present to begin aggregating and analyzing information so you can better understand your customers and others like them who may be prime candidates for your solutions. That way, your business can elevate the customer experience it delivers, and more effectively address its customers’ unique interests and even appeal to them with personalized offers.

“It is imperative for marketers to stand apart from the holiday noise by moving from monologue to a true, personalized dialogue,” says Henry Tam, a managing director at Neustar. “The best way to have a real dialogue with your customer is to leverage your own data. Our clients – from financial services to health services companies – combine Neustar’s extensive data assets with their own data to identify, verify, and engage their customers in a personal and unique way, building deeper and more profitable relationships, both offline in call centers and in the digital ecosystem.”

Neustar AccountLink 

Among the solutions that embody the expertise Neustar brings to the table is Neustar AccountLink. This solution enables organizations to associate the customer records they have on file with incoming calls to their contact centers.

It addresses the fact that oftentimes the customer records of businesses are not usable for incoming callers because they may be based on an out-of-date landline number, or the customer or prospect may be calling from a mobile device. AccountLink identifies up to two times more customers and prospects by updating linkages between consumer name, address, and phone information, including more than 220 million mobile phone numbers.

Neustar CallerComplete

While AccountLink enables clients to make better use of their own data, CallerComplete lets them add to it via Neustar’s up-to-date array of information.

Neustar CallerComplete gives agents access to the caller’s name and address associated with that phone number the instant they receive the call. It provides on-demand identification, leveraging Neustar’s real-time query and response network to append data – such as mobile, VoIP, and non-public phone data, delivery point verified addresses, secondary address, and Zip+4 – to a phone number in sub-second speed.

“We are experts at filling gaps in your database and updating old information,” says Tam.

Neustar ElementOne

ElementOne is another important way Neustar helps businesses better engage with customers and prospects – this is achieved  via segmentation, offering unmatched granularity on consumer attributes and behaviors at the household level.

Neustar ElementOne Customer Analytics and Segmentation can help customers

segment and increase high-performing audiences to increase marketing ROI, and reach the right customers with the right message in the right markets. Built on a foundation of identity, the data service can append up to 16,000 offline or online purchase/demographic/psychographic behavior characteristics to an inbound customer, whether online or offline, in real-time.

As a result, organizations can better assess customers and prospects that are most likely to purchase a given product or service, either online or offline and better determine the appropriate channels to reach those people for best results.

ElementOne also can identify people with similar attributes and behaviors  to clients’ existing customers, so businesses can better target those prospects with offers that have been successful with similar audiences by creating look-alike audiences and scoring.  Clients in the financial services space, for example, use ElementOne to score inbound calls to direct them to the appropriate product specialists. Neustar’s clients often see a tangible and significant increase in sales conversions and/or upsells based on this real-time scoring approach.

Neustar Data Makes the Difference

Whether you’re trying to maximize the time agents and contact center callers spend on the phone; better cater to your customers and prospects with targeted offers; improve your overall customer experience; make more informed marketing and planning decisions; or even meet Telephone Consumer Protection Act requirements – Neustar can help by providing the most relevant and current data, in real time. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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