CUSTOMER, TMC Reveal Speech Technology Excellence Award Winners


CUSTOMER, TMC Reveal Speech Technology Excellence Award Winners

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  June 24, 2015

CUSTOMER magazine and its parent company, TMC (News - Alert), are happy to announce the winners of our annual Speech Technology Excellence awards. These awards recognize companies that offer innovative and cost-saving solutions for their clients.

Here’s our list of winners.

Cyara Chat

Cyara offers an omnichannel customer experience testing and monitoring platform. The company’s Cyara Chat capability is a new, multi-country chat platform that’s in use by such leading companies as Apple, Telstra, and Vodafone (News - Alert). Apple used Cyara Chat to test its chat platform peak load prior to the launch of the iPhone6. Australian communications services provider Telstra is leveraging Cyara Chat for chat testing related to chat that’s integrated with its voice channel and for agent behavior modeling. Vodafone just wants to ensure a great chat experience for its customers.

Genesys Interaction Analytics
Genesys Voice Platform

Genesys Interaction Analytics enables clients to transform customer service by using customer interaction analytics to analyze all speech and text interactions for key terms, critical business topics and customer sentiment, identifying those that need immediate action and then routing them to the ideal representative for resolution. Genesys Voice Platform is an advanced software-only IVR solution that unifies web and VoIP telephony networks to enable new voice self-service applications.

HP Explore

Explore delivers customer insights across a variety of channels, including the contact center, CRM, email, database, mobile, social media, and the web to help organizations unearth insights hidden within this data. It allows for deeper insight about customers and can enable an elevated customer service experience. It features speech analytics that can automatically organize and understand customer conversations so organizations can take advantage of the rich insights in call recordings. It also provides customer feedback and social media analytics.

Intelligent Voice
Intelligent Voice

Intelligent Voice, a trading name of Chase Information Technology Services Ltd., leverages two core technologies at the heart of its system. Complexus extracts meaning from voice, email, IM, and other data, while JumpTo enables search results to pinpoint an exact location in an audio file. The total solution takes audio data direct from the network, enable users to quickly index trading turret and regular phone conversations. It’s delivered as a hardware appliance for quick and easy implementation, and extra modules can be turned up remotely to allow users to scale as needed.

Interactions Conversation Virtual Assistant Solutions

Interactions virtual assistant solutions were designed to turn frustrating experiences into productive conversations. Using the company’s patent Adaptive-Understanding technology, the solutions deliver what the company says is unprecedented comprehension so customers can speak in the words of their choice and accomplish more in less time.


Aspect (News - Alert) software affiliate LiveVox prides itself on delivering dynamic, customer IVRs that can be implemented as quickly as needed. Its solutions simplify and speed up the deployment of inbound and outbound IVRs, whether to optimize a contact center with self-service options or for agent-backed campaigns. It allows for rapid script changes and IVR customization, call center efficiencies through self-service options on demand, and can handle changes without related professional service charges. And it provides VXML templates for rapid deployment.

Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing

The Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing works to match callers with the agents who are best suited to communicate with them. It does that be using advanced predictive algorithms to automatically pair each caller with the best available agent based on agent performance variability and customer data, including personality, communication style, behavioral characteristics, and previous interaction history. It doesn’t require changes to existing personnel or processes, and it allows for easy integration into popular telephony and routing systems.

Nexidia (News - Alert)
Nexidia Interaction Analytics

Nexidia enables the world’s largest contact centers to capture, synthesize and disperse the business intelligence locked inside their speech- and text-based customer interactions.  By taking this source of unstructured customer data – the interactions – and making them searchable, and combining them with other data, Nexidia clients gain unprecedented ways to uncover the business processes and agent behaviors most impacting their customers’ experiences.

NICE Systems Ltd.
NICE Interaction Analytics

With NICE Interaction Analytics millions of multichannel voice and text interactions can be leveraged to formulate actionable business decisions. This solution allows organizations to automatically analyze all their customer interactions. It can help to optimize average handle times, to reduce call volumes, to decrease hold times, and to increase first call resolution rates. It delivers volume and trend reports to help organizations pinpoint areas that need further analysis. And it can help businesses discover root causes of customer dissatisfaction, find trending hot topics, highlight customers who need immediate attention, gauge the emotional state of customers, and reveal patterns of churn or repeat contacts.

Intelligent Voice Automation

While most speech IVR solutions use application-specific programs or scripts, SmartAction says, it uses an AI brain that can reason and learn from experience. It features a large vocabulary and array of built-in skills and knowledge, can be easily trained with customer-specific information, dynamically adapts to conversation flow in real time, evaluates multiple hypotheses from the speech recognition engine and selects the most likely interpretation based on context, has short-term memory of prior conversation flow, has long-term memory that recognizes callers and remembers facts from previous calls, and more.

SPLICE Software
SPLICE Dialog Suite

SPLICE is a B2B companies with a strong focus on the customer experience. This SPLICE solution creates automated, data-driven dialogs to maximize customer engagement. It actively manages profiles, permissions, and preferences to maximize reach, response times, and return.


TantaComm Analyze allows organizations to quickly and easily gather insightful information through automated analysis of their customer communications, whether by chat, email, phone, or social media. It gets to the root cause of customer satisfaction and issues quickly with actionable intelligence and reporting. It optimizes performance by eliminating manual tasks and empowering contact centers to analyze more date more quickly and consistently. It improves efficiency by analyzing agent interaction through key phrases such as “one moment please,” which may indicate opportunities to reduce handle times.

Platform 3 VocalVision

This virtual call center technology for the visually impaired works with Job Access With Speech, making it accessible to agents everywhere. JAWS is the world’s most popular screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse. This solution features an agent dashboard, inbound and outbound dialing, a manual dial option, and reporting and call analytics.

Verint Systems Inc.
Verint Speech Analytics

Verint Speech Analytics can automatically surface intelligence from recorded calls, so users can take action quickly. This solution can reveal the intelligence essential for pinpointing cost drivers, trends, and opportunities; identify strengths and weaknesses with processes and products; and provide understanding on how select offerings are perceived by the marketplace. It can automatically identify, group, and organize the words and phrases spoken during calls into themes, helping to reveal trends.

Votacall VM 2 Text App

This solution provides simple, at a glance, access to voice messages. It will transcribe audio voice messages and send the text to the destinations of the user’s choice, which could include a mobile phone, another mobile device, or an email address. And it allows users to receive voicemail transcriptions and audio WAV files via a single notification.


This suite of contact center applications works in concert to help users record, analyze and optimize workforce performance in an affordable, easy, and quick way. Users can mix and match an array of software modules, features and integrations. Regardless of the size, number of locations, blend of local or home-based agents, type of PBX, CRM, helpdesk and other systems, this solution will fit the bill.

Ytel Inc.

SSDT stands for Speech Sound Disorder Technology. It’s an application that was designed to guide agents with articulation and phonological disorders to succeed in the contact center industry. It’s built into the Ytel cloud contact center solution. The company recently released its fifth generation cloud contact center. Called X5, the cloud center supports both inbound and outbound calls, and promises increased agent productivity and improved key performance indicators.

ZOOM International (News - Alert)

This ZOOM solution allows users to mine customer conversations to identify why customers call. Speech analytics finds hidden insights in conversations and identifies customer needs and the root causes of issues. It can also monitor the level of the agent’s compliance with contact center scripts and regulations.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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