MobileE2E Addresses Mobile Workforce with Apptrify


MobileE2E Addresses Mobile Workforce with Apptrify

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  August 17, 2015

There’s a new player on the mobile workforce automation front. The company is called MobileE2E and its solution is Apptrify.

MobileE2E is comprised of technologists who formerly worked at Google, Microsoft (News - Alert), and Oracle, and serial entrepreneurs from successful mobile startups. 

Apptrify is a cloud-based solution that runs intranet and business process automation in native apps on iOS and Android (News - Alert) mobiles, providing full access to mobile phone functionality including Bluetooth, the camera, GPS, NFC, and more. It mobilizes forms, surveys, on-premises apps, task management with teams, and data from mobile sensors. It enables organizations to easily capture and analyze data from sensors, mobile devices, and elsewhere. It integrates with existing apps like Box, Google (News - Alert) Docs, Salesforce, and Office 365. And it allows user to create an app or workflow in minutes and without coding.

CUSTOMER recently spoke with Adam Wu, vice president of product development at the company, to learn more.

What pain point does Apptrify address?

Wu: Mobile professionals feel out of the loop when not in the office and carrying only a mobile device, which results in reduced access to information and workflows. This impacts productivity, decision-making, etc. Also, folks in the office can't easily get timely information from the field where the business environment is dynamic, especially in property and construction management, logistics and transportation, as well as the financial services sector like insurance. The IT department doesn’t have resources to meet growing mobile productivity demands. And IT can be time-challenged when mobilizing business applications and processes to work effectively on mobile devices. 

How long has your solution been around?

Wu: Apptrify has been in use by customers for six months.

Tell us about your customers.

Wu: There are about a dozen Apptrify trials under way in Asia and in the U.S., including [with] a mobile carrier. Most of the trials are in property/construction management, pharmaceutical, insurance and manufacturing companies.

What does Apptrify cost?

Wu: It starts as low as $5 per month per user.

What’s next for MobileE2E and Apptrify?

Wu: We're making good traction with partners and investors, but we're most pleased working with our customers to solve their mobility challenges. We believe Apptrify is the next killer app for mobile productivity. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations to come in the months ahead.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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