TeleTech's Humanify Enables Clients to Deliver Expert Customer Service


TeleTech's Humanify Enables Clients to Deliver Expert Customer Service

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  January 12, 2015

Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook (News - Alert) have demonstrated that people are quite comfortable building online profiles and sharing them with the world, so Humanify is borrowing from that model to enable its business clients to deliver better customer service. And it’s using that as a way to identify and differentiate service for the most high value customers.

Humanify, a wholly owned subsidiary of TeleTech (News - Alert) Holdings Inc. that last month had its official coming out party, provides a cloud–based platform that enables companies to invite their customers to build profiles so those organizations know who customers are, what products and services they have from those businesses, and other relevant details.

The company also offers what it calls easy to use knowledge management so customers can easily help themselves to answers at the businesses they frequent, and so those businesses can offer the options of chat or phone interactions should higher value customers feel the need to escalate their service inquiries to two-way communications.

The Humanify platform can also be used to connect extremely high value customers with in-store clerks, product developers, engineers, or other specialists, rather than simply sending them to contact centers. That can not only provide customers with a higher caliber of service, but it can leverage the idle time of in-store clerks, and facilitate communications between a company’s most important customers and in-house stakeholders like product designers so the latter individuals can keep abreast of how customers are using the products for which they’re responsible.

“We call it inline frictionless transaction,” says Humanify CEO Mike Betzer (News - Alert).

Existing Tele-Tech users are the new company’s first target customers. Humanify has its own sales team, Betzer explains, saying that Tele-Tech effectively act as a VAR for the new company. The Tele-Tech sales reps own the account, and Humanify is a small piece of that, and can deliver solutions starting with 50 experts.

Austin, Texas-based Humanify has customers today, but would not disclose their names. However, the company did say one of its customers is using Humanify technology to support its strategy of enabling “a radical new way” for consumers to talk with this brand about exercise, fitness, goals, and nutrition. The program includes the ability for end users to have a dedicated coach (aka premium concierge) with which they can have what Betzer describes as a mobile-to-mobile relationship.

“The power of smart technology that is now out there enables us to finally provide service to consumers in a way that consumers want it, and we are enabling that,” Betzer says. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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