Omni-channel Callback Solutions: A Today Way to Connect with Customers


Omni-channel Callback Solutions: A Today Way to Connect with Customers

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  May 05, 2015

Your customers are everywhere, and they are busy people with a low tolerance for waiting and a desire for immediate gratification and personalized service. An omni-channel callback solution can help you meet, or even exceed, their expectations, while increasing customer loyalty and driving new revenues.

As you probably are already aware, customers are increasingly reaching out to the organizations with which they do business via an array of channels such as email, phone, text, and web chat. Which channel they use may vary based on their own preference, the specific issue they are trying to get resolved, and/or where in the process they are in their search for a solution. Many inquiries start on mobile apps or social media and then move to the phone because it wasn’t possible for the customer to resolve his or her problem via the other channels.

The good news is that contact centers are starting to learn how to overlay a positive experience across channels via omni-channel solutions. And those solutions can and do include omni-channel callback.

Omni-channel callback solutions can be used to provide data access and aggregation from disparate sources, creating a more informed agent, and a happier customer. The best omni-channel callback solutions can normalize data feeds among callback and data sources, providing a near real-time data feed that supports positive interactions aimed at achieving meaningful results.

That makes for more satisfied and loyal customers, more empowered agents, and a better all-around experience. The customers are happier because they get a consistent and a more personalized experience, with the right resources to get their problems solved more quickly and easily. Having this information ready also builds agent confidence and reduces employee turnover, because the agents can as a result be more helpful and thus more fulfilled.

It allows for all that by combining traditional callback abilities with rich, contextual data and cross-channel support, enabling customers, regardless of what channels they are on, to request a callback from that channel. An agent can then call the customer back, armed with relevant information about the customer and their issue, before they ever say hello.

That’s a much better situation than the one many contact centers, customers, and agents find themselves in today – a situation in which agents are thrust into customer interactions, unprepared to help customers, and callers are forced to spend more time and frustration trying to solve a problem with which they may receive little help.

An omni-channel callback solution also enables an organization to deliver a consistent brand experience among all of its channels – avoiding customer frustration and driving loyalty and revenue. Callback solutions can help contact centers deliver a high level of service, even during times of peak volume and end of day. For example, a good callback solution is intuitive enough to see the current wait-time condition, and only offer a future, scheduled callback option, which pushes the demand for callback out beyond the current spike in volume.

Strategic omni-channel callback solutions can positively impact key performance indicators such as average speed of answer, average handle time, and customer hold time as well. And the better solutions on this front include out-of-the-box reporting on these metrics and native integration with contact center reporting and analytics systems. That includes prepackaged appointment results, executive summaries, punctuality reports, recall results data, return call metrics, successful reconnect attempts, and more.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. But with an omni-channel callback solution, you won’t need one. An omni-channel callback solution can help your organization deliver the best possible customer experience in any situation.

So get started formulating your omni-channel strategy today, and remember that omni-channel callback is a guaranteed way to improve first contact resolution, which can drive big gains in customer loyalty.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle
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