Verint Exec Explains How Actionable Intelligence Can Optimize Engagement

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Verint Exec Explains How Actionable Intelligence Can Optimize Engagement

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  May 05, 2015

Verint (News - Alert) delivers solutions that help businesses get the most out of their customer service employees and optimize customer engagement.

Just as Verint’s solutions focus on people, so too does the company itself. As Elan Moriah explains, Verint’s core values include integrity,

Elan Moriah of Verint

transparency, humility, innovation, and passion. And Moriah and the company’s “stellar” team, he says, are passionate about making good things happen for Verint customers.

Moriah, president of Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions and Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions, recently spoke with CUSTOMER about himself, the company, and how it’s arming customers with actionable intelligence to allow for better customer experiences and the creation of stronger bonds between companies and the individuals with which they do business.

Tell us about your career history.

I serve as president for the Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions and Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions global business lines, and am also a corporate officer. My focus is on our customers and offering them solutions that can help with achieving their goals.

For those not familiar with Verint, what does it sell and to whom?

As a global leader in actionable intelligence solutions, Verint helps enable a smarter world. Our solutions help organizations address three areas of the market – customer engagement optimization; security intelligence; and fraud, risk, and compliance – by capturing large amounts of information from numerous data types and sources, using analytics to glean insights from the information, and leveraging the resulting intelligence to help achieve customer engagement, enhanced security, and risk mitigation goals. Our software helps to make more timely and effective decisions to improve enterprise performance and make the world a safer place.

What are your big initiatives at the company?

In the enterprise market we’re providing an advanced CRM solution set designed to enhance and improve the way organizations engage with their customers. Our solutions combine workforce optimization and customer analytics with advanced customer service capabilities from KANA Software, now part of Verint. This is a very broad CRM solution that helps organizations aggregate, analyze and act on the enormous amount of customer, workforce, and market intelligence that results from direct and indirect customer interactions across various departments, systems, and channels in the enterprise. Our customer engagement optimization platform can uniquely help these organizations enrich interactions, improve processes, and optimize the workforce. We believe that the combination of KANA with Verint has offered the market a holistic customer engagement strategy powered by actionable intelligence, providing significant value for our customers and partners.

What kind of results have you seen so far?

We have not only received great feedback from our customers, but the market at large also has responded very well to our strategy of bringing together WFO and customer service CRM to provide a much broader and advanced customer engagement solution. We’re seeing a new breed of customer where mobility and digital anytime/anywhere service is a requirement. This is further complemented by a new type of employee, who wants his/her voice heard, and more opportunities for engagement. Our solutions help organizations better address this new market reality by providing a more holistic CRM solution that connects customer, interactions, and workforce data in a way that hasn’t been done before.

What are your goals and targets further afield?

Organizations today generate massive volumes of big data from engagement with customers and employee activities – much more data than they can collect, correlate, and assess. The quantity and speed with which data is generated, as well as the diversity of that data – much of which is unstructured and difficult to analyze – can create a challenge for organizations and minimize their opportunity to take timely action and increase profitable outcomes. Our solutions help address these challenges together through a robust blend of software and services that span workforce optimization and customer service solutions, such as agent desktop, case management, knowledge management, email, chat, and social media response management.

How do these near- and longer-term goals address what’s happening in the marketplace?

The market is at an inflexion point and undergoing massive change at the moment. We believe that our Customer Engagement Optimization platform provides our customers with a solid foundation to navigate and thrive in this period of change. Verint’s customer engagement optimization business platform provides a set of capabilities that allows organizations to transform how they engage with customers across channels. It includes engagement management to optimize in the moment interactions across self- and assisted-service channels; workforce optimization to optimize workforce serving customers in front- and back-office departments and channels; and customer analytics to listen to customers across interactions channels – what they are saying to and about an organization. Verint’s business platform services are comprehensive and can be used to solve a multitude of different problems across different channels and departments. The flexibility allows a customer to start anywhere and evolve to leverage existing data and systems.

What excites you most about your job?

The best part of my job is having the opportunity to partner with the exceptional team of people we have at Verint, who bring to the market innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals.

What do you find most interesting about what’s going on in the space in which Verint is a player?

One of the most interesting dynamics going on right now is the formation of a completely new market category called customer engagement optimization, which is emerging as a critical part of the greater CRM market. It stems from a series of business pains many organizations are experiencing. Unfortunately, many of today’s enterprises find themselves organized in functional and departmental silos, leading to myopic management practices across customer touch points. Organizational silos frequently operate at cross-purposes, increasing costs and squandering opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue. This lack of alignment results in organizations missing a holistic understanding of how to engage with customers effectively to achieve more profitable outcomes, and adjust the customer engagement strategy to meet accelerating customer expectations. Employee expectations are also changing and they want to have a voice as well. Further, they don’t always have the tools they need to provide an efficient yet effective customer experience. Providing employees with a way to express their opinions, collaborate effectively with peers, and the right tools to do their jobs goes a long way toward driving inspired, engaged and empowered employees – and studies have proven there is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. These are just a few of the important trends that are driving the requirement for customer engagement optimization solutions. Verint is committed to delivering and enhancing an advanced platform to help these organizations achieve their business objectives.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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