MyDigitalClients Launches SaaS-Based Marketing and Team Sales Solution


MyDigitalClients Launches SaaS-Based Marketing and Team Sales Solution

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  May 05, 2015

Organizations that want but cannot afford CRM, marketing automation, and/or social media marketing solutions may now be able to find what they’re looking for in MDC DOT. The software-as-a-service from Texas-based MyDigitalClients delivers all the above-mentioned functions through an affordable and easy to use online portal.

The seven-year-old company got its start white labeling a marketing automation solution for Net-Results. MyDigitalClients, which terminated its relationship with Net-Results about a year ago, now sells its solutions direct to companies with independent sales forces and individuals affiliated with those organizations. My Digital Clients launched MDC DOT, which it’s been in beta with since December, in March.

While some might compare what MDC DOT delivers to the offerings of Marketo (News - Alert) or Salesforce, MyDigitalClients CEO and co-founder Bruce Johnson says: “This is not an enterprise-level solution.”

MDC DOT is aimed squarely at SMBs both in terms of its ease of use and pricing, he explains. For example, he says, in designing the product MyDigitalClients implemented “the three-click rule,” so no operation on the portal requires more than three clicks to complete. Pricing for the offer involves a monthly fee of $100 paid by the organization, and commitment for at least five people to use the service at $15 a month each.

Among the companies currently using MDC DOT are Enagic and Team Beachbody, the second of which has 15,000 users on the system. Both are using the solution for team selling.

MDC DOT aims to break down the silos that typically exist between marketing and sales staffs. Marketing staff members use the platform to create and track campaigns, and the same portal can be used to make available those marketing materials to the sales staff. Using MDC DOT marketing can tell whether email has been opened, and what the customer did after he or she opened the email. (For example, did he or she go to the organization’s website to get coupon or look at a particularly product.) The system also automatically scores those individuals, so marketers can change a cold lead to a hot lead, for example. Johnson says that can let sales people know when prospects are truly ready to be contacted. 

The system also can display details on which emails were and were not opened by which individuals. If an email wasn’t opened, sales people can then opt to set the system to deliver a second email with a different subject line to that individual. MDC DOT also enables a sales person to tag (News - Alert) a customer or prospect and put them into a campaign so they receive information via automated system. It also gives a sales person the ability to add tasks and attach files for future interactions with a customer.

The SaaS (News - Alert) service interface also shows what customers are posting socially. That way if a customer mentions he’s going on a cruise, for example, a sales person can respond to that with offers that might be a match to that experience. To enable that social network connection, MDC DOT has integrations with Facebook (News - Alert), LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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